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\'F*ck! Blink!\'

The death ray was powerful enough, Felix felt chills course on his skin the instant Miss Brazen give out the order, forcing him to blink to safety!

The moment Felix opened his eyes, he found himself on top of his moving vehicle.

He had previously marked the chest with his void energy to return anytime he desired.


Abruptly, a thunderous explosion resounded throughout tens of kilometers!

When Felix zoomed in and saw the size of the explosion, he couldn\'t help but click his tongue in irritation, \'They really acted faster than I anticipated.

As expected of veterans.\'

He knew that the eagle-like void creature was doomed after seeing the size of the explosion.

It was enough to delete it from existence and if he was still inside it, he would have survived with grievous wounds.

That\'s because his physical defenses were really way too abnormal.

In addition, his 3rd passive *Second Skin* was going to help him take most of the blow.

This passive allowed Felix to acquire a coating made out of void energy that covered his skin the moment his body was touched by it.

Since he was inside a void creature, his entire body had been shielded by an extremely tough coating.

\'Whatever, there are plenty of elites to hunt around.\' Felix stopped caring about his lost prey and entered his vehicle.

The moment he sat down, he beamed his Nanosuit and wore it.

This was one of the many inconveniences of using void energy in the matter universe.

It was impossible for Felix to keep his clothes intact if he ever touched them with void energy.

Since he was blinking through void realm and bathing within void creatures, he must always get nude before doing so.

Either that or his Nanosuit would get deconstructed.

\'I can\'t be doing this every time, It\'s just too shameful.\'

Even Felix with his thick face couldn\'t handle getting naked every time he used blink or another void based ability.

Fortunately, there was a part solution to help him avoid being called a pervert by his enemies.

That was wearing an artificial symbiote suit that was made out of the symbiote\'s dead skin.

After all, the symbiotes were unique void creatures and their skin should have such capabilities.

Unfortunately, artificial symbiote suits were high in demand and low on supply.

Everyone wanted to own one to protect themselves from almost anything.

Especially, mercenaries and soldiers, who wanted to defend against void based attacks if even by a little.

One shouldn\'t confuse symbiote suits with the artificial symbiotes used to coat spaceships.

Since lifeforms would be wearing it, it was only natural that all stops must be pulled to avoid the artificial symbiote from harming the host.

After all, one tiny mistake and the suit would either devour the host or at least keep him trapped for eternity just like what happened with Mr.


When his spaceship got blown up by Felix, he used a last emergency protocol that force the Queen to coat his body with the symbiote skin from the spaceship.

Because of that, he survived the explosion, but he was trapped within the symbiote skin.

Felix took advantage of that by sealing him inside a solidified green sand pyramid.

If he used a real artificial symbiote suite meant for lifeforms, he would have survived such a deadly strike while still retaining control.

That\'s why the symbiote suits were always in demand and anyone would pay whatever it took to get one for themselves.

Thankfully, Felix had his senior sister Queen Allura backing him, making it easier for him to reserve a suit by relying on her connections.

As for requesting Lady Sphinx He already did and was told that she didn\'t keep such toys in her warehouses.

\'Hopefully, it will reach me in a few months tops.\' Felix wished while checking on his AP bracelets.

Since they were made out of symbiote skin as well, they were mildly damaged.

\'Queen, activate the artificial symbiote on all of them.\' Felix requested while removing the other three bracelets.

He beamed a chest full of enriched energy ores and started feeding the bracelets one by one.

In a mere few minutes, all the damages done by the void energy were taken care of.

\'Asna, how much energy did you purify from absorbing those two elites\' Felix inquired while driving away from The Sinners location.

\'Compared to the void energy in the chests, probably 15% more or less.\' She answered.

\'That\'s too little.\' Felix sighed in frustration, not liking her response one bit.

Currently, Nimo was able to eat the content of an entire chest in a single day!

This implied that Felix required to hunt down at least thirteen elite void creatures to feed him the same amount each day.

