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Chapter 819 – Three Vs Three Tournament.

“Dont look at me.” Erebus waved his hands in rejection, having absolutely no confidence in Wendigos team.

The rest of the primogenitors also looked away or gave forced laughs, feeling somewhat embarrassed by the situation.

“How about 10 minutes” Thor kept on pushing, not caring that he was being given death stares by Wendigo, Saurous, and Manananggal.

“How about you”

When Thor saw that no one was moved by his wager proposal, he turned to those three with a silly grin.

“F*ck off.” Saurous flipped him in front of everyone and faced the other direction, not getting baited.

Manananggal and Wendigo also ignored him, knowing that their champions were going to struggle immensely against those three dragons.

In fact, they doubted if they could survive for even five minutes…Not everyone had an overpowered element like Felix.

“Tsk, what a shame.” Thor clicked his tongue, “Not believing even in your team.”

“At least, I have a team.” Wendigo fired back with a soft snort.

“I will rather be a spectator than keep sending my champions to their death like you.” Thor recovered easily from his burn.

“Alright, settle down.” Siren stopped their quarrel before it get heated like always.

Then, she suggested, “How about we start placing the bets on the winner of this tournament”

“Fine by me.” Erebus replied.

“I bet on Aspidochelones team.” Lady Yggdrasil informed with a faint chuckle, “My daughter kept annoying me to do so in the previous days.”

“She is quite intelligent.” Jörmungandr praised.

“Haha, you wont regret it.” Thor felt delighted to have another primogenitor finally deciding to trust in Felixs capabilities.

‘You two idiots. Lady Sphinx facepalmed as she scolded them,Now, if Felix managed to win the tournament, we will have to split our treasure pool with her too.

‘Oh, we completely forgot…

In all three games, the primogenitors needed to place at least one treasure on the final winner.

This created a pool of treasures that would be given to the ones who won their wagers.

In the previous game, Lady Sphinx had gotten away with everyones astonishing items.

But now, even if Felix managed to clutch it, she would be forced to share the pool with others.

One shouldnt forget that Aspidochelone needed to take his share too since it was his team originally.

Thankfully, Lady Yggdrasil was the only outsider who betted on Aspidochelones team.

The other primogenitors either placed bets on their own teams or on the ones with the highest chance to win it.

Individual games werent the same as team-based games.

Some races perform ten times better when fighting in a unite.

After the pool of treasures was created, Lady Sphinx made her move on Lord Osiris.

‘Are you interested in a personal bet with our monoliths placed on the line She expressed telepathically.

‘… Lord Osiris looked at her with his soulless dark eyes and replied,Yes.

‘Twenty monoliths on the final winner. Lady Sphinx proposed calmly,My choice is obvious.

‘Daring… Lord Osiris was still expressionless even though Lady Sphinx was asking him to risk giving up on a whopping twenty monoliths at once!

Since Lord Osiris was the second-biggest collector of Monoliths, Lady Sphinx knew that he must have reached such number.

After all, she owned forty or more monoliths by now.

Lady Sphinx didnt approach Lord Osiris with such a bet in the previous game because everyone knew that Felix had an advantage over others when it came to knowledge.

But this was different.

‘I will think about it. Lord Osiris replied.

‘You have until the start of the first battle. Lady Sphinx gave him an ultimatum.

It wouldnt be fair to her if he placed a bet on the winner of the first battle while Felix had yet to fight.


While Lady Sphinx and Lord Osiris were making the biggest bet in the history of this event, Felix was sitting in the stands next to his team, waiting for the fight to begin.

‘Good thing, they moved the battle to a randomized big map.

Felix commentated as he watched the two teams preparing themselves on two opposite sides of tropical island.

The island was significantly bigger than the arena, making it harder for the dragons to obliterate everyone with a single nuke.

In addition, it offered more freedom to the players to fight as they desired instead of being confined in a small arena…Especially, when it was a team battle.

