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Is the mission board bugging or something The bartender murmured faintly, breaking this deafening silence in the bar.

The mission board is processed by the Queen...

That answer alone was enough to let everyone understand that the mission board could never have bugs in it.

So...Lance really reclaimed an infested planet all alone

Tha..That\'s impossible right!

The mercenaries glanced at each other with petrified looks, not daring to believe that someone had managed to reclaim an infested planet.

Who could blame them

Infested planets had over millions of void creatures.

When they get under attack, they split again and travel through the planet\'s crust, covering every inch of land.

This meant that using spaceships and heavy weapons would be out of the question because the planet would be damaged heavily in the process.

As for landing on the planet No mercenary was capable of taking care even of a hundred-void creature at once.

Don\'t even mention millions.

This is big! This is really f*cking big!

We have actually reclaimed a planet!

A galactical war, a weird thunderclap that everyone heard, and now cleaning an infested planet A mercenary shouted with an overwhelmed expression, I am losing my ** over here!

The mercenaries were just discussing the thunderclap caused by Nimo\'s birth before getting shocked senseless yet again.

If only they knew that Felix was related to every ongoing weird ** that happened in the past two years, they would have honestly be too numb to react anymore.

Wait a second...Look at the rewards of the mission!

The mercenaries gasped loudly after noticing the insane rewards given to Felix at the bottom of the black paper.

Just the ten million void points was enough to make their mouths water, not mentioning the other two.

Lance is the first human to be promoted to SSS rank...Does that mean he will be the guild\'s president A mercenary exclaimed out loud after recalling the true authority system in the void guild.

The mercenaries were used to seeing a five assembly members in command, they totally forgot that SSS ranked mercenaries were the true heads of every guild branch!

What came up in their minds after realizing that Felix would be their president soon was actually the five assembly members.

They knew that the five assembly members must have gotten the news even faster than them.

So, they wondered how would they react now that a president had appeared out of nowhere.


Crack! Crack!


The Fang wasn\'t taking the news well at all as he kept hollering with bloodshot eyes in his messy office.

He had already broken everything that was breakable to vent just a little of his overwhelming fury.

A few moments ago, he was chilling in his office, reading about the ongoing development of the war.

Alas, his world had been turned upside down after being notified directly by the Queen AI that Felix had completed a black mission.

He didn\'t even know that he accepted it in the first place since Queen Ai couldn\'t make such data public without Felix\'s permission, unlike after finishing the job.


He always wondered where Felix had disappeared for the past year and a half.

When others thought that he had bailed on the cause, only The Fang believed that Felix was coming back and more dangerous than ever.

Sadly, not even in his wildest dreams could he have predicted this shocking twist.


With one last howl coming from the deepest part of his soul, The Fang had finally fallen on his knees with a face filled with despair.

He didn\'t know how Felix managed to pull of what deemed impossible by every member in the Milky Way Summit.

But, he knew that he was f*cked big time as well as the other four assembly members.

They treated Felix poorly, when they sent his daughter Fay to frame him near the mercenary store.

He saw that Felix wasn\'t pleased one bit by how he was treated, but he didn\'t really care at that time.

In his mind, they had already fallen out of each other\'s favor.

But now

Felix was the president, and he had a good rapport with the Commander, who provided him such insane benefits for no return.

In his eyes, a small request from the president to make their lives\' hell was doable by Felix!

Meanwhile, the other four assembly members weren\'t taking the news well too.

Even Wilson, who didn\'t participate in Felix\'s matter.

Having a president above their heads meant losing their absolute authority.

This meant, they would be a mere mercenaries just like the others.

The only difference was that they could \'advise\' Felix.

Queen, set up a meeting and invite the other four members. The Fang took a deep breath to regain his composure and said with a frigid expression, We need to turn the guild against him if we want to retain a bit of control.

Just because Felix was going to be the president, it didn\'t mean that all mercenaries were going to be loyal to him.

