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Chapter 790: A Date and The lnvitation

‘Time to bounce.

The moment Felix saw Sage Marshal falling down from the platform with an eager expression, he swiftly teleported back to his house.

He might not show it, but he was mentally exhausted by using void domain for such a long time.

“Welcome back, my dragon slayer.” Asna giggled while eyeing him from the couch.

A few minutes before Felix won the game, she returned to the house to welcome him.

“Quit it…It sounds too tacky.” Felixs eyebrows twitched as he walked past her.

He entered the bathroom and saw that the bathtub was already filled with water.

“Asna, is this for you” Felix shouted.

“Yes, but you can use it.” Asna shouted back from the living room with a faint blush.

If Felix was in front of her, he would realize that she was lying and that the bathtub was actually prepared for him.


“Thanks!” Felix smiled widely as he relaxed in the bathtub, feeling like his muscles were being massaged by tiny arms.

A few seconds later…

Felix opened his eyes to the sound of the bathroom door being knocked.

“What do you want” Felix raised his eyebrows in surprise.

“Do you want to head out for dinner to celebrate your win” Asnas faint uncertain voice resounded from behind the door.

Upon hearing so, Felix couldnt help but gulp audibly.

This was the first time Asna had suggested something like this ever since their previousdate in the amusement park.

Felix always wanted to take her for dinner or such to further strengthen their romantic relationship before it died out.

Too bad, Asna was making it difficult for him with her usual b*tchness.

“Sure, its a date.”

Felix didnt hesitate to make the dinner an official date, knowing that Asna was too much of a chicken to admit that she liked him.

“No, its not! I just want dinner.” Embarrassed, Asna got defensive immediately.

“Either its a date or we cancel it.” Felix gave her an ultimate.


Asna went quiet for a few seconds after hearing so.

Just as Felix thought that she would reject it, Asnas faint voice resurfaced again, “We leave at eight pm.”

Then, rapid footsteps noise was picked up by Felix, making him chuckled in amusement.

‘If only she was as shy as this always.

‘Prick! Asna pouted in front of the mirror after hearing him curse her personality indirectly.

Still, she didnt mention it or gave Felix crap over it.

She had only one thought right now…That was picking a dress for their dinner date.

There was still two hours before their date, but Asna was already browsing through the clothes section in the VR store.

Its doubtful if the network was prepared for her emergence…Especially, when she had hundreds of cults throughout the universe, waiting patiently for her reappearance.p an da no v el

Meanwhile, the primogenitors council had already emptied out.

Manananggal, Saurous, and Wendigo left the moment they figured out that Felix was guaranteed to win.

Cherufe teleported away while still whining that he had been ripped off, and that Felix should be banned from the champions games due to his void domain.

As for Lord Khaos He disappeared a brief moment after Felix slayed Exodial.

The moment he left, the rest of the primogenitors dropped out.

Then, they started preparing their most prized treasures in hopes of trading them with information about Lord Khaos experience with the domain.

Nothing mattered to them besides it at this moment.

The only ones left behind were Lady Sphinx, Thor, Jörmungandr, and Aspidochelone.

They were currently in an important discussion that was related to Felix.

“You guys dont have to answer now.” Aspidochelone smiled, “We still have four months.”

“Its a tempting offer, and we will come back to you as soon as possible.” Lady Sphinx nodded politely while standing up.

“See you later, brother Aspidochelone.”

“Until we meet again.”

Thor and Jörmungandr said their goodbyes and left with Lady Sphinx.

“What do you guys think” Thor inquired while sitting in a round table with the other two.google p an da no v el

“His proposal is sound.” Lady Sphinx said, “We always wanted for Felix to participate in the yearly primogenitors event.”

“I suggest we accept it.” Jörmungandr supported, “Felix could only participate in it once every decade.

So, we need to take the most of it.”

“Lets run it by Felix first.” Thor noted, “It wont be easy to play that many games in a row.”

When Lady Sphinx switched to her copy that was inside Felixs consciousness space and saw him relaxing in a bathtub, she informed them, “Give him half an hour to recover first.”

