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When he went through his emails, he had noticed that many presidents had contacted him and kept using different methods to make him request help from the anti-royality alliance.

Some had begged him, some had requested politely, some had simply informed him.

Hell, there were even a few daring ones, who blamed him about this with masked words.

Naturally, they emailed him with anonymous identities, so he wouldn\'t take it against them.

Unfortunately, Felix didn\'t need their names as he was planning to give all of them what they asked for.

They wanted him to return and fix this problem

What\'s the point of having all of them then if they couldn\'t come up with something to defend Earth while he was gone

The first thing that Felix did was contact Mr.


After the call was picked up, Felix immediately ordered, Hold a meeting in thirty minutes.

I will be there soon.

Then, he hung up.


Rodrigas\'s excitement died before it began as he had realized that Felix was immensely displeased.

He didn\'t know if he was displeased at him or at the entire World Council.

Whatever it was, he knew that the next meeting wasn\'t going to be a pleasant one for any of them.


Half an hour later...

Why are we here, Mr.


Didn\'t we hold a meeting just in the morning.

Is there some kind of update on the upcoming war

In the World Council, the presidents started to wonder for the reason of their summon.

Since it was already past midnight, most of them were forced to wake up.

So, even though their wording seemed polite, Mr.

Rodrigas could see the annoyance in their eyes.

You will see soon. Mr.

Rodrigas answered while standing behind the podium.

If it wasn\'t for the podium, everyone would have seen that his knee was shaking a little, expressing his intense nervousness about this meeting.

He had already stopped seeing Felix as a junior but a fearsome individual that ought to be respected and revered.


Rodrigas was just a commoner while Felix was considered as an Origin Bloodliner.

Those two terms should never be treated as equal.

After waiting a couple of minutes for nothing, some presidents started to lose their patience while others began to express their dissatisfaction.

However, before they could raise their voice at Mr.

Rodrigas, a flash of light emerged in the center of the hall, forcing everyone to lay their eyes on it.

The instant they saw that it was Felix with his known half white half black hairstyle and triangle-shaped white pupil, they swallowed those words back instantly.

With indifferent eyes, Felix looked around him and saw how some presidents\' faces started to change in slow motion from being irritated into delighted looks.

It was a surreal scene to see a politician remarkable ability of face swapping in slow motion.

They truly captured the art of acting, it would put real actors to shame.

\'Everyone is corrupted...Besides, Mr.


When it came to commoners, Felix was able to sense even their mood and switch in emotion.

He was that far ahead, he could do whatever he wanted with commoners.

Even manipulate them with his spiritual pressure like puppets.

\'Time to tidy the planet a bit.\' Felix closed his eyes and opened them again.

The moment he did so, he started seeing everything at normal speed after slowing down his own processing power to match with them.

That\'s how Lady Sphinx, Thor, Jörmungandr, and Asna were dealing with him.

If they didn\'t slow it down, everything that Felix says or does would appear to them in slow motion since they were able to process information at a hundred times the normal speed.

Junior Felix!! Welcome back!

Haha! Our hero has finally returned!

You should have given us a heads-up, so we could make a welcoming party!

One by one, the presidents all jumped from their seats and started applauding with clear excitement written on their faces.

No one acted disrespectfully or dared to think about it in his presence.

In fact, some of them were sweating a little from their foreheads, but their expressions were as glowy as a lightbulb.

\'One of them actually called you Junior Felix.\'

Asna giggled in amusement, feeling like she was watching a bunch of ants still having thoughts of controlling a lion.

If not else, he should have been addressed in a formal manner by being called Mister or Sir Felix.

While the presidents kept applauding while praising Felix to the sky, Mr.

Rodrigas remained as silent as a mouse and kept watching Felix\'s face turn darker and darker.

\'F*cking imbeciles! You are just pissing him off even more!\' Mr.

Rodrigas wanted nothing more but to bush those presidents\' fake faces.

He was honestly scared that one of them might say the wrong thing and end up screwing with them all.

Thankfully, the presidents had enough common sense to talk dirty behind Felix\'s back and act as polite as possible in front of him...Except that retard that called him a junior.

Enough. Felix snapped his finger and everyone\'s mouth and hands were forcefully stopped.

\'The hell!\'

\'Why can\'t I move!\'

\'AHHhh!!! My fingers!!\'

Horrified, the presidents could only exclaim in their minds without having a single ability to move an inch.

One of them started to cry painfully in his mind while staring at his twisted right-hand fingers.

Sit. Felix lowered his hand calmly and all the presidents sat down simultaneously.

Only Mr.

Rodrigas remained standing since he wasn\'t affected by Felix\'s spiritual pressure.

Although they were in the UVR, Felix was still capable of using spiritual pressure since the owner of this room didn\'t make the Queen ban it.

How could he do so when he didn\'t even known about it

Spiritual Pressure was a term that even most six stage bloodliners had no idea about.

Don\'t even mention commoners.

I don\'t have much time to spend, so I will be brief. Felix looked at them indifferently and ordered, In the next few months before the war begins, you will peacefully hand over your countries to the association.

You will be no longer be presidents with authority on matters related to Earth.

I know that you have earned a sizable chunk from tourism.

I suggest that you take your coins and spend your retirement days as far as possible from power. Felix increased his spiritual pressure just a little as he warned coldly, Otherwise, I will hunt you to the ends of the universe.

The presidents had no idea how to react to his insane demands.

They could only stare at him with widened eyes, not able to speak or make a gesture.

They were just sleeping soundly in their king-sized beds with only a single worry in their minds.

How to defend Earth, so their self-interest wouldn\'t be harmed.


They were being told to give up on them and simply f*ck off with their little amount of coins

They would rather start a nuclear war than do so!

Felix could see the boiling rage in their eyes, knowing exactly what they were thinking.

You can try and do something stupid. Felix sneered, Do you think my organization had no one planted in Earth to supervise you

The moment they heard so, the presidents started to sweat from their foreheads, knowing that their lives would be over if the phantom organization wanted them dead.

They might be presidents but in the great scheme of things, they were as worthless as dust.

The phantom organization had already established their intimidation due to Felix, making everyone who heard that they were targeted by them to fear for their lives.

Upon seeing that all of them started to realize the situation they were in and that their bargaining chips weren\'t really that useful, Felix turned around and addressed Mr.

Rodrigas, You will draft a new contract that everyone here will be required to sign.

Of cour..se, of course. Mr.

Rodrigas snapped out of his daze and asked a bit fearfully, What do you want me to put in it

Felix before him was totally different from the junior that he was familiar with.

He was emitting a pressure that forced Mr.

Rodrigas to be as respectful as possible as he was standing before a king.

This was due to the activation of spiritual pressure.

Even though it wasn\'t used on him, he could still sense its pressure.

First, This planet will be registered as my property. Felix declared nonchalantly.



\'Motherf*cker! The moment he got strong, he wanted the entire planet for himself!\'

The presidents all snapped at once and started cursing in their minds with veins popping in their foreheads.

They could understand a little that Felix wanted them to give away their authority, so the planet could be united under one force.

But, to register the planet as his property That would be the same as owning everything on it legally!

Unfortunately for them, Felix always planned on turning Earth into his own property from the very beginning.

He wasn\'t cultivating it and caring for it without a reason.

He knew that owning a planet would play a huge role later on if everything went according to his plan.

Now, that a war was on the horizon, he could never entrust the safety of his planet on their hands....

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