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Zosia knew that by folding like this, many lives would be lost if the royal family\'s hidden fleet appears out of nowhere and start slaughtering everyone akin to sheep.

No one would blame her for this because she was going to save the day when the Sheyrus\'s troops arrives.

On the other hand, if she chose the second option and intervened, she could not save herself from the ramification.

[The cavalry is here! The royal family is doomed!]

[Damn, they have them cornered from every direction.]

[They really should have left this wormhole alone when they had the chance.]

As the viewers mentioned, the current development in the war zone wasn\'t in favor of the royal family.

One thousand and five hundred warships emerged from every direction and began to rain down hellfire on the royal family\'s warships.

Their mother battalion couldn\'t even attempt to help them out since it was being fired at from behind by red plasma canons.

The alliance\'s battalion crew were already informed that it had an anti-plasma shield equipped only on the front.

They took advantage of their ambush and targeted their engines, in hopes of voiding any hope they had to escape.

Since red plasma beams were powerful, they sure did significant damage to their main thrusters, blowing up at least four of them.

When the director saw this, he joined the party and used his two red plasma beams, hoping that their operation center was shaken enough to not activate their anti-plasma shield.

Unfortunately, commander Edward wasn\'t even fazed by any of this like he already anticipated everything.

He turned on the anti-plasma shield in time and blocked the red plasma beams successfully.

Still, this was merely a tiny victory that helped with nothing.

The alliance forces had them surrounded, their warships were collapsing rapidly, and what\'s of all, more fleets were emerging from the wormhole and joining this witch hunt.

Director, anyone on the scanner Zosia inquired abruptly.

Huh No, besides our forces, no one has entered the scanned area. The director answered swiftly after seeing her serious expression.

Keep me updated.


The director returned to leading his troops with a hidden thrilled look.

He was already imagining himself standing on a big stage and handed a medal of valor for his achievement.

Who knows, he might even get promoted into being the director of one of the major defensive stations in the core territory of the alliance.

While he was in his dreamland, Zosia was speaking telepathically with Maganda Chief and the rest.

\'It\'s getting bad for them and the hidden reinforcement has still not shown up.\' Raka spoke nervously, \'Do you think Zosia\'s prediction is false\'

\'I doubt it.\' Maganda Chief defended Zosia, \'If no one is coming to rescue them, then they should have already attempted to escape before the reinforcement got here.\'

\'Yes, it was weird to keep fighting us when they knew that the reinforcement will arrive in less than a few hours.\'

\'They must be relying on something to protect them.\' Berry added, \'Nothing make sense besides the hidden forces coming to the rescue.\'

That\'s what Zosia thought as well.

There was no way the emperor would sacrifice thousands of his troops by leaving them here stranded.

It wasn\'t because he couldn\'t handle the guilt.

Instead, if he did so, the rest of his troops would be unwilling to remain loyal to the cause.

Sure, they signed a contract, and they were unable to defy direct orders, but what about the future generations

No one would dare to sign up to be a soldier for the royal family when they see that they were being treated as slaves or toys.

They could pin hitting their warships with red plasma beams on commander Edward and escape some heat.

However, they could never do the same if they willingly left thousands of soldiers to die unnecessary deaths.

Presently, the Mariana empire true citizens were already protesting in the stream chatroom as they watched the harrowing situation.

[Are they stupid Why did they remain for so long without backup plan]

[Curse the royal family! Soldiers are dying meaningless deaths!]

[They can only surrender and be captured.

The alliance will not brutally execute them when they can negotiate for a sweet deal.]

Everyone recognized that the only solution left was surrendering peacefully.

The Queen would be the middleman between the two sides and help them process the capture without any issues.

Unfortunately, an hour went by and the royal family supernova fleet was still struggling.

Their warships numbers had already diminished tremendously.

Meanwhile, the mother battalion looked quite shabby as it had suffered big damages over the past hour.

No matter how tough its alloy, it still couldn\'t handle being showered with hundreds of orange plasma beams simultaneously for a long period of time.

