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Who could blame him for reacting like this

The notion that the royal family knew about their secret alliance and planning for over two centuries was enough to chill anyone.

Two long damn centuries!

How much did they prepare Why did they take so long to come for them What else did they know about their plan to take them down

So many unanswered bone-chilling questions...

What\'s worse, were there still other sleeper agents within their ranks

It\'s alright old William.

It could have happened to any of us. High Chieftain comforted Gabriel\'s grandfather.

He wasn\'t doing so because he was afraid to scold him or such.

He truly believed that he was unlucky to pick up a wife that was a sleeper agent.

The odds of doing so were way too slim.

It was even harder than finding a needle in a haystack.

That\'s because the royal family must have absolutely zero connection with the sleeper agent after sending her in the open at a young age.

Any kind of connection would have high chance of getting her compromised if she ever reached her target. 

After all, Old William would have done everything to investigate her.

From her roots to the moment he decided to marry her and get her within his inner trusted circle.

All of her actions needed to be fueled by her own desire and goals instead of the mission that she had no idea about.

Hell, even the anti-royality alliance had thousands of sleeper agents spread out in all backgrounds, hoping that one of them might infiltrate the inner circles of their rivals.

Unfortunately, all of them had strayed to different paths in life, turning them into useless assets that weren\'t required to be awakened.

So, it all depended on luck to get some positive results from those sleeper agents.

The Royal Family was extremely lucky to have one of their sleeper agent reach so far in her journey and bring with her an enormous amount of useful Intel.

The first thing we will do is double check all of our people again. Zosia\'s uncle disclosed composedly, It\'s highly unlikely that we have another sleeper agent in our inner circle, but we can\'t be too careful.


Will make sure it goes smoothly.

Maganda Chief and the rest approved of his suggestion and sent out orders immediately to begin the process of filtration.

Based on the rest of the documentations, it\'s fair to assume that what they have on us is two hundreds years old. Kara mentioned, It\'s a small win for us since we have enhanced our efforts in the latest years.

In other words, information that royal family possessed was too old to be used against them.

In the previous years, there were drastic changes to the armies structure, recruitment, changing pivotal assets from a planet to another, acquiring new classified weapons...etc

The only real downside of the information leak was exposing their planning and giving a lot of time for the royal family to prepare against them.

Honestly, that was more than enough to scare the ** off Gabriel, Maganda Chief, and the others.

Now that the declaration has been approved, it is up to us whether to agree or not. Zosia said, We have merely a month to decide.

Obviously, we can only reject it. Berry shook his head, It\'s impossible for us to deal with royal family with our current preparation even if they didn\'t know about our alliance.

Besides the elders, the others nodded their heads in agreement.

If they were confident to deal with the royal family, they would have already declared war on them instead of continuing to add more strong allies on their side.

Plus, they still hadn\'t received the first batch of mythical bloodline bottles from the Phantom Organization.

They were relying on them to counter the royal family strong descendants.

They had many of them due to the number of young Origin Bloodliners in their rank.

The royal family was still a monarchy capable of affording to recruit Origin Bloodliners within their ranks unlike the anti-royality alliance.

No Origin Bloodliner would be dumb enough to join them when he could go to the Bardot Empire and join the Council or the Norfolk royal family.

In fact, it was much better to start his own kingdom than join the anti-royality alliance.

Because the five elders of the anti-royality alliance were way too old to be having descendants anymore made it impossible to keep up with the royal family.

The current ruling generation of Maganda Chief, Zosia, Gabriel, Berry, and Raka all possessed weak bloodline purity, forcing them into following the integration system.

Zosia made it into the Origin Realm, which was a win to the anti-royality alliance, but the other four were still struggling to toughen their mental state and take the leap like her.

Based on the Origin Bloodliners age, Zosia was young enough to have strong and capable descendants.

Unfortunately, she wanted to make them with an Origin Bloodliner as well, so her children would have the highest possible bloodline purity.

Since no Origin Bloodline was willing to join them, she still had no descendants.

I don\'t care if our preparations are not enough or that we have been exposed. High Chieftain tightened his fists under the table as he stressed, We are accepting the declaration of war.

Elder, we can\'t!

We are simply handing over our territories!

Zosia and Maganda Chief shouted at the same time, not pleased one bit the elder\'s outrageous decision.

Gabriel, Berry, and Kara shared the same emotion as them, feeling like the High Chieftain had lost his mind. 

Silence! Zosia\'s uncle glanced at High Chieftain and supported, He is right.

It is now or never.

If we rejected the declaration, we will be required to offer compensations based on their evidence provided.

Since we have been caught red-handed scheming against the royal family, the SGAlliance will rip apart a massive chunk of our territories and hand it over.

Kara\'s elder, who remained silent throughout the entire conversation finally chipped in his own take on the matter.

Zosia and the others knew that the territories given wouldn\'t be just an empty space or deserted planets.

Instead, they would be hand-picked by the royal family!

This meant, they would aim for advanced territories where populations were at their highest or important solar systems that were rich with high quality resources.

The only territory that was safe was the capital territory...The main hub of each kingdom.

If they gave such massive compensations, it would be nigh impossible to return to their glory days and prepare for another war against them.

What\'s worse, since their bad intentions were known, the royal family would double down against them, making sure that they would never harbor another thought of going to war with them.

Most importantly, we will have the right to declare war on them only after five hundred years. High Chieftain sighed as he rubbed his eyebrows, We will be dead by then except for Snowpiercer.

I doubt I can last even three more decades. Old William chuckled softly.

The atmosphere had gotten somewhat depressed after mentioning the elders\' age.

Besides Zosia\'s uncle, Snowpiercer, the four of them were hanging by a thread that could snap at any moment.

They had already exhausted all the available methods to prolong their lives.

At this point, they could only slow down the aging process by hibernating inside a special medical liquid.

Five hundreds from now

All of them would be dead, leaving the anti-royality alliance with only two Origin Bloodliners to carry on their cause.

What\'s worse, their armies, territories, and resources would be almost halved by the royal family.

On the other hand, the Norfolks would either remain as strong as before or get stronger after absorbing their resources and territories.

So, High Chieftain was right...It was now or never.

Maganda Chief wanted to boast and claim that he would succeed in breaking through the Origin Realm sooner or later, but he kept those thoughts to himself.

He knew that even if he broke through, he wouldn\'t be as strong as most of the royal family Origin Bloodliners due to their extensive experience.

Even if it wasn\'t for so, they would still be just three Origin Bloodliners.

If that was enough to overthrow the Norfolk royal family, they would have been gutted thousands of years ago.

Ah...We are really screwed.

Downhearted, Berry relaxed his shoulders as he leaned on his chair, appearing to be giving up on the cause.

Imbecile! Fix your damn posture before I break your neck. His elder didn\'t take too kindly on his behavior.

It\'s not the time to be giving up. High Chieftain narrowed his eyes as he said, Since we have been declared on, we have the option to choose the war\'s format.

Don\'t tell me you are thinking of choosing the Ruleless Format. Snowpiercer raised an eyebrow in surprise after picking up what High Chieftain implied.

Why not High Chieftain sneered, With our lack of preparation, we will be just having our asses handed to us in the Ruled Format.

At least, in the Ruleless format, there will be many variables that may turn the tables around....

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