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8 days quickly passed by.

Felix spent the majority of time in his room either absorbing the daily dose of enhancement from Asna or scouting for auctions in the UVR, that he could attend with his pathetic social status in order to buy either high energy natural treasures or high-grade stones.

Luckily he did find some and bought a large number of high-grade stones that would allow him to carry on his enhancement after the first batch was devoured by Asna and him.

Now that his integration cooldown had passed, he was about to start the 3rd integration.

Felix already had everything prepared, from potions to bloodline, the only thing he was missing was checking if the rare tier 5 bloodline he bought had the Jörmungandr bloodline within or not.

So without any further delays, he took a deep breath, sitting in his room, and injected a large needle that was filled with half of the bottle content in his heart! Yet, he still didn\'t stop.

He removed the empty needle from his heart and put it on the half-full bottle, planning on injecting the remaining 50% as well!

He wanted to split the bloodlines apart first and integrate every percentage of the Jörmungandr that Asna found all at once.

But that\'s only if she managed to find any in the first place.

This strategy might be on the risky side since Felix would have to deal with quite a hefty sum of pain waves.

Nonetheless, it would help him minimize the number of integrations he needed in the future.

At least, until he lowered the cooldown duration to the minimum by his affinity enhancement.

At that point, he wouldn\'t need to torture himself as he planned on doing now.

You can begin. With crossed fingers, He instructed Asna to begin checking on the Jörmungandr bloodline.

Asna didn\'t wait for him to order her around, as she was already reading the memories of the bloodline immediately after it entered his bloodstream.

A couple of seconds later, she exclaimed in astonishment.

You lucky bastard, this one has 10% of J��rmungandr inside, as well as some useful memories of the primogenitor!

Excited and thrilled at hearing such god sent news, Felix tightened his fists, while laughing out loud.

He truly hit the jackpot on this one.

He believed that he would come out empty-handed this time, or at least find measly 2% or 3%.

After all, the ancestral bloodline was not within every poisonous beast in the universe but only within a selected few high tiered beasts.

So for Felix to obtain a whopping 10% all at once from merely tier 5 bloodline was truly a win he needed desperately.

As Noah, Olivia, and some of his cousins, who had a good affinity rating already started their 2nd integration or were about to.

For him to awaken a month or so earlier than them, but still struggle to reach lesser purity, it was quite a joke honestly.

But it\'s all good now, with this 10% plus the 5% he already had, he would reach 15% and unlock the first passive ability of Jörmungandr!

This was the moment that would decide whether his choice of choosing this demanding path was a good move or not.

Asna interrupted his excitement with a hurried voice.

Stop laughing you moron, and start drinking the potions.

She already finished separating the bloodlines, and the only thing left was for Felix to finish his preparation.

Felix instantly drank them, with a hint of terror in his eyes after being reminded that he was literally going to integrate with 10% all at once!

Heck, Felix never planned on integrating with such a large amount at once, he wasn\'t a psycho or masochist.

He honestly believed that if he lucked out on the Jörmungandr bloodline, it would be 6% or 7% max.

Truly, his strategy **ed him over, as now he was going to deal with 5 waves of hellish pain that would last for 15 minutes!

Noo!!! I take it back! Asna Please split the percentage!

Desperate and quite scared, Felix quickly drunk potion by potion, while begging in between for Asna to help him out and reduce the percentage to at least 5%.

He was confident in handling that amount, but 10% He honestly wasn\'t that optimistic.

Although the pain degree would be much less than what he experienced during the awakening since it was his body very first time, still, 5 waves all at once was enough to break him apart.

Hehe, Why ask when you know my answer Asna laughed deviously, uncaring about Felix\'s pitiful begging.

Well f*ck you then! He cursed her hatefully and ignored her all at once.

He closed his eyes and began taking deep breaths in and out, while shaking his shoulders, hoping to somewhat remove the stiffness he was feeling.

A minute later.

He opened them with fierce gaze, then bravely exclaimed out loud within the room.

Bring it on!!!

Before his voice resounded far in the room, it got quickly replaced by a long wail, resembling a woman cry during giving birth.


His bravery and courage meant jack ** in front of such agony.

This was the reason why Asna woke up without any complaints.

How could she miss such a hilarious scene of Felix crying like a little b*tch with tears flooding his cheeks, and sweat pouring heavily from his pores, like a water fountain

She kept pointing at him with a shaky finger while laughing hysterically in his mind.

Ah, such a bliss.

How I wish this bastard can reach 100% affinity faster and go through this hell every day without a cooldown.\' She wished sincerely with folded hands in a praying position.

Asna truly loved to relish in his misery, but what else could she do besides that and sleep

After all, she clearly abhorred watching him enjoy living his life through his eyes.

It could be easily concluded from the way she spent 6 months watching movies and series, without giving a single glance at Felix\'s direction.

Not to mention the long periods of sleep each day without bothering to wake up.

Felix thought it was because she was either lazy or removing her binge-watching fatigue.

But honestly, she already recovered from her exhaustion a while ago.

The only reason she still kept sleeping was simply because, there was nothing to wake up for in Felix\'s consciousness.

Every time she woke up, she only saw grey mist around her, and if she lifted her head, the sight of Felix enjoying his life greeted her, while she was trapped inside indefinitely.

So her only enjoyment currently was to watch Felix who had something she desperately wanted but couldn\'t have, get tortured like this.

Despite her sadistic personality, she still understood that Felix mustn\'t die no matter what.

After all, he was her only ticket to freedom.

Thus, each time she saw that he was on the verge of giving up and fainting, she did her job and cheered him on with her angelic sweet voice, boosting him up to remain conscious for a couple few minutes.