Everything was going smoothly for the alliance and everyone had already started tweeting about their victory online.

The only ones who weren\'t celebrating were the five heads of the alliance.

How could they be happy when an hour went by and the hidden forces had yet to show up

At this point, Zosia really wanted them to appear and attempt to save their people even if it meant the death of her troops.

In her eyes, this was a hundred times better than not knowing the true destination of the hidden forces.

At least, if they showed up here, she had counter-measures prepared for them…But if they appeared elsewhere She truly dreaded the thought.

Meanwhile, in the throne chamber inside the royal palace of the royal family...

Are we ready Emperor Rawal asked composedly while watching the live stream of the massacre.

He didn\'t seem bothered or slightly saddened that his people were getting killed left and right in front of the whole universe.

In fact, he felt a bit humiliated by the sight.

Everything is set.

We are just waiting for your approval. Great commander Hade replied.

Let\'s start the real war then. Emperor Rawal joked causally, We have given that kiddo a trial run lest she cries that I bullied her. 

The great commander Hade nodded his head in confirmation and then gave a signal to all of his generals that were participating in their plan.

Should we go there in person

Why not

In a few moments, both of them appeared as holographic manifestation in front of large transparent window that was showing a medium-sized spherical wormhole.

It was big enough to allow the entry of hundreds of warships at once.

Yet, there was still a long queue in front of it.

\'How about the other fleets\' Emperor Rawal asked telepathically, \'Is this the last one\'

\'Yes.\' Commander Hade said, \'They have invaded our targeted regions successfully in the past few days.\'

\'Good, with everyone having their eyes focused on the Toppoki region, they won\'t see us coming.\' Emperor Rawal smiled.

Great Commander Hade eyed the emperor with a tint of worry and asked, \'Is it worth it, though We will be found out eventually and sanctioned heavy penalties by the SGAlliance.

Not to mention, our relationship with the Space Worm Race will hit rock bottom.\'

\'Firstly, I doubt they will find solid evidence to convict us.

We have been planning strategy for years now, and I have taken everything into consideration.\' Emperor Rawal spoke calmly, \'Even dealing with the penalties and the Space Worm Race.\'

\'Just command the army properly in our invasion and let me deal with the rest.\'

\'I won\'t let you down.\' Commander Hade saluted respectfully and stopped mentioning this matter again.


In a short while, the last warship had crossed over to the other side of the wormhole and joined the rest of the fleet.

It was a big one.

More than five hundred warships of all types and shapes and one battalion in the helm to lead them.

This battalion was a must since it was more of a portable station.

It deals with the linguistics needed for the war, making it the heart of each fleet.

\'Let\'s get moving, our bait can\'t buy us more time.\' Emperor Rawal ordered.

Without further ado, Commander Hade relayed the emperor\'s order to every fleet participating in this invasion.

There were ten other supernova fleets all positioned in a different region!

The moment they received the order, they travelled at the speed of light towards the nearest major planet in that said region!

All ten regions belonged to the weakest members of the federation alliance and also the nearest ones to the royal family\'s territory.

In fact, they could be considered as the borders between the two territories.

This meant, their wormholes were protected heavily by the alliance.

Yet, the royal family\'s fleets didn\'t even use them to infiltrate those regions!

What they used would make anyone admire their guts besides the federation alliance\'s members and The Space Worm Race.

Naturally, the abrupt disappearance of such large portion of the royal family army hadn\'t gone unnoticed by the federation alliance watchers.

They immediately reported the news to their superiors, and they forwarded it to Zosia.

When she saw that more than four thousand warships had gone missing simultaneously, her heart almost stopped beating.

She had a horrible feeling that something bad was going to happen.

She knew that it was impossible for their troops to breach any region without going through an intense fight or getting spotted beforehand.

She had that much confidence in her preparation.

Yet, the horrible feeling refused to go away.

\'What the hell is he up to!!\'

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