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Chapter 822 – Against The Fog Crawlers ll

‘What did you find in the sewers Is there a way out Gasmouth inquired.

‘No, the dome is connected with the ground completely. DeadlyMist shook his head,Its like we are inside a jar.

‘Okay, dont bother with escaping. Gasmouth ordered,Lets take advantage of the situation and fill the entire dome with fo…


Before he could finish his sentence, Gasmouth was startled by the ground shaking heavily again.

‘Are they trying to hit us with earth-based abilities He couldnt help but snicker at the thought.

Fog element was absolute counter to earth element since it could not get rid of it that easily.

How could you destroy gas with solid object

‘Hmm Is it just me or the dome looks like its shrinking DeadlyMist mumured while squinting his eyes at the walls.

‘Are you certain

They were too far and the darkness wasnt making it any easier for him to truly confirm it, but he could swear that the walls seemed like they were inching closer to them.

When Gasmouth decided to get close and check for himself, his heart sunk to the bottom of his stomach.

‘Its really shrinking!

He could see that the walls were cracking and self repairing themselves as they pushed through anything in front of them!


Even the skyscrapers couldnt avoid being ruptured from their foundation and fall into each other, creating a dreadful apocalyptic scene!

Yet, the viewers werent able to see any of this at its glory…The light poles lost their source of energy after their wire grid got utterly ruined by the chaos.

At least, they had a better view of the dome shrinking from outside.

“How can they shrink it without destroying its integrity!” Micheal was truly left in awe of Rotspawn and Webors extraordinary earth manipulation.

“Their teamwork is admirable.” Erebus praised.

The rest of the primogenitors nodded in agreement.

They understood that a single mistake by either Rotspawn or Webor would result in the dome crashing down.

After all, each one controlled half of the dome.

This meant if one pushed faster or was a bit slower, the structure would fall apart instantly.

‘Keep up the good work guys. Felix smiled in satisfaction after seeing that his plan was coming along just fine.

‘Time to do my part. Felix teleported to the center of the city, not caring about the falling buildings and explosions occurring all around him.

Then, he stood in his notoriousT pose and activated his void domain again.

This time, he went absolutely all out!


The void domain stopped expanding only after covering three hundred meters diameter more or less!

Because of the fog getting devoured immediately after touching the domain, it painted a freaky image in the minds of the viewers and the three fog crawlers.

The void domain appeared akin to a humongous dreadful spherical pupil while the fog covering it entirely was its sclera.

“Oh lord…Being in that dome is truly a nightmare you wont wish for your worst enemy!” Micheal gasped with a genuine frightened look.

No one blamed him for such reaction…The rest of the champions watching the fight all started to sweat buckets at thought of being there right now.

The city was falling apart like the world was crumbling.

A dome like prison that was constantly shrinking.

A foggy atmosphere, adding the harrowing effect of the unknown.

Last but not least, an enormous pitch-black sphere suspended in the air akin to a black hole…

Gasmouth, Deadlymist, and Simplespirit were on the verge of crapping themselves as they kept flying randomly within the dome, trying to find out just one opening.




They were absolutely freaking out at each other.

What else could they do

They were called fog crawlers for a reason…Their strength relied heavily on mental attacks within the fog while their defenses were quite crap.

But, due to their ability to turn into untargetable ghosts, they could survive many things as long as they were withing their fog.

What they lacked was physical strength and destructive abilities.

This made it impossible for them to break through such thick walls that were at least five meters in width!

Whats worse, the walls were being self repaired automatically even if they cracked due to the buildings and such.

This signified that only pure destructive abilities would work against them!

“Its done for them.” Selphie sighed in disappointment after seeing that the dome had finally shrunk to the point it was merely a few meters away from the void domain.

She could see that the fog crawlers were being pushed by the walls against their will towards their inevitable doom…Their ghost state was utterly useless when even the fog wasnt able to escape from the walls.