As seen from before, it was quite complicated to hunt down packs alone since they were attracted mostly to squads due to their numbers.

Felix wanted to hunt in peace instead of dealing with elite void creatures that were in combat with another squad already.

He didn\'t want to expose his void abilities so soon since it would attract nothing but trouble.

After all, not a single human throughout the history was able to use void element even though many ones were born with a little affinity to it.

He would be bombarded by questions from higher ups about his bloodline and such.

He had no patience to deal with such crap on his first day.


While Felix continued on his hunt, Captain Feather had already sold his recordings to Exalted Fangs and the army, the current two bosses in this planet.

Since the recordings showed an elite void creature somehow killing itself, the information got sold for a quite a lot of void points and contribution points.

Right now, the recordings were being played on repeat in front of The Fang and his assistant within the base.

Is it just me or does it seem like it is trying to eat itself at this moment Confused and intrigued, The Fang asked his assistant as he played the recording in slow motion.

Indeed. The assistant couldn\'t but agree after seeing that the void creature was trying to munch on its torso.

It wasn\'t really that obvious since this void creature didn\'t have a mouth or teeth.

Though, the scene of it smashing its head with its torso helped them reach that conclusion.

Why is it doing that Did it absorb something and couldn\'t deconstruct it or something But that\'s impossible, void energy deconstructs everything it touches. Thoughtful, The Fang kept murmuring while tapping his finger on the table.

He understood that elite void creatures were considered a massive threat to even Origin Bloodliners due to the potency of their void energy.

So, he truly found it difficult to believe that it wasn\'t able to deconstruct something.

The only way to find out was by looking inside the void creature.

But, he knew that was impossible since the inside of void creatures were like a miniature version of void realm.

Nothing gets inside, not even light!

That\'s why Felix was never worried about getting seen while chilling inside a void creature.

Not a single ability could bypass the void energy and spot him.

It didn\'t matter if it was physical, elemental, or even mental...After all, abilities require a medium to travel.

How could it enter the void creature if even the medium failed

What\'s even more baffling is the way it shrunk itself without anyone\'s interference. The Fang said with a serious tone.

The Fang had watched the recordings from every angle and replayed many times, yet he didn\'t find out what caused the void creature to shrink so much in size.

Set up a meeting for me with the assembly members.

This is a serious matter that needed to be clarified as fast as possible. The Fang ordered his assistant.

So far, it looked like a good issue since the elite void creature got weaken to a point it died with minimum effort.

Still, The Fang wasn\'t going to let it rest until he reached the bottom of this.


Meanwhile, inside the general\'s office in the army\'s space station, the same recording was being played on repeat in front of three stern individuals.

All of them were wearing the same black military uniform.

The only difference would be the number of stars on their shoulders.

Two of them had three stars and the man sitting in the middle had four stars.

The man with four stars was actually much younger than the other two as he appeared like he was still in his twenties. 

He had a small scar next to his left ear and a jarhead haircut.

His dark eyes were giving off a sharp and a frosty vibe, making it hard for anyone to stare at him for too long.

In fact, the middle-aged men next to him appeared more friendly than him.

Lieutenant General Alfred, did you ask that merc squad if they spotted anything peculiar happening to the elite void creature before it started to act like this The frosty man inquired with a rigid voice.

Yes General Aztec.

But, their response was negative. Alfred responded.

It was common sense to interrogate Captain Feather about everything that had happened from the start of the ambush to the end.

Even The Fang assistant had done so.

Contact The Sinners\' captain if she is still alive. General Aztec ordered, We need to know what happened to the other elites since they were in the same pa...

Before he could finish his sentence, his AP bracelet started vibrating.

He glanced at it and noticed that it was an incoming call from his subordinate.


General! The Sinners Captain has just published a recording of her latest battle..

The void elites behaved in a bizarre manner as well! The subordinate spoke in a hurry.

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