After seeing that both teams were more than ready, Micheal started the countdown above the tropical island, making sure that both teams were able to see it.

The instant the countdown reached zero, the three dragons took off in the air and flew at their fastest speed towards Wendigos team.

“Spread out!” Hellsworn yelled out loud while speeding away on top of a cloud made out of blood.

The gremlin Mildshine had cast a small pool of darkness on the ground and hid within it.

Then, he swayed through the jungle until he wasnt seen anymore.

As for Humblebinder He flew in the air towards the approaching three dragons.

“Although their chances to win this fight are slim, but they arent completely obsolete.” Micheal tried to hype up Wendigos team, “Radiant players are capable of controlling their elements from hundreds of meters.

If used correctly, they might win this fight…Somehow, cough.”

The spectators werent fools to believe in his crap.

They knew that Wendigos team was going to lose.

The only thing they werent certain about was how long it was going to be.

“I believe the fight will last more than fifteen minutes.”


Upon hearing a familiar voice behind him, Felix turned around and spotted Ambereye smiling gently.

“You must be tripping.” Felix shook his head casually, “It will last no more than ten minutes if they dont actively avoid the fight.”

“Wanna bet” Ambereye offered playfully while trying to sit next to him.

Alas, Webor glared at her with a cold expression, “Buzz off, my head is not a chair.”

Webor might be cheerful and chippy, but it didnt mean that he allowed anyone to walk all over him.

He was still a proud radiant champion and a heavenly turtle.

He allowed only Felix to sit on his head since he was his captain and respected him a big deal.

“You heard him.” Felix shrugged his shoulders, clearly not planning to request Webor to allow Selphie to sit next to him.

Permission had to be given by Webor and Felix had no interest in abusing his captains authority to please Selphie.

“Its okay…I will stay like this.” Selphies lips twitched, feeling somewhat embarrassed by the current situation.

Upon seeing that she was uncomfortable, Felix didnt want to be too much of an asshole to her.

After all, she healed him back to his peak form when she could have easily taken advantage of his situation.

“I will be back later.” Felix patted Webors head and stood up.

Then, he teleported to an empty area away from everyone.

He gestured with his hand for Selphie to join him.

Selphie didnt know if she should feel happy that he had freed his time for her or vexed for even feeling like that in the first place.

After all, she was the heiress of the elvish nine realms…When it came to authority and respect, she was below only the current Elvish Queen.

‘Get hold of yourself…Act upon your status, lest he start treating you as his bro. Selphie thought inwardly while shaking away those emotions away.

As an high elf and a master of runes, her observation skills were quite uncanny.

So, she easily noticed that Felix absolutely had no interest in her romantically whatsoever.

With a bit of digging in the network during the past three days, she found out about Asna…His alleged girlfriend.

Only after seeing Asnas perfection did she understand why Felix was always unreactive to her irresistible charm.

Still, she was clearly not planning to give up on him even when her competition was simply way out of anyones league in terms of beauty.

“So, do you want to bet” Selphie suggested again with a pretty smile after sitting next to him.

“What do I get if I win” Felix inquired with a curious expression.

“Anything you want.” Selphie replied shyly.

“Sweet! How about some life essence” Felixs eyes brightened up, “Can you hook me up with a bottle”

“…” Selphies shy expression stiffened, not knowing how to react.

She literally gave him a free pass to her body and the first thought that popped in his mind was the life essence.

‘Am I a block of wood in his eyes Selphie felt emotionally scarred.

She knew that her beauty was unworthy to be mentioned next to Asna, but she still had some confidence about her personality.

She was kind, sweet, gentle, soft, and would make any man seek to protect her at all cost.

“So Can you hook me up with a bottle” Felix stressed, “I am willing to bet something of equivalent value, just ask.”

“I can help you get more than a bottle.” Selphie hardened her emotions and tempted, “I can allow you to bath in the fountain personally.”

“Are you being serious” Felixs expression became stern all of a sudden.

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