As the process was getting closer and closer to its end, Asna\'s stopped laughing all at once and focused only on cheering him on, worrying slightly that he might not make it.

She saw that he completely lay on the floor with hazy unfocused eyes and shallow breaths like he was on his death bed.


15 minutes of one of the deadliest and torturous experiences Felix had gone through, was finally over!

However, he still had fallen unconscious in the end.

Thankfully, it happened one second after the process finished.


Felix! Can you hear me...If you don\'t wake up, I will browse through your sex memories!

Asna kept calling for him out loud, trying to wake him up.

But he truly passed out without any response.

\'I hope this bastard did not fall in a coma.\' She thought worriedly while examining his heartbeats and brain activity.

If he ended up in a coma, he might lay on the floor for a couple of days, before his disappearance raised some warning flags.

The elders were used to him not getting out of his room for a couple of days in a row, since they assumed that he spend most of his time in the UVR.

Asna knew so as well, thus her worry was understandable.

Fortunately, after checking on his vitals, she easily figured out that his condition wasn\'t serious to put him in a coma.

At most, he would sleep for 30 hours before waking up.

Let\'s not do that ever again. She sighed in relief at such a close shave.

Then returned to her bed, planning to continue her slumber until he wakes her up again.


An entire day had passed before Felix\'s body finally showed some reaction.

His eyelids quivered lightly, entailing that his eyes were responding.

A few seconds later, he opened his eyes groggily with a feeling that his entire body did not belong to him.

He tried to move a finger, but it took him an extremely long time and effort to do so.

After seeing this, he knew that he needed to drink the rejuvenation potion ASAP!

But it was an impossible endeavor in his condition since his entire body was numb from all the pain he went through.

So he requested in his mind, \'Queen AI, send a message to Olivia, telling her to hurry to my room for assistance.

And add that she brings with her a backup room key.\'

\'As you wish.

Sir Felix.\'



4 minutes later, the door of the room was slammed open barbarically.

Olivia, who almost broke the door in half by her leg, rushed inside swiftly, like a little rabbit.

Felix, what\'s happened to you She immediately asked with a panicked voice after seeing his messed up condition and the puddle of sweat underneath him soaking the carpet.

Felix did not respond, as he wasn\'t even capable of opening his mouth.

He just requested the Queen to convey what he wanted to say.

So, the Queen repeated everything he told her precisely with her usual monotone voice.

Feed me the potion that\'s on my right please, I can\'t move my body.

Although she was puzzled by the whole situation, Olivia still did as she was told, and fed him the potion gently.

After drinking it, Felix\'s numb body began to regain some sensation, making him twitch from time to time, due to the tingling feeling coursing through him.

Yet, it was clear that one potion was not enough to fully return his body to peak form after that raging storm left his flesh and bones mashed like pastry.

So he kept asking for Olivia to keep them coming.

After consuming more than 4 bottles at once, his body was finally showing true signs of true recovery.

Minutes passed by slowly, as Olivia watched Felix in bewilderment, regaining feeling in his fingers and toes, then his limps, until finally standing up straight, making his recovered joints crack by themselves.


Relieved, He let out a long sigh and stretched his body thoroughly.

After seeing Felix crack his joints comfortably, Olivia asked worriedly.

Do you feel better

Satisfied by Olivia\'s timely assistance, Felix stared at her gently and wanted to pat her like always.

But his hand froze after seeing the growing lily flower on her head.

He smiled wryly and merely touched it softly in appreciation of her help.

It\'s all thanks to you.

He suddenly tapped on his bracelet and withdrew a large box that contained 100 or more medium plant element stones that he bought in the market.

This is some elemental stones to help you recover your energy later on.

Accept it as thank you gift please. Felix explained with a warm smile to the dumbfounded Olivia, who saw a large box suddenly appear out of nowhere.

However, immediately after hearing the term \'thank you gift\', she tried to bolt towards the door, planning to escape.

Felix who was already aware of her shenanigans instantly blocked her way with unquestionable gaze, You will take it no matter what.

Don\'t waste my money; you are the only plant user in the family.

But you already know I don\'t like accepting those gifts. She sulked with her hands fiddling with the corners of her dress.

I am happy to help without anything in return.

But I am not.

Now help me by accepting my gift. Felix broke through her defensive maneuver with ease.

After hearing the term \'help\', Olivia started to think deeply with a constipated face, whether to accept his gift or not.

This was a huge dilemma for her.

She was not a fan of accepting gifts, but she couldn\'t deny a request of help, no matter how insignificant it was.

Too bad, Felix was in a rash to check on the passive he unlocked, thus he didn\'t have time to wait for her until she made a decision.

So, he lifted her and the box like they weighed nothing, and placed them in front of the door.

He then closed it, while chuckling at Olivia\'s absent-minded expression.


The sound of the door closing broke Olivia out of her daze.

She immediately began banging the door with her palm after realizing what had just happened.

Open up you bully!! She huffed in anger and threatened him, I will leave the box in front of the door.

I don\'t care! I am not accepting your gift!

Regardless, Felix acted deaf to everything she said.

After a while, she gave up and walked away with an unhappy pout.

But, a few seconds later, she returned and took the box shyly, carrying it on her small shoulder like an ant carrying a piece of rice.

If only she knew that Felix had hidden a couple of potions at the bottom of the box, she would have definitely left it in its place.

Alas, now that she took it, there was no way that she would return it to Felix.

Returning a gift was beyond impolite and on the border of being an insult.

One should either accept a gift politely or firmly reject it.

Felix didn\'t mention his true gift that was hidden, just to avoid fighting it out with Olivia\'s stubborn \'no thank you gift policy\'.


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