Half an hour later…

Everyone could be seen sitting in a round table within Felixs consciousness space.

“I hope you relaxed a little.” Lady Sphinx smiled at Felix.

“It was alright.” Felix scratched his chin as he asked, “So, whats so urgent”

“We have received an invitation to join Aspidochelones champions team in the upcoming yearly primogenitors custom games event.” Lady Sphinx said in a straightforward manner.

“Yearly primogenitors event” Felix frowned, “Whats that”search p an da no v el

“Oh yes, we have yet to tell you about it.” Thor coughed.

Lady Sphinx went on and clarified what the event was all about.

“Its a gathering for primogenitors that is held in yearly basis.

We use it to catch up with each other and share noteworthy updates.” She paused, “To spice it up, we hold three games for our champions.”

“There is such a thing” Felix raised an eyebrow in surprise.

“Yes, those custom games will be exclusive to only platinum ranked champions and above.” Thor said.

“But, dont be expecting to see a platinum player there.” Jörmungandr shook his head, “We held back from telling you about it because we knew that you werent ready to join the event.”

“I figured so.” Felix nodded in understanding.

If the event was going to be full of diamond ranked champions and higher, then he was indeed too weak to be a match.

But now He had proved that he had what it took to participate in the event.

It looked like his performance was too striking even Aspidochelone had desired to add him into his roster for the event.

“Are the rewards worth my time” Felix inquired, a bit interested in joining.

“All I can say is that the primogenitors never shy from placing remarkable treasures as rewards for the winners.” Lady Sphinx assured, “You will be more than satisfied with them.”

“Last year, the third ranker in the event had received a divine necklace that is capable of self-reviving the owner within the first three seconds of his death.” Thor mentioned causally.

“Such thing exists!!” Felix exclaimed in disbelief.

“Of course, it was created by the metal primogenitor himself and carried the will of the life primogenitor.” Thor nodded.

Felix didnt even dare to imagine the rest of the treasures if even a divine artifact was given to the third ranker.

“You can even give up on a treasure and ask for a favor from any primogenitor.” Lady Sphinx added.

“For real”

This changed everything for Felix.

Favors from primogenitors shouldnt be taken lightly…Some of them were bosses of the top ten rulers just like Lady Sphinx.

Owning a favor from one of them was the same as owning a limitless wish! Felix already knew what he was wanted from it.

“Tell me everything about the event.” Felix inquired for the details eagerly.

“There will be a game for individuals, a game for a team of threes, and a game for a team of five.” Jörmungandr explained, “You can join the individual game without an issue, but you need to be in a team for other two games.”

“Luckily, it is possible for multiple primogenitors to create a single team.” Lady Sphinx pointed at Felix, “Sir Aspidochelone is extremely interested in having us join his own team.”

Before Felix could decide anything, Lady Sphinx informed him of the risks he would be taken.

“Dont get too confident after your latest victory…The games in the event are different.” She shared, “First, there is no such a thing as surrender coupon.

You might survive a game without winning it, but there is no guarantee.”

“Secondly, if you joined Aspidochelones team, it meant you will need to play all three games in the event one after the other.” She paused, “Are you ready to handle such a big burden”

It was easy to shout out that it wouldnt be a biggie, but Felix knew that was utter nonsense.

He had never played two games back to back without taking a long break…Dont even mention three games.

Whats worst, they were games for champions only and two of them were based on teams.

Felix was so used to fighting solo, he knew that it would be tough to adapt to team play.

Since the surrender coupon wasnt allowed, his safety net was removed.

“I am down for playing in the individual game, but I prefer taking a bit more time to think about joining elder Aspidochelones team.” Felix decided with a serious tone.

“Thats what we want to hear from you.” Thor smiled, “There is no rush, we still have four months before the event starts.”

“Plus, I am certain that the rest will be seeking to include you in their teams as well.” Jörmungandr chuckled, “They are now too occupied with pleasing Lord Khaos to care about the gathering.”

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