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Chapter 775 – Danger Lies Everywhere!

“Only ten seconds are left…Its hopeless.” Sage Marshal shook his head as he eyed the poor six players without an elimination, “They can only use a surrender coupon and leave while they still can.”

When the countdown reached one, all of them disintegrated into light particles under the sighs of relief from their fans.

They possessed surrender coupon and didnt greed on keeping it when a meeting with the grim reaper was literally one second away.

Some viewers were disappointed when no one got executed, but it was expected in a diamond games.

Deaths were quite rare since everyone had honed their survival instincts to help them avoid meeting their maker.

When they get placed in games with a certain execution mechanism like this, they were given the opportunity to reject participating in it.

Such a opportunity was given only once per year since those players were diamond ranked and deserved such a treatment.

Unlike, bronze, silver, and gold players that get treated like insects.

In addition, most diamond ranked players owned coupons that allowed to avoid those types of games.

There was respin coupon and surrender coupon…They could be purchased effortlessly from the prize pool in diamond ranked games with game points.

So, if someone died in a battle royal, it was due to his own overconfidence or unluckiness…Not the game design.

After the execution round ended, Felix checked on the players count.

‘Forty two players remained. Felix knitted his eyebrows,I need to get another elimination to secure a passage to the second phase.

Although Felix owned two eliminations, he could only avoid an execution in the second round.

Based on the numbers, Felix knew that it would get harder and harder to get eliminations.

Everyone was strong but not equally so.

If he wanted to avoid rubbing hands with monsters so soon, he must get as many kills as possible while he still can.

Felix activated infra-ray vision and scouted the surrounding area and what lays behind it…Because of his insane boost to his mental capacity, he could scout at least thirty kilometers away from him or more if he wanted.

Though, Felix preferred not going that hard since he still hadnt met with players of the hive race.

He would rather not waste his mental energy before then, lest he shoot himself in the foot.

Unfortunately, not a single soul could be seen in a few kilometers radius.

All the players in the snowy mountain region were either too far, dead, or migrated to the rainy forest region.

It was the most neutral region on the island besides the central lake.

This lured majority of players to seek fighting in it.

When Felix used his infra-ray vision and zoomed on the forest, he realized that at least twenty players were scattered in it.

‘I guess its time to migrate…

Before Felix could finish his thought, his back felt cold all of a sudden, forcing him to move an inch to the side reflexively.

Alas, he was still too slow…


A glistering dark dagger penetrated Felix from the back and had its tip emerge from his left chest.

He might have moved an inch, but it was still not enough to avoid having his heart cut open by the dagger.

‘Poison Expulsion!

Felix didnt think about the assassination, the assassin, his ruined heart or anything…The first thing he did was expel a potent poisonous acidic cloud through his pores, covering at least ten meters around him!Do you want to read more chapters Come to panda-novel,com


The dagger was abruptly pulled back by the assassin and disappeared.

‘Motherf*cker shadowborns! Felix cursed hatefully as he stared at his shadow.

The moment he got struck, he knew that it was caused by one of the five shadowborns in the game.

They were the only ones in the game capable of commencing such a neat and almost undefendable assassination!

“Ohoo, it seems like your kid is in trouble.” Erebus chuckled, “My descendants can be a little difficult to handle in diamond games.”

“He is fine.” Thor sneered, “Its actually an embarrassment to fail an assassination while emerging from someones shadow.”

Shadowborns were capable of traveling between the shadow realm and the matter universe by using shadows as gates.

This made them terrifying opponents since they could literally appear from a players shadow and strike him when he least expect it.

Any shadowborns in diamond rank could be expected to have mastered this ability to travel between dimensions just like Felix.

The only difference was that Felix could emerge anywhere he wanted and absorb free void energy.

The shadow realm had plenty of natural treasures, but it wasnt filled with shadow elemental energy.

Erebus wasnt that godly to create an entire realm and fill it with shadow elemental energy.

“Failed He clearly slit his heart.” Erebus said.

“You are looking down on us if you think he will die by a mere slit to his heart.” Jörmungandr said as he eyed Felix pressuring his wound.

Everyone thought that Felixs human heart was his primary vital spot, but they were dead wrong.

His main heart was the Devourers heart, and it was placed on his right chest.

As long as it wasnt hit, he could recover from any wound caused to his human heart.

As expected, the slit had been treated in a few seconds by his revitalization inducement and natural rejuvenation.

Cough! Cough!

The only thing Felix had to do was cough out the excessive blood caught in his lungs.

‘How is this possible

Meanwhile, two pairs of disbelieving eyes were staring at Felix from within a shadow of a boulder.

He was just planning on commencing a follow-up attack, knowing that Felix would be too wounded to defend against it.

However, his instincts warned him that Felix was merely faking his weakened state.

He had committed enough assassinations in his lifetime to recognize if someone was really hurt or just acting to bait him out.

What stunned him was the notion that Felix was fine even though he slit his heart open.

This almost never happened to him before!

“What do we have here! Phantom Eye has actually made a move on Landlord!” Sage Marshal exclaimed after spotting Felixs condition.

When he saw that Felix was chilling, he focused on other battles.

Who would have known that he would be a victim of an assassination attempt

Sage Marshal replayed the assassination attempt to the viewers.

When everyone saw that the dagger had slit Felixs heart, most of them rejoiced.

In fact, the majority of the federation members felt joyful inside while expressing a worried look on the outside.

They all thought that he was done for.

Some of them were already planning on how to benefit the most from his death.

Alas, when the camera resumed on the live feed, Felix had to disappoint their ugly fantasies.

“I guess you are not coming out after all.” Felix said coldly as he eyed the shadows that emerge with every thunderclap.

The peak was gloomy and dark due to the thunderclouds…However, the occasional lightning strikes sure helped Phantom Eye.

“I have no idea how you managed to recover from that, but I am done with you for now.” Phantom Eye replied with a creepy soft voice.


The instant Felix spotted the location of the voice, he struck it with a lightning bolt from his palm.

The boulder was blown out to pieces…But, nothing much happen to Phantom Eye.

“Dont be too impatient…We will meet again very soon.” Phantom Eyes voice faded into the background, leaving Felix with a unsettled heart.

It didnt feel good to know that you were being targeted by a shadowborn.

Felixs vision was absolutely useless in this case since he couldnt see whats within the shadow realm.

As for his interdimensional senses Felix didnt know if it was oriented just for void realm, or he could use it for other dimensions.

Even if it was, he had no idea how to see the shadow realm when he didnt know how his passive actually worked.

“Phantom Eye really left.” Sage Marshal commentated, “It seems like he intends to hunt another player for now.”

Felix understood that Phantom Eye should have left him alone for now.

After all, he would have his guard heightened against any other shadow assassinations.

It was much better to aim for another clueless player than waste time waiting for another opportunity against Felix.

Still, Felix didnt feel at ease…He was forced to increase his attention to nearby shadows from ten percent to forty percent.

If it wasnt for that ten percent, he wouldnt have been able to even move that inch and avoid a direct strike on his heart.

Felix wasnt worried about joining diamond ranked games for no reason.

He knew that dangers lay everywhere, and he could die at any given moment if he dropped his guard for even a second.

‘I cant stay here anymore.

Feeling restless, Felix wore his symbiote suit and blasted his void seekers into the sky above the rainy forest.

“Catch me if you can.” Felix snickered at the shadows and blinked away.

The forest was at least thirty kilometers away from him.

If he used his blink, Phantom Eye would never be able to stay on his tail…Even if he traveled in the shadow realm

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