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Chapter 801: An Unexpected Opportunity!

No one knew if the spirits living there were capable of feeling or posses their previous lifes memories.

They wanted to know since it was related to theirafterlife.

For now, they only knew that the souls guardian was intolerant of having the livings interact with his realm.

“Its simple really, I hijack the soul of someone on the verge of dying.” Lord Quetzalcoatl explained, “When he gets sent to the spirit realm, I separate myself with him and go explore on my own.”

“Cheeky, is it possible for us to do it” Aspidochelone wondered.

“Yes, but I doubt you can hijack a spirit without my help.” Lord Quetzalcoatl said, “The concept is simple but the process is nothing but hell.”

“What do you mean”

“Do you think its possible to just sync your soul with another person without consequences” Lord Quetzalcoatl shook his head, “If you do it, your soul will overpower the other persons soul easily and take complete control.”

“It needs to be either compatible perfectly like two souls being from the same coin or by using my unique method.”

“Indeed.” Lady Sphinx agreed.

Felix and Asna were the perfect example of what he said…If their souls werent compatible perfectly, it wouldnt have been possible to coexist like this.

It wouldnt make much sense if primogenitors soul overpowered the other soul.

It was their bus to the spirit realm after all.

“Whats the method” Erebus inquired.

“I spent a very, very long time to come up with it.” Lord Quetzalcoatl smiled widely, “Do you honestly think I will give it away free of charge”

“Fair enough…”

The primogenitors had no issues with buying his method if the price was acceptable.

After all, visiting the spirit realm was one of the few things they hadnt experienced in their eternal lives.

Even if they get caught by the souls guardian and kicked away, they would have at least visited the spirit realm once.

“Dont be mistaken, I am not going to sell you all my method.” Lord Quetzalcoatl informed, “I will be handling the process of entering the spirit realm personally.

Plus, I will do it only for three people.

I would rather not enrage the souls guardian completely.”

The primogenitors were somewhat disappointed to hear about his conditions.

Sadly, it was his method and he could set any rule he wanted.

“I will give you five dimensional pockets.” Lady Sphinx was the first to express her interest in being one of the three chosen people.

“Oho, you are really being generous.” Cherufe said.

“As expected of the most knowledgeable of them all, you really dont miss chances to learn more secrets about the universe.” Jorōgumo giggled faintly while standing behind Osiris.

Everyone thought that Lady Sphinx wanted it for herself but in reality, she needed it for Felix and Asna!

A god sent opportunity had landed in their laps without even asking for it.

An opportunity to enter the spirit realm and hopefully contact the souls guardian.

There was no way Lady Sphinx would not do her very best to get it.

“I am willing to place five divine treasures from my secret vault.” A six-meter giant with three fingers and a single big circular eye offered.

“Handsome Cyclope is bringing out the big guns.” Kumiho teased.

“Oh, come on now.” Cyclope scratched his bald scalp with a faint blush.

When even Lord Osiris and Lord Quetzalcoatl decided to participate in the gathering, there was no way the metal primogenitor would miss it.

Unlike the other primogenitors, he was somewhat shy around women, making him a fun target for Kumiho and Siren to tease.

“Five divine treasures….Hmm, my pick right” Lord Quetzalcoatl inquired.

“Of course.” Cyclope nodded.

“Deal.” Lord Quetzalcoatl accepted his offer without hesitation.

“Tsk, using his secret vault is cheating.” Cherufe huffed with an envious tone.

The other primogenitors knew that they would have taken Cyclopes offer in a heartbeat too.

Cyclopes treasury was filled with limited edition of divine treasures.

Since he had retired from making any more divine treasures, they became somewhat of collectibles and hard currency to most primogenitors.

“Two spots left.” Lord Quetzalcoatl smiled, “You better impress me.”

“Two ancient instruments, five pocket dimensions, and two divine treasures.” Lady Sphinx increased her offer.

Before Lord Quetzalcoatl could consider it, another offer was proposed by a three-meter silver scaled worm.

“How about permanent access to my private network of wormholes”

He had one long thin antenna and a giant closed shut mouth.

“Interesting offer brother Dune.” Lord Quetzalcoatl mumured, “I do need a quicker method for my constant travel.”

Unlike most primogenitors, Lord Quetzalcoatl was very adventurous.

He was always seeking new things and secrets to enjoy his life to the fullest.

