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Wolverine knew that the army had been eying Felix just like them, but not in his wildest dream did he expect that their offer would be this stupid.

They asked nothing from Felix!

The moment he would sign the contract, he would be the same as a free agent getting paid without doing anything.

He wouldn\'t need to obey the Generals or the Commander.

He would be assigned with the honorary title \'Army Consultant\' that would allow him to do as he pleased in the army.

In addition, he wouldn\'t need to be restricted in the planet he would be hunting in, like the way ranking system works in the guild.

If it wasn\'t for so, Felix would have taken black missions.

Unfortunately, even if a squad accepted a black mission, they wouldn\'t be authorized to head to the fallen planet.

Mercenaries had no business in them since their job was to clear out void cells not an entire infested planet with millions of void creatures.

So, they were hung there just for display.

Moreover, the contract didn\'t enforce Felix to show his methods of hunting the void creatures or explain his involvement with the suicide phenomena!

This term was the one that stunned Fay and Wolverine.

If Felix was given all of those benefits, they could match them as well after a quick call with their father.

However, that\'s only if Felix exposed his method.

What\'s the point of giving him all of those benefits without achieving their main aim

It was simply illogical!

When Felix first gotten the contract by an email coming from General Aztec, he also couldn\'t believe it.

He really thought that they were pulling his leg or hiding a loophole in the contract or something.

Yet, after reading the contract thoroughly in the past two hours, he realized that they were dead serious!

They really were willing to give him all of those benefits without anything in return.

The icing on the cake was the fact that he could break the contract anytime he desired without any penalties!

Last but not least, he wasn\'t required to breach his mercenary contract to sign it!

I don\'t know if they offered me this contract to spite you guys, show their utmost sincerity to befriend me, or some unknown reason. Felix said while dusting his pants from the sand.

He looked at them with a carefree smile and said one last time, Whatever it is, I have already signed it.

So, there is no point in me playing ball with you.

Felix would be a fool to miss out such a freebie.

He didn\'t know the real reason for such an offer and had his guards up.

Still, he accepted since he had nothing to lose.

He didn\'t need to even interact with the army after signing it.

If he sensed that something was wrong, he could break the contract any time he desired.

Wait, wait, wait! Fay jumped in front of driver\'s door and blocked Felix from entering his vehicle.

Please move while I am still being nice. Felix smiled faintly at her.

Fay would be lying if she said that she wasn\'t afraid.

Yet, she held her ground and spoke firmly, Please give me a minute to contact my father.

I believe he will give you an even better deal!

I doubt it. Felix laughed.

Felix knew that the army\'s deal could be given by only The Commander since the Generals didn\'t have the authority to give off such crazy benefits for free.

Meanwhile, the guild could never do the same since it was ruled by five assembly members.

The Fang didn\'t have the authority to write such a contract and approve it without consulting with his peers.

Felix knew that it would take days to months for those five to make a decision about whether to match the army\'s contract or not.

Why would he waste his time waiting for them to match the army\'s deal when he already had it in his hands

\'That damned lunatic Commander!\'

Fay knew this as well.

But still, she didn\'t want to fail her mission and come back empty-handed.

I am not moving until you give me something to bring back to my father. Fay spoke with reddened eyes, appearing like she was to cry.

\'This vixen.\' Wolverine\'s eyelids twitched at the sight of his sister\'s pitiful look.

Unfortunately for her, Felix was already immune to those looks due to the other vixen in his mind.

So without hesitation, Felix placed his hand on her shoulder and picked her up like a doll.

Upon sensing his suppressed monstrous strength on his fingers, her fur got puffed up in fear instinctively.

Stay here and behave. Felix placed her next to Wolverine gently and entered his vehicle.

The moment Wolverine saw that he had turned on the engine, he pulled his stunned sister and jumped away, not wanting to get showered with sand.

Now what Wolverine asked while staring at Felix driving into the horizon.

He wanted to force Felix into confessing of his method but upon seeing the way he dealt with his sister, he knew that his ending wouldn\'t be pleasant.

Let\'s report everything to father. Fay exhaled a deep breath to control her emotions and said, We did our best.

It\'s not our fault that the commander has lost his mind.

Good luck. Wolverine jumped into the car, not wanting to get scolded with her.

Little **. Fay cursed his cowardliness and dialed her father.


You better have some good news. The Fang stated with a stern voice.

We were too late father.

The army had sent him a contract that is impossible to refuse.

He has already signed it and expressed his disinterest in having us be with him. Fay switched the blame to the assembly members in a subtle manner.

In other words, if they didn\'t dilly-dally in their discussion for two weeks, they might have had a chance to get some positive results from Felix.

Here it is.

Before The Fang could comment, Fay struck while the iron was hot and forwarded the army contract to him.

Immediately after The Fang read it, his first reaction was disbelief then it was switched into a burning fury in an instant!

Are they screwing with us intentionally! He yelled with a livid expression.

This was the only reasonable explanation for such illogical move by the army.

In The Fang\'s eyes, the contract made it clear that they didn\'t care about Felix more than they cared about pissing the guild\'s off.

Keep following him from afar.

We will take it from here. The Fang ordered his daughter and hung up.

Then, he contacted the assembly members and waited until they grouped up before relaying the news to them.

All of them were reacted the same as The Fang, treating the army\'s move as an act of aggression.

So, they all called Commander Samuel, wanting to hear an explanation for his move.

Unfortunately, Commander Samuel had blocked off all sources of communications and went to sleep, hoping that he would meet with Mistress Candace and inform her of the good news.

He was that desperate to get his daily dose...

How disrespectful! Does he think so little of us We are Origin Bloodliners as well, god-damn it! Winfried\'s playful persona was no more as he raged with his Mohawk hair set on green flames.

The others didn\'t take the unresponsiveness of Commander Samuel calmly as well.

He was blatantly disrespecting the guild and all of its members.

This wasn\'t the first time he ignored their calls since his decisions during the war were always questionable, making them contact him in hopes to change them.

We have been patient with that fat f*ck for hundreds of years.

But he is just pushing it now! The Fang growled.

His dictatorship is now affecting us more than ever. Hamaru said with a stern tone, If we remained silent, he might start to think that no one in the empire has the balls to stand up against him.

This shouldn\'t be happening at all since the Void Guild itself was just a branch that belonged to the SGAlliance.

That goes to all the branches in the universe.

This entailed that if someone attacked a Void Guild branch, it was the same as attacking the SGAlliance instead of the race managing it.

After all, the Void Guilds existence was to assist the armies in stopping the void invasions throughout the entire universe.

With each falling galaxy into the hands of the void invasion, tens of thousands of new void portals emerge, affecting the stability of the universe as a whole.

Although Commander Samuel didn\'t attack the branch, his recent actions in the previous years were starting to influence the guild negatively.

The assembly members were simply being patient and respectful to Commander Samuel, believing that he would get his ** together one day and lead them back to the right path.

It was to their own benefits to think like this since their territories were attached with the fall and rise of the empire.

But this

This was different.

This was a insolent act of disdain and contempt to guild\'s authority!

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