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Come on now, don\'t get too excited. Mistress Candace lifted his chin with her lean finger and spoke coldly, Didn\'t I tell you to stop the guild\'s attempts from touching my new toy

I swear I tried my best! Commander Samuel yelled, But, my authority is starting to wane.

I can\'t order General Aztec to sabotage the guild\'s attempts lest he thinks I went cr...

Smack! Smack!

Before Commander Samuel could finish, Mistress Candace whipped him in the chest hard enough he started to bleed.

Huff Huff!

However, Commander Samuel seemed to feel pleasure from the pain as he kept breathing heavily through his nostrils.

I don\'t want to hear excuses from you. Mistress Candace narrowed her eyes dangerously and said, I don\'t care how you will be perceived.

If I ordered you to do something, you do it at all costs.

Am I understood

Yes! Yes! I won\'t disappoint you again! Please don\'t throw me away. Commander Samuel begged tearfully after seeing that she was getting too attached to Felix.

He felt intense amount of jealousy and hatred to Felix.

If it was up to him, he would have ordered the mobilization of the entire army to kill him.

Unfortunately, he was just a sex slave to Mistress Candace, making it impossible for him to defy her orders.

She wasn\'t any ordinary woman that could be defied or resisted against...That\'s because she was a Void Succubus!

One of the seven unique void creatures that were created by Paragon of Sins.

Her powers were based on the Sin of Lust, giving her the freedom to invade both men and women\'s dreams and turn them into her sex slaves after experiencing a new world of pleasure that no one could withstand.

She wasn\'t controlling them with mental abilities or such.

She simply gave them a small taste, and they fall on their own to the pleasure, making them unable to live anymore without it.

For Void Succubus who was claimed by Lady Sphinx to be more terrifying than symbiotes, her abilities to have people under her control by their own will was topnotch.

Since all of this was happening in a dream, the Queen AI could not see it, making it possible for Mistress Candace to order Commander Samuel like a dog without her knowing about it.

It has been over five hundreds years now since the first time the Commander was visited by Mistress Candace in his dream.

Due to his high mental defenses, he was much tougher to break through.

Still, after a few years of continuous \'visits\', he got hooked on her just like a drug addict tasting heroin for the first time...

For the past half century, everyone thought that he had lost his capabilities, making them lose a planet after another.

But in reality, he was simply following Mistress Candace orders to get rewarded by her...

He was no more than a puppet to be used by the void succubus for her own entertainment...

Make sure that the army stay away from my toy and bring me more information about him.

Don\'t mess up again, or you won\'t like the outcome of my punishment.

Before Commander Samuel could feel thrilled at the notion of being punished, Mistress Candace laughed sadistically, Trust me, It won\'t be a pleasurable one for you.

I won\'t! I won\'t fail you again!

Commander Samuel gulped fearfully at the sound of that, knowing that Mistress Candace could make him suffer just like she could make him feel good.

Although it was his dream, he had already lost control over it...Hell, he couldn\'t even wake up unless she gave him permission to do so.

The only control he had was not sleeping...But, if he didn\'t sleep, he wouldn\'t see her.

If he didn\'t see her, he wouldn\'t get his dose of her pleasure, making him enter a withdrawal.

He would do anything to avoid going through withdrawal again.

At this moment, he was already a slave to his own desire, making him ignore everything else...Even the neverending war and his responsibilities towards it.

You can leave now. Mistress Candace sat on a chair as she waved her hand at him.


Commander Samuel seemed reluctant to leave since she didn\'t give him his dose for the day.

Unfortunately, one glare by her made him understand that it wasn\'t happening today after his f*ck up.

So, he immediately woke up from his sleep while still having an erection.

Mira, wake up. He ordered coldly while shaking a beautiful naked woman who was sleeping next to him.

Upon hearing his frigid voice, Mira didn\'t dare to remain sleeping for even a second longer.

Without him telling her what to do, she started pleasuring him silently.

I feel nothing! How can you be this bad! Commander Samuel grabbed her head and smashed it against the bed\'s frame, resulting in her bleeding profusely.

