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After three days of nonstop journeying and hunting a pack or two on the way, Felix finally returned to the Void Base.

He kept his helmet on and made sure that the glass wouldn\'t be seen through, so he would avoid getting spotted.

He had seen the chaos that he started in the network with his score and knew that a lot of people had their eyes on him.


The moment Felix stepped foot inside the lobby, he could feel that the atmosphere was extremely tense unlike the first time arrived.

The mercenaries and soldiers kept glaring at each other whenever they had eye contact.

They already hated each other guts and this conflict just further intensified that hatred.

Even though most soldiers hated their Commander and wanted him replaced, they felt that the guild attacking him was the same as attacking them whole.

So, they could never be friendly with each other.

\'Good thing I am leaving.\' Felix knitted his eyebrows as he walked to the elevators.

He felt like a war could start between those two with a simple spark.

He had no intentions to remain here and be part of it.

Unfortunately, the guild wasn\'t planning on letting him walk away freely after causing all this mess on his own.

Sir Lance! Sir Lance! Wait for me!

Out of nowhere, Fay shouted cutely while chasing after Felix.

Wolverine and their crew were following right behind her.

Sir Lance!

Is it him!

Why is he wearing a helm...Was he trying to sneak by! It must be him!

The silent crowd of mercenaries and soldiers all switched their focus from each other into Felix.

When Felix noticed this, he couldn\'t help but curse under his breath, What an annoying b*tch.

Sir Lance! I just want to congratulate you on your amazing harvest. Fay bowed her head respectfully at Felix in the middle of the lobby.


Wolverine and the rest of their squad played along with Fay.

They had been ordered by The Fang to make sure that Felix either answer their inquires or walk away after doing so.

Unfortunately for them, Felix didn\'t even give them enough time to ask him as the moment the elevator opened up, he turned around and entered it. 

\'You are not running away from me!\'

Upon seeing so, Fay walked with quickened steps towards the elevator, wanting to stop him from leaving.

Meanwhile, the mercenaries and soldiers glanced at each other for a split second before dashing towards the elevator, hoping to ride along with Felix.

They knew that he was strong, but they didn\'t really worry about him harming them since he was bound by the rules just like everyone else.

If it wasn\'t for so, Fay wouldn\'t be so bold after experiencing his monstrous strength.

Too bad, it seemed like everyone had forgotten about what happened near the mercenary store, when Felix was bothered by a Hulky...

What a drag. Felix removed his helmet and stared at them indifferently.

The moment they looked into his violet frigid triangle-like eyes, their bodies all stiffened up like an invisible hand had just grasped them tightly.

Thud Thud Thud!...

Some of them lost their balance and fell into the ground while others remained static in a weird posture.

Whatever it is, no one was moving or talking.

Even Fay and Wolverine, the supposedly descendants of an Origin Bloodliner were met with the same fate...

The only difference was their ability to move their fingers and lips unlike the others...

\'It can\'t be! Even father has difficulty casting his spiritual level upon us!\' Horrified and shocked, Fay exclaimed in her mind while staring at Felix\'s cold eyes.

She already knew that Felix could use a spiritual level since she watched a recording of what happened near the mercenary store.

Yet, she was never worried about it due to her previous experience with her father.

Now, she could only watch the elevator closes up on Felix without the ability to even speak.


The moment elevator door closed up, everyone was freed from Felix\'s spiritual pressure, leaving them gasping for air with sweaty foreheads.

Meanwhile, Felix wasn\'t having it easy as he felt like a sledgehammer was smashing his head.

\'Warned you.\' Jörmungandr said calmly, \'Spiritual pressure shouldn\'t be used against those closer to you in the social ladder.\'

\'Didn\'t think the backlash will be this harsh.\' Pained, Felix replied while messaging his temples.

He had been taught all about spiritual pressure by the tenants in his mind the moment he felt like he could freeze someone with a single look.

