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I have shared the link with you.

The moment General Aztec heard so, he pressed on the link and watched the recordings of the chase from Miss Brazen\'s point of view.

In a few seconds, Lieutenant General Alfred and the other gasped in surprise after seeing the human-looking void creature pause its chase and start to bash its head and limbs with its torso.

Unfortunately, since Miss Brazen and her squad were being chased, she couldn\'t remain recording the void creature.

General Aztec didn\'t comment or paused the recording.

He let it play out until the last moment, when Miss Brazen was going to fire twenty canons at the eagle-like elite void creature.

When he saw that it behaved in the same manner as the other two, General Aztec paused the recording and ordered, From now on, any news about abnormalities happening to void creatures must be rallied to me as fast as possible.

Yes General!

Yes General!

Upon hearing so, General Aztec stood up and said, Keep examining the recordings, I need to inform the Commander.

The two Lieutenant Generals stood up and saluted him respectfully, then they left the office and closed the door behind them.

General Aztec contacted the Great Commander of the Army.

If it was just a single elite showing weird signs, he wouldn\'t have bothered to contact him since he could handle it on his own.

But three at the same time He knew that something was going on, and it was better for the commander to hear it from him than from the network.


Speak. A dry deep manly voice resounded in the office after the call was picked up.

We have a situation in planet Fonund. General Aztec paused for a few seconds then continued, I have just watched recordings of three elite void creatures behaving in a bizarre manner.

How so 

I believe it\'s best if you watched it yourself Commander. General Aztec said as he forwarded the links to the Commander.

Is that all



The moment General Aztec said so, the line was cut on him impolitely.

Still, General Aztec didn\'t show any sigh of discontentment as he was used to this sort of treatment by now.

He was one of the few Origin Bloodliners in the army who were there when the Great Commander was promoted to the highest rank possible in the Galactical Army.

That happened thousands of years ago.

So, he had been through a lot with the Great Commander during this neverending war.

\'Let\'s hope he doesn\'t drop the ball on this one again.\' General Aztec sighed, \'His latest decisions have truly costed us too many grounds.\'

General Aztec ought to feel this way when the army had been losing a planet after another without any signs of victory.

Those failures were all connected to Samuel.D.Jackson, The Great Commander.

He was a peak Origin Realm bloodliner with a Legendary Bloodline Path.

In other words, he used nothing but legendary ranked bloodlines from tier 1 to tier 7!

This entailed that he was one of the strongest bloodliners in the universe since the enhancement he received after his breakthrough was incomparable to other Origin Bloodliners.

This was the reason why bloodliners aspiring to reach the peak, must pick the best bloodline in each stage to build a solid foundation.

Though, it was extremely risky to take this route since it wasn\'t tested before.

It was impossible for a bloodliner to break through the Origin Realm without the bloodline being compatible with each other.

The only to know that for certain was by successfully breaking through.

That\'s why Bloodline Clans led by Origin Bloodliners were popular.

Everyone just needed to copy the path taken by the Origin Bloodliner without worrying about genes compatibility.

So a Legendary Origin Bloodliner was truly one of the big shots in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Still, the Commander\'s strength  only played a small part in getting him to the highest rank in the army.

It was mostly due to his many achievements against the void creatures.

Blocking thousands of void creatures invading a planet with a small fleet.

Saving one of the ten councilmen of the Bardot Empire, who got ambushed in space by a Void Cell.

His leadership was brilliant to the point, the army and mercenaries managed to recover many planets safely and get back some lost grounds.

There were many more unmentioned achievements.

They were enough to immortalize him throughout the history of mankind. 

That\'s what everyone assumed...

Unfortunately, in the past five hundred years, no notable achievement has been recorded. 

Instead, he started making weird decisions.

Such as blocking tourism in the capital city, allowing criminals to run wild, creating a rift between soldiers and mercenaries by publicly denouncing the guild on many occasions.

Most importantly, giving bad orders that ended up in losing big battles against the void invasion.

Still, his old achievements and strength had kept him in charge of the Galactical army even though a lot of people had lost faith in his capabilities.

Even General Aztec was on the verge of losing it, don\'t even mention the public...


Two weeks later...

The news about the elite void creatures committing suicide was getting out of hand in the network.

So far, there were more than sixty videos in the network, showing the elites shrinking in size before getting blasted by the squads.

Those videos had already spread throughout the entire Guardian Empire, alarming all mercenaries and soldiers in other planets.

The fact that those abnormalities were happening only on planet Fonund forced many researchers in void creatures to head down there, not caring about the dangers imposed.

After all, this was the first change to happen to void creatures since the moment they invaded the matter universe.

They were certain that if those abnormalities kept happening, even researchers from other races would be interested in this issue.

If the assembly members didn\'t have their own planets to protect, they would have gone to Fonund as well.

\'They will be on to you in no time if you kept attacking elites near squads.\' Asna said as she eyed Felix, who was chilling inside an elite void creature, deep underground.

\'If I slowed down even more, I doubt Nimo will hatch in those two years.\' Felix replied.

In the past week, he had been focusing mostly on hunting void creatures on the surface or the ones hiding deep underground.

He did so by simply firing his Void Seekers into the ground.

Since they were made out of void energy, they were able to dig through the dirt by deconstructing it.

Because they could lock on void creatures, it wasn\'t hard to hit the elite and mark him, enabling Felix to blink inside its body.

Just like that, a pack get hunted while still underground without anyone knowing about it.

Unfortunately, this strategy could be used only on packs that were one kilometer away from the surface.

That\'s the maximum range of his Void Seekers if it travelled through the ground.

After all, the more solid an object, the harder it was to deconstruct it.

The void particles could not deconstruct something tirelessly and infinitely.

Still, this strategy helped Felix hunt more than fifteen packs in the past week without anyone knowing about it.

If only Nimo\'s egg wasn\'t an abyss for void energy, he would have settled by using only this strategy to avoid attracting attention.

Alas, his appetite made it clear to Felix that he needed to increase his hunting speed.

This forced him to target any void pack in sight no matter if it was targeting a squad or not.

\'They are bound to find out eventually.

After all, I have been near every elite that \'committed a suicide\'.\' Felix shrugged his shoulders, \'Hell, they must be already on to me.

They probably didn\'t contact me since they wanted to catch me red-handed or something.\'

Felix wasn\'t delusional to believe that the assembly members and the army generals were stupid enough to not figure out his involvement.

They could simply request the Queen to show everyone\'s coordinates, who were the nearest to those elites.

Felix would be the only one to pop up in all of them consistently!

In addition, the suicide phenomena was happening only in the Malaria Zone.

There were so many clues that were pointing at his involvement to not be noticed.

Felix knew that this would happen but still, he really didn\'t care that much about it.

He was simply lazy to deal with their inquires instead of being afraid of their strength.

After all, he had already surpassed the strongest human throughout the history of the species in physical strength.

With his new void bloodline abilities, he was stronger than ever.

If he was still being afraid of facing the upper echelon of the human race, he really failed himself and the tenants in his mind.

\'I wonder what they are planning to do\' Felix smiled faintly, quite intrigued about their next move.

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