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Chapter 817 – Lady Sphinxs ploy!

Just as Felix wanted to leave the arena to test the battleaxe and prepare for his next game, he felt a soft poke on his shoulder.

When he turned around, he noticed Ambereye smiling gently.

“You arent thinking of leaving without saying goodbye, are you”

“My bad.” Felix coughed, “I totally forgot that you arent participating in the upcoming two games.”

“No worries.” Ambereye drew closer to him and whispered in his ears softly, “I have emailed you my contact ID.

Call me if you are visiting the Fandell.

I will give you a tour of the capital.”

“Will do.” Felix nodded before adding with a serious tone, “Dont hesitate to ask for anything from me…I meant it when I said I owe you.”

“Okay…” Ambereye would be lying if she said that she wasnt disappointed by Felixs lackluster reaction.

She might not like to boast about it, but she knew that her beauty was unmatched even in the nine elvish realms.

Her gentle and peaceful personality would make any man fall over heels for her.

“I will be going now.” Felix patted her in the shoulder with a easy-going smile and said, “It was truly a pleasure to meet you and I hope we can learn from each other if we crossed paths again.”

“Until next time.”

Without further ado, Felix teleported back to his house.

‘Why do I sense that he is treating me as a man Cant he pick my interest in him Ambereyes lips twitched while touching her shoulder.

This was the first time she felt not an ounce of lust from a man confronting her.

She had to admit that it left a bad taste in her mouth.

‘How intriguing… Ambereye giggled,This just makes me want him more and more.

‘Selphie, come meet your elders.

They want to take a look at you. Lady Yggdrasil suddenly informed.

‘On my way, mother.

When she opened her eyes, she found herself amidst tens of primogenitors.

Some were clearly interested in her like Siren while some couldnt care less like Saurous.

“Did you have fun” Lady Yggdrasil patted her in the head gently.

“It wasnt so bad.” Selphie blushed a little after Felixs face surfaced in her mind.

‘Poor thing. Thor sighed sympathetically after seeing her reaction.

As a love expert and a historic playboy, he easily figured out that she was falling for Felix.

‘Asna will eat her alive if she approached Felix. Jörmungandr smiled wryly.

‘Sigh, more drama. Lady Sphinx rubbed her eyebrows,If only I can lock him in a room until he memorizes all of my knowledge.



Thor and Jörmungandr didnt even want to comment back at her insane wish.

“This is Selphie Presrona Yggdrasil.” Lady Yggdrasil introduced with a loving expression, “She is the current heiress to the nine elvish realms and my precious little daughter.”

“Good evening, elders.” Selphie bowed elegantly while lifting her dress, giving off noble royal vibes.

“Ohoho, we have a future Queen amidst us.” Lord Quetzalcoatl chuckled playfully.

If Felix knew that he had elbowed the future queen of the elvish nine realms in the nose, he honestly would feel like he had committed a grave sin.

Thats because the queen of elvish nine realms was at the same rank as The Elder Dragon, Queen Allura, Emperor Lokhil, and the rest of the ten rulers!

Right now, Felix wasnt thinking about Selphie at all…How could he when Asna was hugging him tightly in the living room.

“What has gotten into you” Felix wondered while enjoying her hug.

“Aaa…Cant I be happy about your win” Asna said in annoyance, not wanting to admit that she felt threatened a bit by Ambereyes moves on Felix.

“Well, Im not complaining.” Felix mumured with a faint grin while lowering his hand below her waist slowly.

Just as he was about to touch her ample and perky buttocks, Asna slapped his hand away.

‘Too soon. Felix coughed and returned his hands on her waist again.

Though, he did look a bit disappointed.

When Asna saw that look on his face, she didnt like it one bit…Especially, when she saw how far Felix was willing to go for her in the game.

So, she steeled her courage and held both of Felixs hands.

Then, she placed them on her peachy buttocks and let him do as he wanted.

“Dont say anything.” Asna glared at him with reddened cheeks after seeing his lips parting in surprise.

Knowing that Asna was still too shy, Felix kept his mouth shut and enjoyed the sensation of her divine and perfect rear.

