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Chapter 767 – One Winner Take it All.

While Felix was drawing a plan to win the game in the most efficient way, Lady Sphinx, Jörmungandr, and Thor were invited into a meeting by Cherufe, the magma primogenitor.

When they turned up inside his volcanic styled house, they saw that Saurous, Wendigo, and Manananggal were already there.

“No wonder I smelt bad stench at the door.” Thor sneered.

“Brother Cherufe, you shouldnt have invited those three turds.

They just dirtied your place.” Jörmungandr said casually.

“They speak” Saurous turned to Wendigo with a genuine confused expression.

“Dont look at me.” Wendigo shrugged his shoulders, “Im just as confused.”

“Just be quiet and appreciate them.” Manananggal smiled, “Its a rare occurrence to see two retards overcoming their difficulties.”

It didnt even take a second before the atmosphere turned even more heated than the volcano they were at.

‘Maybe it was a bad idea after all to invite both parties. Cherufe massaged his temples as he eyed Lady Sphinx, seeking her help.

“Enough, I dont have time to hear you bicker like children.” Lady Sphinx crossed one leg above the other and said calmly, “What are you willing to lose this time”

“Haha, you seem quite confident Lady Sphinx.” Saurous chuckled, “It is because of your new boy using void abilities now”

“We dont know what did you offer to move Lord Khaos into handing over his bloodline, but you should reel your confidence a little.” Manananggal advised, “At the end of the day, a human remains a human.”

The Darkin Faction members had already figured out that Felix was using Lord Khaos bloodline unlike the unique void creatures, who keep mistaking him as an imitator.

This was caused by the amount of knowledge each side possessed.

When the Darkin Faction members first saw Felix use void abilities, they were pretty shocked.

After all, Lord Khaos was a loner, who never bothered to include himself in almost anything related to other primogenitors.

He didnt bother to even make a single descendant.

So, to see him suddenly giving away his precious bloodline to a human was a baffling situation.

They knew that Lady Sphinx and the other must have offered something that was enticing enough for Lord Khaos to make such a unexpected move.

They simply couldnt figure out what it was.

“A human remains a human, huh.” Thor snickered as he eyed Manananggal, “Werent you thinking the same when he humiliated your champion”

“Any game held below diamond rank shouldnt be even counted.” Manananggal yawned, “All my champions there are just a bunch of toys to spectate when my diamond ranked champions arent playing.”

“Did you record that” Jörmungandr turned to Thor.

“Already done.” Thor grinned, “I would love to replay it for him when Felix thrashes his so called real champions.”

Seeing that they were starting another quarrel, Cherufe decided to intervene this time, “Come on guys, just out with it, what kind of treasures you are willing to place”

“You already know what I want.” Lady Sphinx eyed Cherufe and Saurous calmly.

“I dont mind betting my monolith if the treasures are of equal value and everyone approved.” Cherufe expressed while puffing out hot smoke from his nose.

“I approve.”

“I approve.”

Naturally, Thor and Jörmungandr supported Lady Sphinxs hunt for monoliths.

Since four of the participates agreed to receiving the treasure, it meant that even if Saurous and Manananggal wanted to reject it, they could not.

Wendigo wasnt even allowed to vote because he was here as a spectator not a participant.

“Well, I am not willing to bet my own.” Saurous sneered, “Nothing you offer will move me from changing my stance.”

“Okay.” Lady Sphinx nodded in understanding, “What are you willing to bet then”

“…” Saurous was left in a loss for words.

He thought that playing hard to get would push Lady Sphinx into raising the stakes instead of giving up so easily.

‘Shit, a little help here. Saurous requested telepathically for support.

He wanted to bet his monolith since no one would offer as much as Lady Sphinx for it.

After all, she the number one collector in the primogenitors circle.

Meanwhile, he was known for having the largest collection of pocket dimensions.

He intended to force Lady Sphinx to bet three pocket dimensions for his useless monolith.

“Brother Saurous, dont be like that.” Wendigo coughed, “Lady Sphinx might be hanging with those two buffoons, but it doesnt mean we need to be hard on her.”

“Indeed, Lady Sphinx is our sister, and we should support her to finish her monoliths collection.” Manananggal nodded shamelessly, “I already did my part, and now its your turn to give her a chance.”

“If you put it like this, I can see that I was being a bit stubborn due to those two simpletons.” Saurous smiled at Lady Sphinx, “Excuse my manners, I would love to place my monolith as my bet.”




The other three primogenitors could only stare at them finish their charade speechlessly.

They werent stupid to not realize that Saurous had shot himself in the foot by trying to jack up the price.

He had to be saved like this to not lose face.

“I believe you want me to bet a pocket dimension” Lady Sphinx said nonchalantly.

She would be putting her name to shame as the most knowledgeable if she didnt know about Saurous plan.

Outsmarting Lady Sphinx was really something to be proud of…Thats why, it almost never happened for as long as she was alive.

“Cough, how about tw…”

“One pocket dimension of your choosing.” Lady Sphinx narrowed her eyes at Saurous, “This is the best and last offer you will get from me.”

“Fine.” Saurous looked at the others and saw that no one rejected having a pocket dimension added to the pool.

This left Manananggal, Thor and Jörmungandr…They named their own treasures and were approved to be added into the pool.

“Lets make it a bit exciting shall we” Saurous smiled faintly as he suggested, “How about all the treasures will go to the final winner”

Usually, in games like those with multiple primogenitors, the treasures went to the eliminator instead of the winner.

For example, if Saurouss champion eliminated Cherufes champion, he would be getting the treasure placed by defeated party.

This happened even if another champion had emerged as the final winner.

It was done like this to force fights between champions instead of focusing only on winning the game to get everything.

“I suppose it will work in this game mode.” Lady Sphinx agreed.

“Fine by me.” Cherufe puffed out smoke in eagerness, “My little dragon is unkillable in such a straightforward setting.”

In a sense he was right, Dragons completely dominate the battle format games…There were no tricks, no puzzles, and no fishing or cooking that screw them up.

“We will see about that.” Manananggal smiled in response.

In paper, his champion had the least chance of winning against Exodial…Yet, he seemed fairly confident.

Well, in diamond games anything could happen due to having most limitations being removed.

Races that were struggling in lower ranked games could dominate a diamond game by a simple addition of an artifact or a potion.

Though, there were still limitation imposed on the items themselves and the number of items each player could bring with him.

Players were given the right to pick only five items.

It could be either five artifacts or three potions and two scrolls…As long as the number didnt go over five, they were in the clear.

Some artifacts, potions, and scrolls were even banned from the games entirely.

So, it wasnt that easy to cheese a win by using them in the games.


Ten days later…Five minutes before the start of the game.

Felix could be seen sitting on the ground in lotus position with his eyes closed shut, meditating before the game begins.

He had already played cards with the tenants in his mind, and got kicked out after being caught cheating by using Mistress Candace.

Now, the entire plan he set for the game was going through his mind one more time.

Void element or not, Felix never entered a game without a plan.

As for the five allowed items Felix already picked them.

He took with him the symbiote suit since he couldnt enter the void realm without it.

He also secured a set of nails with a wire that were made from an extremely durable material.

He purchased them with his game points from one of the many public markets for players.

Last but not least, he brought three rank 3 potions that he concocted personally.

Two of those potions were from unique recipes owned by Lady Sphinx.

In other words, no one knew about their effects and Felix was going to fully take advantage of them!

“Its time.” Felix snapped his eyes open the moment the clock hit 10 AM sharp.

Without a hint of hesitation, Felix teleported himself to the game hall…

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