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Chapter 760 – Mjölnir! The Hammer of Thunder God!

Before Felix could finish his sentence, Thor spat out a mouthful of wine as he stared in shock at the broken junk.

‘Mjölnir, what is that Felix titled his head in confusion.

“Are you sure its your hammer” Jörmungandr asked weirdly.

“I spent billions of years using her, I believe I can identify parts of her by a mere glance.” Thor glared at him.

“It just doesnt look like it.” Jörmungandr said, “How did turn this way”

“Who knows!” Thor said with an annoyed tone, “The last time I used her was against you.

I knew she will be found, but I didnt care about it.

My baby can be used only by those she deemed worthy.”

‘Hammer Are they talking about that colossal silver hammer that smashed my masters head in their battle Felix deducted on his own from their conversion.

‘Yes. Lady Sphinx nodded,It was Thors most prized weapon.

‘Hey! She wasnt my weapon.

She was my companion. Thor sighed,Leaving her behind was one of the hardest decisions I had to make.

‘Was she sentient Felix raised his eyelids in surprise.

‘She was getting close to gaining consciousness. Thor shook his head,She only needed a few more millions years…But, I couldnt wait that long, I was at my limits.

‘You did your best. Jörmungandr smiled bitterly.

He was also feeling a bit disheartened since he had a close relation to Mjölnir.

After all, the times he fought with Thor were countless.

He could never forget the misery that hammer had made him go through.

‘Ever since I noticed that colossal hammer, I always wondered how is it possible for a primogenitor to use an artifact. Felix inquired,Is there really artifacts that are good enough to be used by primogenitors

Felixs puzzlement was in place.

The primogenitors were so strong it would seem useless to use a weapon…In fact, Felix believed that it would simply hinder them.

‘Artifact Thor scoffed,Never compare my baby with those toys that the Dwarves are making.

‘If she is not an artifact, then what is she Felix asked.

‘She is a divine weapon personally forged by the great Metal Primogenitor himself! Thor said.

‘A divine weapon Metal Primogenitor Felix had gotten even more confused.

He never thought that there was a primogenitor capable of forging weapons to other primogenitors.

Seeing his confusion, Lady Sphinx decided to enrich him a little with her knowledge.

‘The metal primogenitors hobby was forging items of divine properties. Lady Sphinx paused,He made accessories, weapons, armors, and instruments.

His items were desired by primogenitors and were heavily contested whenever he places an item of his for trade.

‘Items desired by even primogenitors. Felix couldnt fathom how astonishing those items capabilities.

‘He owed me a favor and I decided use it to make Mjölnir. Thor interjected.

‘I remember you told me that you found an exquisite material by chance that is capable of enhancing lightning powers by five folds at minimum. Jörmungandr chuckled,You said that making Mjölnir will be your winning card against me.

‘Heh, wasnt I right Thor snickered,I won our last battle because of it.

‘You still died from my poison, so it was a draw. Jörmungandr denied.

‘Keep telling yourself that.

‘If I had a divine weapon as well, the battle would have gone differently. Jörmungandr sneered,And you know it.

‘Keep telling yourself that.

‘Stop it. Lady Sphinx glared at them both.

The bickering stopped immediately.

‘Where was I Oh, the metal primogenitors had decided to retire from making divine items due to some unknown reason. Lady Sphinx said,All we know is that he took a liking to the dwarves and decided to pass down a little of his legacy to them.

‘Wait a second! Felixs eyes widened in disbelief,You telling me the dwarves werent responsible for inventing artifacts too

It was already a shocking truth that the witches were actually taught by Lady Sphinx.

Now, even the Dwarven art of artifact creation wasnt theirs to claim

Felix began to believe that most utility races invented jack **.

‘Unlike me, the metal primogenitor had given up on the Dwarves. Lady Sphinx mentioned,The instant he found out that none of them were capable of capturing his true art of divine creation, he stopped teaching them.

‘Though, what he has already given them was enough to keep them on their feet and climb to the top of the SGAlliance.

‘But the engravings that were written on futharks were based on the Dwarven language. Felix doubted.

‘Thats what they call it now I guess. Lady Sphinx chuckled,It was the metal primogenitors own created language, and he called it the Divine Codex.

