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While Commander Samuel was trying his best to hold his urges from erupting, Mistress Candace was lying on her stomach inside a random solider\'s dream.

The poor dude was having a wet dream without realizing that it was caused by Mistress Candace.

In front of Mistress Candace was a mirror that showed memories of Commander Samuel when he watched Felix\'s trials.

The moment Felix\'s face appeared up close, Mistress Candace paused the memory and placed her lean finger on Felix\'s exposed void eye.

Who are you... She murmured while caressing his void eye with her finger.

As she was doing so, her forehead started to split from the center until a pink pupiless eye emerged in it.

The moment she had seen Felix\'s void eye, she recognized it almost immediately since she possessed one too.

Unlike Felix, she was able to cross from the void realm and the matter universe quite easily by using it.

Right at this moment, her physical form was floating in the void realm while a wisp of her consciousness was the one residing inside the poor solider\'s dream.

That\'s how she was able to access the dreams of men during their sleep without alerting them.

How could they be alerted when her physical form was in another dimension

He should be one of my Lord\'s Imitators.

But, why is he hunting down those cuties Is he trying to climb up the human race ladder by getting many achievements Still, why is he doing it in my playground Mistress Candace titled her head in confusion, not able to understand his objectives.

She was certain that Felix was an Imitator since nothing else could explain his possession of a void eye and his utilization of void energy.

Unlike humans who couldn\'t see Felix inside void creatures, she was able to see his body\'s outline clearly by using her void eye.

This made her conclude that Felix was absorbing the void energy of those abominations.

Although she figured out as much, she couldn\'t comprehend his real aim.

After all, why absorb void energy from void creatures when he could simply enter the void realm and have an infinite amount

Adding this to the fact that he was fooling around in her own playground made her bewildered by his actions.

However, instead of reaching out to him and ask him personally, she decided to watch him from a  far to see his final objective.

She was quite curious about it because she knew that the Imitators were extremely hard to predict.

That\'s why she was pissed when she received Intel about the guild\'s movement from one of her sex slaves.

She didn\'t want anyone to ruin her fun.

Unbeknownst to her, this misunderstanding and her curiosity was going to cost her more than she could ever imagine... 


Two hours later...

Felix could be seen chilling above a scarlet sand dune while munching on a fruit salad.

He was staring at the two closest gigantic white moons, that were even bigger than Earth itself.

As he was eating and enjoying the view peacefully, Fay and Wolverine were observing him from a far by using binoculars.

Sis, he is not going to invite us. Wolverine complained while scratching his tail in annoyance.

For the past two hours, they had been doing nothing but following Felix up close.

Fay made sure to leave enough distance for Felix to spot them but not too close that they would be hindering his hunt.

She believed that when he sees them, he would invite them over to express their reason for following him or something.

Unfortunately, Felix had completely ignored their presence.

\'How long are you going to ignore them for\' Asna asked.

\'Until I finish my break.\' Felix replied while chewing.

He could ignore them much longer and continue his hunting, but he didn\'t want to have such a drag behind him.

So, the moment he finished eating his dinner, he turned around and made a gesture with his finger for them to get close.

Finally, what an arrogant prick. Wolverine murmured in irritation after they were given permission.

You better keep your mouth shut, or I will break it in front of him. Fay glared at him and drove her vehicle to Felix.

She might despise her father for his **ty treatment, but still, she had to conclude all of his missions perfectly if she wanted to stay in his good favor.

She didn\'t want to end up like her distant sisters and brothers who were left behind to manage their territory like some commoners.

In a few minutes, Fay and Wolverine stepped off their vehicle and walked towards Felix, not wanting to cause a scene by throwing off sand all over the place.

What do you want Felix asked indifferently the moment he sensed their presence behind his back.

\'Morning to you too, bastard.\' 

\'Arrogant asshole.\'

Both Fay and Wolverine didn\'t react pleasantly to his impoliteness.

Since they were descendants of an Origin Bloodliner and an assembly member, they were used to a respectful approach by everyone.

Still, they reeled in their pride and focused on the mission at hand.

Sir Lance, it\'s truly a pleasure to meet you at last. Fay spoke with an alluring smile, feeling quite confident that she would get a reaction off him.

That\'s because her beauty get enchanted immensely under the moonlight due to her bloodline.

Sure enough, her fluffy ears and two creamy white tails started to shine akin to crystals after the moonlight touched them.

Her crescent moon tattoo on her forehead also started to glimmer, making Felix glance at her face for a second.

Just as she wanted to force a blush, Felix praised, Cool tattoo.

Fay\'s charming smile stiffened in its place, not knowing how to reply to his absurd praise.

Here she was on her finest appearance she could muster.

Yet, the f*cker only praised her bloodline\'s symbol

\'This punk! He is doing it on purpose!\' Fay gritted her teeth while still smiling, making her expression seem a bit twisted.

So What do you want I still have a minute in my break. Felix reminded them while glancing at his bracelet\'s screen.

Seeing that he wasn\'t joking around, Fay stopped trying to appeal to him with her beauty and introduced herself and her brother.

I am Fay and this is Wolverine.

We are one of the main descendants of The Fang. Fay\'s tone rose a little as she added, I believe you have heard of him

Yes...40 seconds. Felix replied bluntly, not caring about the tint of pride in her tone.

Seeing that he was actually counting made Fay and Wolverine understand that he was being literal with the duration!

This forced her to dish out speaking about her father\'s achievements and his squad in her speech.

She immediately jumped into the mission given to her by the guild.

We have been sent by the assembly members to assist you in your hunt fully. Fay bowed her head slightly and added, We will be at your service and listen to all of your orders without anything in return.

We can even sign a contract if you don\'t believe us.

\'So, they have chosen this approach\'

Upon hearing so, Felix couldn\'t help but chuckle lightly.

By giving him those two, it would allow the guild to spy on Felix\'s method of hunting elites without creating a conflict between them.

If he refused their \'help\', it would be the same as not respecting the guild.

After all, they were already being polite by not bothering him for the past two weeks.

If Felix wasn\'t strong, they would have already sent someone to drag his ass back to the base without questions asked.

Unfortunately, Felix wasn\'t interested in entertaining their curiosity.

You can leave.

I don\'t want company. He rejected their offer calmly.

\'This arrogant bastard.

Who the hell does he think he is\' His response angered Wolverine the most.

The guild went an extra mile to avoid antagonizing him by sending him two strong descendants that would act as his subordinates.

Yet, he had the nerve to reject it

\'Stay calm!\' Fay chided Wolverine with a hidden glare and switched back to her lovable persona while creating a holographic contract.

She presented to Felix while requesting, Please reconsider Sir Lance.

Felix glanced at the highlighted terms of the contract and couldn\'t help laugh faintly.

\'Why is he laughing\'

Fay was weirded out by his reaction.

That\'s because the terms were literally all in his favor.

The only thing he needed to do was tell them the truth about his involvement with the suicide phenomena.

Is there something yo...

Before she could ask him if he wanted a term to be changed, Felix displayed a holographic contract in her face, that was titled \'Army Consultant\'.

After taking a quick glance at the terms, Fay\'s mouth went agape in disbelief.

How does this make sense She mumbled while reading the terms without a single blink.

What are you talking about Curious, Wolverine stuck his head and read a little as well.

After a short moment, he couldn\'t help but exclaim, Have they gone nuts!

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