In fact, he was an anomaly in their eyes, who was too mysterious and untrustworthy.

The fact that he reclaimed an infested planet by himself just further emphasized it and worsened it for Felix to be accepted by them.

Meanwhile, the other five members had been leading the guild into a bright future even when the Commander was hell-bent on ruining them.

It was clear which side the mercenaries were going to take unless Felix stepped up and changed their view of him.

\'Sir Fang, the president has summoned you in the main conference room in the UVR.

Please be there in two minutes.\'

Before The Fang could prepare himself to accept the other four members, he received the most dreadful notification by Queen AI.

Motherf*cker! The Fang cursed hatefully.

This was the first time in a long time, where an authoritative pressure was applied on him.

He understood that he couldn\'t miss the appointment lest Felix use it against him to punish him.

Just like they could punish lower ranked mercenaries if they went against their contract terms, Felix could do the same to them.

So, he prepared himself and logged into the UVR.

When he opened his eyes, he saw that the atmosphere in the guild building was lively like always but for a different reason.

The president is really generous! I drew a jackpot and received fifty thousand void points!

I envy you...I drew only a one thousand.

I got five thousand! Exactly what I needed to gear myself from another hunt.

The more the Fang heard, the uglier his expression got.

He could see that no one was feigning happiness as he walked through the corridors.

Both the staff and the mercenaries were grinning from ear to ear as they bragged about their lottery draw.

From the bits and pieces of their speeches, he figured out that Felix must have designated a portion of his black mission reward as a lottery for all the guild members!

To do such a thing, one needed to put millions of void points in the lottery pool to please everyone.

After all, the guild had a significant number of mercenaries from all ranks...Not mentioning the staff.

\'Bastard! He is already wooing them with his capital!\' The Fang rushed past the excited staff, who didn\'t even greet him like they used to.

When he reached the main conference room, he pushed the door wide open barbarically and yelled out, What\'s the meaning of this!

Oh, Mr.


I am glad you joined us.

Felix smiled politely as he sat at the head chair of the table while being accompanied by the other four members.

Come sit down. Felix offered, not caring that The Fang was giving him a nasty look.

Fang, sit. Hamaru knitted her eyebrows at him, Stop making a scene before the president.

\'Nothing good will come out of this if we have a fall-out with him at the very beginning.\' Hamaru sent a message to The Fang.

\'I know, I know...\'

The Fang took a deep breath and sat next to Hamaru after he regained some of his composure.

Seeing the staff and mercenaries\' excited looks made him snap immediately since he understood that as long as Felix kept giving such gifts to them, they would not oppose him at all.

In the end, they were mercenaries, who wanted money and riches more than anything.

Good, now that all of my advisors are here, I have an announcement to make. Felix smiled faintly, I will be focusing on reclaiming a few more planets in the following years.

Everyone was startled by the announcement, not expecting that Felix would continue cleaning out the infected planets.

In their eyes, he had already gotten the presidency and an invitation to the guild\'s headquarters.

The rewards for the other black missions was the same besides the void points.

Seeing how he had given them away to the mercenaries and staff like candy, they knew that he wasn\'t in need of them.

Why And if I may ask, how did you exactly reclaim Gamora planet. Hamaru took advantage of the subject to ask the most burning question in their minds.

Everyone stared at Felix with a hopeful expression, hoping to copy his method and also get themselves promoted.

I am doing this because I want to. Felix\'s smile turned cold almost immediately, As for the how That\'s none of your concerns.

As the president, he had no reason to explain anything anymore to anyone in the guild.

As for building a good rapport with those five

They were the ones who should strive to please him, not the other way around.

I want you to unite your forces with the army and send troops to defend the reclaimed planets from another invasion. Felix smiled returned breezy again as he ordered.

Felix still cared for the galaxy to do this much with his given authority and method to reclaim infested planets.

As the great Stan Lee once said, With great power comes great responsibility.

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