Yet, Mira held in her voice and let him do as he pleased with her body...Either this or she ends up in a much worse state.

After all, he was the Commander and Emperor of the Guardian Empire.

Who could stand up against him

After a few minutes...Commander Samuel threw Mira into the ground after having his way with her.

While she was weeping silently on the ground, Commander Samuel kept punching his thighs that were twitching like crazy.

\'This is not it! This is not it! Only the mistress can satisfy me! Shit, **, **!\' Commander Samuel breathed ruggedly as he tried his best to hold his urges.

He had already tried hundreds of different methods to get rid of the urge.

Unfortunately, no matter what he did, the urge remained like an itch that couldn\'t be scratched.

When even one of the strongest humans in universe was left in such a poor state, one could only wonder how bad it would be for the rest...

Lust was truly a frightening weapon...

\'The only way to get in her good books again is by giving her some good news.\' Commander Samuel stood up and wore his clothes.

Then, he exited his bedroom, not caring about the girl bleeding and weeping on the ground.

After he left his mansion within one of the biggest habitable space stations in the galaxy, he walked with quicker steps towards his personnel office.

Since it was the middle of the night, most of the staff and soldiers were asleep.

Still, the Commander was saluted respectfully by many soldiers on duty.

All of them didn\'t dare to stare at the Commander Samuel for even a split second.

Unlike his submissive personality in front of Mistress Candace, he was perceived as a man with a short-fuse.

There were many episodes of him cursing the staff and soldiers furiously for the tiniest mistake.

Because he was above all and below only Mistress Candace, no one dared to complain about his treatments.

In a few minutes, Commander Samuel entered his office and created a holographic contract.

Then, he typed in all the terms and called over General Aztec, not caring if he was asleep or not.


I want you to email this recruitment contract to that bastard Lance. Commander Samuel ordered while gritting his teeth hatefully.

Recruitment Contract General Aztec replied in confusion.

Just a while ago, the Commander refused to make a move on Felix no matter how he begged him.

Now, he wanted to straight out recruit him

After checking his inbox and reading the crazy terms, he really started to feel like Commander Samuel had finally lost it.

Sir! This contract is nonsense! Why do we need to offer so much without even requesting him to tell us about his suicide phenomena! He can even cancel it anytime he desired! General Aztec finally snapped, not able to hold in his anger.

The contract was beyond unreasonable!

Hell, it was much better than his own contract, and he had served in the army for hundreds of years!

Just do it! Why do you have to question every god-damn decision! Commander Samuel snapped angrily and hung up, not in the mood to explain himself.

Well, even if he was in the mood, he couldn\'t confess and tell him that he was trying to recruit Felix to please Mistress Candace.

She had ordered him to make sure that Felix continue doing his thing to the elites without getting interfered by either the army or the guild.

Though he controlled the army, he failed to do the same to the guild.

Now, he changed his plan to straight out recruiting Felix with terms that he could never reject!

\'Damn it! Where did this bastard come from and how dare he steal my Mistress\'s attention.\'

Commander Samuel still remembered the first time Mistress Candace saw the suicide phenomena.

He didn\'t know why, but he felt that Mistress Candace had gotten extremely invested in it.

As long as he remembered, she didn\'t care about anything.

All of her orders were for the sake of entertainment.

From allowing criminals to run rampage in the capital to making him stupid decisions that costed them planets and many lives.

Because of this, he never considered her to be related to void realm or be a void creature.

In his mind, if she was one of them, she could have made the guild\'s assembly members and other important generals her sex slaves as well.

If she did so, the empire would have been hers and the void creatures would have the freedom to do as they please.

So, he always believed that she was a strong entity that belonged to a hidden race, who simply wanted to fool around...

This was the reason why Void Succubus, Greedy Djin, and The Imitator were the scariest unique void creatures of the species.

Even when they show themselves, no one associate them with void creatures due to their high intelligence and their physical form.

Two assets that void creatures were known to lack by everyone in the universe....

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