‘The only race capable of learning it and actually harnessing it were the dwarves due to their innate ability. Thor shook his head,Unfortunately, the metal primogenitor is somewhat of a perfectionist.

He will rather stop teaching them then continue on and end up with a mediocre result.

‘I see. Felix eyed the broken junk and then peeked at the vendor.

She was yawning while focusing in midair clearly watching something on an invisible hologram.

She didnt even notice that Felix was standing here for a while now.

‘If I bought it, can he repair it Felix wondered.

‘As I said, he has retired from forging and isolated himself. Lady Sphinx shook her head,Many other primogenitors have begged him and offered him treasures in hopes of recruiting his services but to no avail.

‘I can still try. Felix wasnt discouraged one bit.

Before him stood a divine weapon that was able to enhance Thors lightning by five folds.

Since Thors lightning was already potent enough to fry Felix with a single electrical arc, he couldnt grasp what a five-fold increase meant.

There was no way he would be leaving such a weapon here even though it appeared like a broken junk.

“Hello there, may I know what you are selling” Felix greeted.

The fairy glanced at him with a bored expression and answered, “I dont know.”

“Huh” Felix was left at loss for words at her response.

He was expecting a barrage of bull** spewing from her mouth to convince him into buying it.

“Someone traded it with me for a free rent in my house.” The fairy shrugged her shoulders, “He said that he found out in an ancient ruins within Zeffari Galaxy.”

‘Thats Thors galaxy. Felix asked, “May I know the name of the ruins”

“He didnt tell.” The fairy said.

“I see.”

“Are you interested in buying it” The fairy offered lazily, “You can take it with just a million SC.”

“Five hundred SC.” Felix bargained, “I want it because I am curious about its origins.

But I am not a fool to get it with a million.”

Felix didnt want to seem desperate to buy it lest he raise suspicion.

The last thing he wanted was the fairy realizing that the broken junk actually worth a lot.

“Whatever, deal.” The fairy waved her hand carelessly.

Upon seeing so, Felix paid for the broken hammer and had it beamed in his AP bracelet.

Then, he walked away, heading back to his apartment.

When he reached his apartment, he opened his AP inventory and examined all the broken pieces of the hammer.

He kept scrolling through his inventory until he found the smallest one of them.

He beamed it above his bed and began inspecting it up close.

“If I recalled correctly, its color should be silver.” Felix wondered as he touched the pitch-black surface of the piece.

‘Yes. Thor nodded,It seems like she has experienced severe burn marks.

Even the divine codex engraving cant be seen anymore.

‘I wonder what caused it such a horrible damage. Asna titled her head in puzzlement,I doubt you will use a material that is weak to elements as your main weapon.

‘Indeed, the material I have given to the metal primogenitor has been mixed with three other remarkable substances. Thor shared,One is capable of changing the state of the item, allowing it to shrink and enlarge freely.

Another one provided extreme resistance to most elements in the universe.

The last one ensured that it is solid enough to never break.

‘She was one of the metal primogenitors most prized divine weapon, and he took great pride in making her. Thor coughed,He will most definitely beat you up if you brought it to him in such a condition.

“Why me!” Felix felt wronged at the situation.

Now, he started doubting whether it was a good idea to meet the metal primogenitor and ask him to repair the hammer.

‘Before you even have that thought, you should check if you are having all the pieces. Lady Sphinx informed,Even if he agreed to help you out by some miracle, you need to hand over every little piece.

‘She is right. Thor supported,If you are missing just a tiny piece, the hammer will never be restored.

Upon hearing so, Felix felt like he was going to be disappointed soon.

‘Queen, please attach all of those broken pieces into each other to make a hammer. Felix requested while holding his breaths.

The Queen began the process of arranging the pieces and Felix watched her work as a 3D hologram.

Felix thought that it would take her a few seconds at best to finish merging all the pieces in their rightful places.

Alas, minutes went by, and the pieces kept attaching and detaching at the speed of light.

Felixs heart couldnt help but skip a beat when ten minutes went by without an end result.

Before he could comment, Queen Ai stopped her work and apologized,I am sorry Sir Felix.

But, not a single piece is matching with another.

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