So, using Lord Dunes private network of wormholes would truly turn out to be far more beneficial to him in daily basis…Especially, when Lord Dunes private network was spread out through many unreachable corners in the universe.

Additionally, it was closed shut for everyone but him.

As the space primogenitor, it wasnt hard to shut down wormholes and open them as pleased.

This meant even if someone managed to find a wormhole from his private network, he would get killed the instant he attempted to enter it.

“You have a deal!” Lord Quetzalcoatl agreed.

‘F*ck, think of something quick. Thor started getting agitated.

He knew that he would never forgive himself if they missed this opportunity, and they didnt find another one in the far future.

Lady Sphinx thought the same.

“How about five monoliths” She offered with tightened fists.

Although she tried to keep her composure, everyone could see that she was hurting deeply on the inside from making such an offer.

“Sphinx…” Jörmungandr and Thor were both left stunned by her gesture.

It was known fact that Lady Sphinx treated her collection of monoliths even better than her descendants.

Trading away five was the same as trading five of her children.

It was just brutal.

‘She really wants it badly. Saurous snickered,Lets make it hell for her to get it then.

Manananggal, Saurous, and Wendigo had no idea if Lady Sphinx wanted to enter the spirit realm due to her curiosity or for another reason.

But whatever it was, they werent planning on letting her get it that easily.

So, they began pooling their resources together and making counter offer after the other.

Lady Sphinx kept raising her offer as well by adding either dimensional pockets or more collectibles.

Some primogenitors decided to jump in the fun and made it even worse for Lady Sphinx…Especially, when Lord Quetzalcoatl was too picky with what he wanted.

The monoliths had piqued Lord Osiriss interest, but Lord Quetzalcoatl couldnt care less about their secret.

After a few minutes of back and forth, Lord Quetzalcoatl finally couldnt handle the messy atmosphere risen because of him.

“Okay, thats enough.

I believe we need an alternative to solve this.” Lord Quetzalcoatl silenced everyone by simply raising his hand.

“What do you suggest then” Saurous asked in a carefree manner, ready to jack the price immediately.

“Hmmm.” Thoughtful, Lord Quetzalcoatl tapped his finger on the table while looking around him.

Soon, he glanced outside the window and saw the many lines of champions, who were still waiting patiently for the ceremony to start.

“Hehe, got it.” Lord Quetzalcoatl grinned faintly and proposed, “How about we make it one of the prizes in this event”

“You being serious” Jorōgumo exclaimed.

“Dead serious.” Lord Quetzalcoatl smiled, “I hope it will spice things up for your little champions.”

Primogenitors needed to place prizes to motivate the champions.

But, his prize was going to cause a bloodbath to arise since every primogenitor would want to have it!

“To make it more fair, its better for it to be the first prize of the individual game.” Lord Quetzalcoatl suggested.

No one had any qualms with his decision.

In team-based games, it would be somewhat difficult to judge who earned the prize.

This would be problematic since some teams were mixed.

‘Felix, the stakes have risen. Lady Sphinx immediately contacted Felix.

‘Huh What do you mean Felix replied.

‘Life primogenitor has joined the gathering and brought with him a prize that is essential to you and Asna. Lady Sphinx shared with a serious tone,It is a chance to enter the spirit realm.

‘Are you serious

‘For real!

The moment they heard so, both Asna and Felix had their eyes widened to the limit in shock.

Just a few months ago, they were discussing Asnas freedom and how difficult it would be to enter the spirit realm.

Now, they were given the perfect opportunity to go for it!

‘What do I need to do Felixs expression turned cold all of a sudden, making him emit a murderous aura.

‘Scary. Webor shivered after he sensed it.

When it came to Asnas freedom, Felix would do anything to make it happen.

‘You simply have to win the upcoming individual game. Lady Sphinx informed.

‘Alright. Felix cracked his knuckles in readiness.

He was never more motivated than this in his life to win a game!

‘Felix…You dont have to try so hard.

I already told you that I am still indecisive if I want seperat…

‘Shut it. Felix cut off Asna before she could finish.

Then, he suggested,Lets secure the opportunity first, then we can discuss if you want to pay a visit to the souls guardian or not.

‘Okay… Asna could only nod with a bittersweet smile.

She could see that Felix was fully devoted to win this game and nothing she said was going to change it.

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