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Chapter 799: Aspidochelones Team ll

“Cough, that was hardly a fight.” Thor scolded Felix from a far, “This is a spar, dont end it too fast!”

“I will try.” Felix scratched his nose.

“Hoho, not bad at all.” Aspidochelones eyelids twitched at their shameless interaction.


A moment later, Slagwing was revived on the stands, next to his teammates.

When they looked at him, they saw that he was shivering slightly while staring at Felix.

He really was traumatized by Felix to the point he forgot about his mission to seek justice for his girlfriend.

“Pathetic!” Barbyclaw scoffed at the embarrassing sight of her boyfriend.

“Did you even study his abilities properly” Rotspawn frowned.

Unlike Slagwing, he understood that Felix had three abilities that needed to be watched for…Void Beam, Void Domain, and Void Rift.

He had seen how Felix used his void rift to attack Sunny…Sure, it failed due to her space sensitivity being high, but the same didnt apply for them.

They were massive, slow, and had a normal sensitivity to space.

This made him understand that the best way to avoid getting killed by a void rift was to start moving the moment the fight began.

After all, Felix wasnt really opening space rifts inside their bodies, but in a area that was inhibited by them.

If they moved away before the void rift popped out, they would be safe.

“Youre so full of sh*t, go try it please!” Slagwing offered with a infuriated look.

“Watch and learn.” Rotspawn said calmly as he teleported to the arena.

“You seem confident.” Felix smiled, “I hope you will last longer.”


Rotspawn clicked his tongue in irritation, knowing that he couldnt ** talk after that poor display by Slagwing.

“Ready Start!” Aspidochelone announced promptly.

Without delaying a single moment, Rotspawn liquified the ground beneath him, turning it into a muddy area.

Then, he retracted his limbs and slid on his shell rapidly towards Felix!

Seeing that Felix hadnt jumped inside the void realm yet, Rotspawn opened his mouth widely and spew a barrage of hardened brown boulders.

Whoosh Whoosh!

Felix watched the approaching rocks with a carefree expression.

Just as he was about to be smashed by the first boulder, Felix snapped his finger and blinked above Rotspawn.

Then, he lifted his bandana, exposing his dreadful void eye.

“Void beam.” He mumured softly while aiming at Rotspawns shell!

A purplish flame emerged in the center of his void eye before turning into a condensed tiny dot.

Then, there was no then…Rotspawn had been pierced through by a thick illuminating void beam before he could even lift his head!


In utter disbelief, he could only stare at his disintegrating gigantic body like he was being erased by the Queen herself.

He was too shocked, he didnt even feel the harrowing pain accompanying his body falling apart.

“How can he use void beam without being in void realm!” Ninas sleepy expression was gone instantly.

“What the hell Was our reasoning wrong about his void beam” Barbyclaw exclaimed.

“Wohoh! Nicely done Felix!” Webor cheered in excitement.

All of them had seen how much trouble Felix went through to use void beam against Sunny.

They reasoned that he couldnt use it much sooner because he needed to be in void realm to power it.

After all, such a penetrative and destructive ability would consume a tremendous amount of energy.

They werent wrong in their conclusion.

Unfortunately, they had no idea that Felix had consumed a potion made by Lady Sphinx that helped him enlarge his elemental tank significantly!

He drank it last month and realized that he was capable of casting void beam at least once before tapping out!

‘Too bad, its effects can last for only four to six years at best. Felix sighed while blinking back to the ground.

“Whos next” Felix wondered while putting a new outfit on him.

This time, Aspidochelones champions didnt get provoked to fight him instantly.

They knew that his energy should have been restored back to its peak.

This meant, regardless of who decided to fight him, a single void beam was more than enough to erase them.

“I guess we are done with the spar” Thor grinned widely as he patted Aspidochelones shoulder.

“I guess so.” Aspidochelones lips twitched at thought of his champions being utterly hopeless against Felix without even using his void domain.

“As agreed upon, the captaincy will go to Felix.” Lady Sphinx mentioned calmly.


“No! We can still fight him!”

“No way he will be our captai..”

“SILENCE!” Aspidochelone yelled at them coldly.

He always had a kind and elderly demeanor, but that didnt mean he would tolerate his descendants openly rejecting an agreement held by primogenitors.

“Still fight him As long as he is capable of shouting void beam in the open, you cant defeat him.”

None of them let out a peep after being scolded like this.

They knew that he was right…Felixs void beam was able to travel at a supersonic speed.

They could not evade it in time with their massive size if he fired it at them from a close range.

Whats worse, he was aiming at their fat ass shell…Usually, they would laugh at anyone, who target their shell since it was indestructible.

But against Felixs void beam It was the cause of their downfall.

In other words, Felix simply was their absolute counter.

“Now, go down there and pay your respects to your captain.” Aspidochelone ordered strictly.

Although they were upset besides Webor, they still went down there and bowed their heads at Felix respectfully.

“No need for such a formality…We are teammates.” Felix smiled faintly.

“Haha! Lets have fun together.” Webor laughed cheerfully.

Meanwhile, the other four appeared like they had just swallowed a bitter pill at the thought of a human leading them.

Sure, he destroyed two of them without even using his void domain, but they were still against having him in their team…Dont even mention being their captain.

But Felix, didnt give a crap about their respect or approval…If they didnt listen to his orders, he would simply complain to Aspidochelone.

The elder would rewire them to be more obedient.

“Now, lets talk a bit more about your opponents.” Aspidochelone said with a stern expression while creating a giant holographic list.

The list was filled with teams names and their members details.

There were twelve teams, each made out of six champions.

Every team belonged to a primogenitor.

There were some teams that had only one race, such as Cherufes team.

It was made out of six red dragons.

Some teams were mixed completely, creating a perfect synergy.

Saurous team, Manananggals team, and Wendigos team were the perfect example.

All of their teams were mixed with vampires, astrians, and lastly, gremlins.

Because they were part of a single faction, this would boost their chances of winning at least one game.

If they ended up against each other or such, the champions were forced to fight at the peak performance even if it was against their ancestors team.

“The prizes will be made public during the starting ceremony.” Aspidochelone ordered, “For now, I need you to spend the next two-week studying every champion in those teams.”

Felix and the others nodded in understanding.

“After those two weeks, we will be conducting practice fights with their copies.” Aspidochelone said, “I want nothing less than a perfect winning streak! Understood”


“Meeting dismissed.” Aspidochelone waved his hand at them, kicking them outside his private room.

Then, he turned to Lady Sphinx and said, “Have you heard Lord Osiris might be joining this gathering.”

“Its just a rumor.” Lady Sphinx said.

“Who knows He might take part and bet a few monoliths from his collection.” Aspidochelone shrugged his shoulders.

Lord Osiris, the death primogenitor was known for owning the second-largest collection of monoliths after Lady Sphinx.

Unfortunately for Lady Sphinx and Aspidochelone, he never bothered to even communicate with them, dont even mentioning trading his monoliths.

Whats worse, he was even more isolated than Lord Khaos, making it impossible to reach out to him.

“I doubt he will take part in the festivities even if he decided to appear.” Thor smiled wryly, “He is really dead inside to enjoy such events.”


“Well, one can only dream.” Aspidochelone chuckled.

Although Lord Osiris didnt have champions or any known descendants like Lord Khaos, he could still make his bets on other teams and champions.

The rest applied to other primogenitors without champions.

As long as they joined the gathering, they were considered as taking part in the games whether they wanted or not.

This entailed, they would be required to put out a prize for the winners or accept a favor from them if they asked for it!

A favor from Lord Osiris would move even primogenitors to fight for it, dont even mention champions!

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