In a few moments…The three highlighted outlines representing them had been extinguished…

“Its done! Aspidochelones team have earned their qualification to the quarter-finals with a brilliant teamwork and strategy!” Micheal howled with a thrilled expression after seeing the harrowing deaths of the fog crawlers.


All heavenly turtles in the stands extended their necks and cheered as loud as they could!

A win for their ancestor meant a win for them too.

Meanwhile, Felix, Webor, and Rotspawn had been teleported back to the arena shorty after.

Micheal didnt hesitate to blink next to Felix and interview him about his strategy, “Landlord, it looks like you have trained fairly well with your team to master such a remarkable tactic.”

“The credit goes to Webor and Rotspawn.

You should interview them.” Felix chuckled, “I did nothing but T pose for a few minutes.”

“Haha! It might seem that way, but I do believe that it was your tactic, right” Micheal was still adamant at interviewing Felix.

“Ask Webor, he actually named it.”

Felix pushed the mic away from his face and teleported back to the stands immediately after Micheal looked at Webor.

“Tsk, squirmy prick.”

Micheal cursed under his breath before returning to his eager persona while interviewing Webor.

“What did you name your tactic”

“Void dumpling!” Webor proclaimed with his nose in the air, feeling quite proud about his naming sense.

“…You are joking right” Micheals eyelids twitched.

“Nope!” Webor tried to enlighten him, “Think about it, captains void domain is the filling while our dome look exactly like a crust of the dumpli…”

“I get it, I get it…” Micheal interrupted him immediately after hearing the spectators laughter directed at them.

“You really let him name it” Selphie giggled as she watched Micheal struggling to shut up Webor about his philosophy of choosing the name.

“He asked, and I never cared about naming any of my tactics.” Felix shrugged his shoulders while sitting in a relaxed posture.

“How generous of you.” Selphie said while sizing up Felixs posture.

“You seem tensed, do you want a quick shoulder massage” She offered while tempting him with her beautiful long thin fingers, “You wont get enough of it.”

‘A shoulders massage Go ahead Felix, enjoy it as much as you can. Asnas chilly voice resounded in Felixs mind,When you come back home, I will give my own special massage to compare notes.

“Cough, I am not that tired.” Felix immediately fixed his posture after hearing Asnas threat.

Knowing Asna, her special massage had to be revolved around violence.

“Your loss.” Selphie retracted her offer after getting rejected again.

“Enough about this, tell me when can I expect to get my bath” Felix switched the subject as fast as possible, not wanting Asna to get too hung up on it.

“Why do I sense that you are hanging out with me just because of the life essence fountain” Selphie pouted.

“Its just your imagination.” Felix replied with a serious tone, “Who wouldnt want to befriend a kind and a good soul like you”

‘Hehe, good burn. Asna smiled evilly after seeing Selphies lips twitch at his complement.

No one wanted to hear those words from their crush.

Thankfully, Selphie knew that she had been already friendzoned by Felix and this was merely a cherry on the top.

Still, she wasnt planning to give up on him whatsoever…The more she gets rejected by Felix, the stronger her attachment would get.

“Mom is in the gathering at the moment.” Selphie disclosed after regaining her composure, “I will ask her in the evening after todays fights are concluded.”

“Much appreciated, and good luck.”

Felix knew that it wasnt conclusive yet if Lady Yggdrasil would agree to have a human bathe in her sacred water, but he could only wish that Selphie would make it happen.

“You are leaving already” Selphie raised an eyebrow in surprise after seeing him stand up.

“I need to rejoin the team and watch the rest of the fights with them.” Felix smiled, “I am the captain after all.”

“Okay.” Selphie stood up too and gave him a quick friendly hug, “See you in the evening.”

“See you.”

After he left, Selphie found no reason to remain in the stands anymore.

As for Felix, he started to analyze the upcoming fight between Kumihos team and Sirens team.

“Who do you think will win, captain” Webor asked as he eyed the six beauties on the arena, waiting to be teleported.

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