Although he was feeling it through her pajamas, Felix felt like his hands were melting within two marshmallows.

He experienced countless girls in his two lifetimes, but not once did he get this turned on by a mere touch.

‘How will it feel skin to skin…

The devil started to whisper in Felixs ears, alluring him into putting his hands within Asnas pants.

When it came to Asna, Felix always lacked a bit of control.

So, he went for it…

The instant Asna felt his warm fingers trying to slide through her pajamas, she immediately pushed him away and bolted upstairs while cursing in embarrassment, “You pervy bastard!”

“Worth the shot.” Felix chuckled while eying his palms, feeling like he had just touched a treasure.

Just as he took a step forward, Felix looked down and saw that his little junior was ready for action.

“Settle down, its false alarm.” Felix smacked him causally and started to undress while heading to the bathroom.

Half an hour later…

Felix, Asna, and the three masters had gathered in his consciousness space to discuss the spirit realm ticket in detail.

“Did Lord Quetzalcoatl agree to take me and Asna instead of you, master” Felix asked.

“We have yet to tell him about you and Asna.” Lady Sphinx informed, “Although you won the ticket in a fair manner and I paid the price for it, he mig…”

“Wait, you paid for it” Asna interrupted with a confused look.

“Of course she did, and she paid at least twelve treasures.” Thor confessed, “Felix merely won the right for Lady Sphinx to pay for the ticket, not receive it for free.

Lord Quetzalcoatl isnt that generous.”

No wonder Cyclope and Lord Dune didnt comment too much when they heard that the third ticket would be fought for in the games.

It turned out, Lady Sphinx still had to pay her a reasonable number of treasures…Fortunately for her, Lord Quetzalcoatl wasnt too interested in collecting monoliths.

So, he accepted other treasures in their stand.

“Isnt that a bit too steep.” Asna bit her lips, feeling somewhat guilty that Lady Sphinx had to cough off out so much for her.

“Dont worry about it.” Lady Sphinx chuckled, “I have earned everything back and more after Felix won the game.”

Whether the primogenitors had champions in the game or not, they werent so cheap to not bet a treasure for the sake of entertainment.

Since more than twenty primogenitor attended the gathering, Lady Sphinx had won nineteen marvelous treasures!

The fact that no one made a bet on Felix beside her, Thor, and Jörmungandr, helped her keep all the treasures to herself.

So, she didnt lose out at all.

“I am glad.” Asna sighed in relief.

“Back to our topic.” Lady Sphinx said with a serious tone, “I wanted to avoid informing Lord Quetzalcoatl about you guys so soon, since he could back out from the deal at any given moment.”

“Indeed.” Jörmungandr supported, “He believes that he will be taking Lady Sphinx, but he might not accept it if we told him that the ticket was meant for you.”

“After all, we have no idea about his method and if it is even possible to work on you guys.”

“I understand.” Felix nodded.

He discerned that Lady Sphinxs decision was the right one.

There was no need to inform Lord Quetzalcoatl situation right now when Asna had yet to decide whether she wanted to split her soul with Felix or not.

It seemed like Lord Quetzalcoatl had given Lady Sphinx the freedom to decide on the time of their visit to the spirit realm.

“But, we still need to ask him about our condition.” Asna mentioned, “What if he agreed to help us, but we have to fulfil some conditions first”

Felix and Asnas situation was too unique.

Lord Quetzalcoatl had mentioned that his method allowed him to hijack a dead spirit, turning it into a bus.

But, in the case of Asna and Felix, they were considered as two souls in one.

Was it even possible to merge themselves with another soul

It was known that number three is a crowd.

“I know, but I prefer dealing with him after a while.” Lady Sphinx smirked cunningly, “I have given him a special potion as one of the treasures.

I know for a fact that he will use it eventually.”

“Hehehe, how shameless, but I like it.” Thor laughed sinisterly.

“As expected of master.” Felix grinned widely too.

He understood her ploy instantly since it was one of his tricks too.

When Lord Quetzalcoatl drink the potion, he would not be able to decline them even if it would take more work to help them out.

After all, he couldnt return Lady Sphinxs potion.

There was no way he could make one or find it to give it back with the rest of the treasures!

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