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The moment he finished, he was met with a deafening silence inside the Royal Tree\'s root...This silence lasted for a full ten seconds, before the gate was opened up a little.

Maganda Chief pushed the gate fully and stepped inside.

What he found was a small cozy room that had only one object.

A silver shimmering medicine pod that was filled with a green liquid.

Within the liquid a scrawny and bony old man was floating peacefully.

He had thin wings that were completely ripped of their feathers.

Anyone seeing his appearance would not be able to guess that he was a Origin Bloodliner and the true Chief of the Maganda Tribe.

\'Here I was thinking that you finally have brought some good news related to the Organization.\'

Without opening his eyes or moving an inch, High Chieftain spoke telepathically with the Chief.

He didn\'t rely on Queen AI but delivered his voice straight into the Chief mind, making him pick up a tint of dissatisfaction in his tone.

High Chieftain, I hope you forgive me. Maganda Chief didn\'t dilly-dally for too long as he confessed right away, The royal family has just declared war on our alliance out of the blue...

\'They did what\' High Chieftain\'s eyes were snapped wide open at the sound of that.

He expected many things to go wrong but to hear that the royal family had declared war on them He couldn\'t believe it because he knew that the repercussions were too serious.

It happened half an hour ago. Maganda Chief sighed, We all received the declaration personally by the Queen, so it\'s the real de...

How did this happen High Chieftain interrupted him, wanting to know who\'s responsible for the leaks.

We don\'t know who exposed us...But, we have suspicion that it was the Phantom Organization. Maganda Chief switched the blame immediately, hoping to minimize the punishment as much as possible.

\'Phantom Organization\' High Chieftain narrowed his eyes dangerously, \'How confident are you\'

Not much. Maganda Chief added, I am waiting for all of us to gather, so we can stab the declaration of war at SGAlliance administration branch.

Maganda Chief knew that the royal family wouldn\'t declare a war on them just for giggles.

So, while others thought that royal family didn\'t have a solid evidence for actively declaring a war, he believed that they had more than enough.

They would be required to hand over that evidence for their declaration to be approved.

The anti-royality alliance would have the right to look at it as well.

In other words, the royal family would most likely expose their source of Intel for extra credibility.

Only then could the anti-royality alliance make sure if the Phantom Organization played a role in this or not.

High Chieftain understood what he meant immediately. 

\'Set up a meeting in half an hour.\' High Chieftain ordered while closing his eyes again.

On it. Maganda Chief bowed slightly and retreated, knowing that it was his cue to piss off.

However, before he could step outside the room, High Chieftain asked calmly, \'Did you forget something\'

Maganda Chief bit his lips tightly as he transformed his right arm into a sharp crystallized blade.


Then, he cleaved his other arm in one swift motion! The arm dropped into the ground while blood began gushing out like a flood out his shoulder.

Maganda Chief got down on his knees and picked up his arm without letting out a single wince.

Then, he bowed again at the High Chieftain and walked away.

He knew that he was lucky that the High Chieftain didn\'t want to waste his time on him when he had to deal with such a massive problem.

Otherwise, his punishment would be far more brutal than just cleaving one arm...


Meanwhile, Gabriel, Zosia, Berry, and Raka had all relayed the information to their elders.

Each one dealt with it differently.

For Zosia, she simply received a disappointed look from her uncle.

As for the three boys They received a physical beating like no other.

Although all of them blamed the Phantom Organization, their elders still punished them since all of this happened during their leadership.

It didn\'t matter if they were at fault or not.

As leaders, they needed to take responsibility for such an f*ck up.


Half an hour later...

Maganda Chief and the rest of the anti-royality alliance could be seen sitting silently at a round table.

They didn\'t dare to speak since their elders had joined this meeting with them.

Besides Zosia\'s uncle, who appeared youthful with his snow-white beard and well toned body, the other four elders all looked like a bunch of sticks.

They had wrinkles all over their bodies while their scalps were fully bald and had colored brown patches on them.

Anyone who see them would believe that they were walking corpses...Especially Gabriel\'s elder.

He was barely capable of lifting his head up.

Still, all five of them exuded a natural authoritative pressure that made it hard for the other five to disrespect them.

Who will do the honor and contact the SGAlliance administration Zosia\'s uncle asked with a gruff voice.

Although it had been a long time since they saw each other, none of them wanted to waste their precious time on useless chitchatting.

Allow me. Zosia volunteered.

She quickly dialed the number of the administration president and waited a few seconds.


There is no need to make a plea.

The declaration of war has been approved by committee. The president answered her before she could even greet him.

Just as she wanted to speak out, the call got disconnected...

They sure are quick. Gabriel sneered as he glanced at his email inbox.

The moment the president hung up, all five of them received an email from him.

It had the documentations that were given by the royal family to the administration.

None of them thought that the administration would keep information from them to support the royal family.

They knew that SGAlliance administrations were all neutral and would always be.

Instead of reading the documents alone, Zosia opened the email and enlarged the hologram.

Then, she pushed it to the center of the table.

The moment she started reading the supposed evidence of their hidden scheme, she couldn\'t help but glance at Gabriel\'s grandfather with widened eyes.

Her shocked reaction was shared by Maganda Chief and the rest.

All of them eyed Gabriel\'s grandfather, who was the oldest elder of them all.

When he sensed their looks, Gabriel\'s grandfather opened his dried up eyes slowly and glanced at the documentations.

After reading the first segment of the evidence, he let out a long exhale in disappointment.

It seems like my 15th dead wife has been the mole...Ah, she was my favorite too...Forgive me, age truly made me lose my edge. Gabriel\'s grandfather apologized with a husky soft tone as he closed his eyes again.

The first segment showed how his 15th dead wife was a sleeper agent that had been cultivated from birth by the royal family!

At age of eight, she was sent in the open with a mission to infiltrate the Sanctum Federation.

However, she had no idea about the mission or the fact that she was a sleeper agent, making it impossible for the Queen to think that she was a spy.

After all, how could the Queen AI figure it out when even the wife had no idea that she was a sleeper agent

Sleeper agents were truly terrifying individuals since they were brainwashed from birth to be loyal to a single background.

So even if they were sent in the open with a new set of memories, the moment they get awakened, they would remember their mission and try to fulfil it at all cost!

In this case, the 15th wife had probably signed a contract with the anti-royality alliance to keep whatever she heard to herself.

For the most case, she did exactly so without any intention to betray them. 

However, based on the documents given, she had been awakened inside a pocket dimension that wasn\'t connected with Queen AI.

She went to that pocket dimension for a mission that was imposed by her husband.

After all, she was a strong, intelligent and a beautiful 6th stage bloodliner.

That\'s why Gabriel\'s grandfather married her in the first place.

Unbeknownst to him, the news about the pocket dimension was leaked by the royal family themselves!

It was a bait to isolate his wife and her crew inside the pocket dimension.

Then, awaken her and retrieve all the Intel she gathered on the anti-royality alliance before killing her thoroughly.

As long as she died in the pocket dimension without a leaving a trace behind, it was impossible to figure out what happened in there.

If it wasn\'t for her being a sleeper agent, she would have committed suicide the moment she realized that it was a trap.

That\'s because only those believing in the cause and were completely trusted by the anti-royality alliance get informed of their plan.

So when ** hit the fan, they wouldn\'t hesitate to off themselves to keep the Intel secure.

Two hundred years...This happened two hundred years ago.. Gabriel covered his despaired face as he murmured, We are so f*cking screwed.

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