Spiritual Pressure wasn\'t a gift to be messed about.

Everyone was able to receive this gift as long as they could enhance their inherited potential to a defying level.

For example, the entire human race as a species was born with a defined potential that placed them in a specific placement in the social ladder in the universe.

Even if a prodigy was born and celebrated about to be the most gifted human in history, his defined potential was a tiny bit better than a commoner.

Only after breaking through Origin Realm would a human enhance his defined potential significantly.

That\'s because Origin Realm meant a new birth of another human species.

So, Origin Bloodliners were able to cast their spiritual pressure on other bloodliners and commoners.

On the other hand, we have beings like Nimo, whose spiritual pressure was on a completely different level than almost everyone without even hatching from his egg.

His strength might not be noteworthy, but his defined potential was just too extraordinary.

He had inherited capabilities to reach the top from birth unlike Felix who had the \'potential\' to gain those capabilities in his journey and reach the top as well.

Every time Felix improved himself by either integrating with a primogenitor bloodliner, getting a second perfect manipulation, merging with a Devourer heart...etc.

He was in fact enhancing both of his strength and his defined potential!

Just like that, he slowly climbs up the social ladder of the universe and increase his spiritual pressure, making him able to cast it on those below him.

This might seem simple and easy but remember the extraordinary things that Felix had to do to achieve so.

No other person of any race was capable of doing so, making it impossible for them to change their fate.

As long as Felix kept taking advantage of those heavenly defying opportunities, his defined potential would keep increasing until he would be able to cast his spiritual pressure on Origin Bloodliners and other powerful entities!


After the elevator opened up, Felix stopped massaging his temples and walked towards the mercenary store.

Just like the first time, there was a long queue in front of it.

This time, Felix didn\'t even bother to line up with them as he kept walking in direction of the store\'s desk.

Before the mercenaries could open their mouths and curse him for skipping over the queue, they found themselves unable to open their lips or move an inch.

Felix might struggle to cast his spiritual pressure on Fay and Wolverine but for the rest

He wasn\'t affected negatively in the slightest.

Hello, give me everything on this list. Felix forwarded a small holographic list that was packed with a large quantity of items.

Welco..me back Sir Lance. The clerk stuttered with a sweaty forehead as he bowed slightly.

How could he not recognize Felix when the mercenaries were all frozen yet again just like a month ago

\'It\'s him!\'

\'No wonder no one can move! Only he is capable of doing so!\'

The moment the mercenaries heard him mention that name, they all stopped cursing him in their minds and began thinking of ways to get chummy with him.

All of them had seen his gathered void points.

No matter how much they talked ** to him in the network to expose his method, they were desperately hoping to join his squad.

Right away!

Knowing that Felix was quite in impatient man, he didn\'t dare to chitchat with him and focused on the holographic list.

A second later, his eyes widened in disbelief after seeing the crazy quantity requested.

\'Fifty kilogram of Life Negator The hell Is he planning to rob the place clean\' The store clerk glanced at Felix\'s eyes and saw that he was dead serious.

When he recalled that Felix possessed more than two million void points, the clerk didn\'t dare to ask if he could afford the price.

He quickly requested the Queen to calculate the final sum and listened to her response.

Sir Lance, this will cost you 1.2 million void points more or less.

The store clerk coughed and showed him the calculation done by the Queen, so he wouldn\'t fault him.

Okay. Felix paid the amount at once and gestured for the clerk to get him his stuff quickly.

After the clerk went to the back of the store, Felix turned around and looked at the elevators, hoping that those two annoying brats would be scared of him after experiencing his spiritual pressure.

If it was up to him, he would have slapped them unconscious ages ago.

Alas, the contract he signed before entering the planet forced him to act chummy with everyone.


\'Sigh, never once wanted to beat a girl so badly.\'

Felix rubbed his eyelids wearily after seeing Fay\'s pretty face emerge from the elevator.

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