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It\'s getting pretty dangerous around here.

I believe we should seek other squads and ally with them for protection. A long-eared dashing man proposed while looking at the people in front of him.

Captain Feather, it\'s not like we don\'t agree with you but I believe that we already have too many people. A skinny bronze-skinned beautiful woman responded in a composed manner.

Indeed, if we added more squads, we will be luring too many packs to handle. Another squadmate supported her claim.

So what\'s the play Miss Brazen Captain Feather sighed, I have already lost four members in my squad in the past two weeks.

I don\'t want to lose...


Before he could finish, he was shushed down by Miss Brazen.

When they saw her place her head on the ground while her eyes were closed shut, they started gulping audibly.

They knew that she had a seismic passive, allowing her to sense vibration below the ground.

Since almost only void creatures were running below them on this planet, they prepared for a battle.

Shit! It\'s a big pack led by two or three elite void creatures! Miss Brazen cursed with a twisted expression after sensing that the vibrations were way too loud.

Are they aiming at us!

Captain Feather asked while drawing his weapon with a somber expression.

What do you think! Miss Brazen yelled as she dashed outside the tent.

Upon hearing her panicked voice, no one dared to remain inside the tent.

They sprinted outside and grouped up with their squadmates.

In a few seconds, they didn\'t need to rely on Miss Brazen passive as they started to feel the vibration on the ground by themselves.

SINNERS FORMATION 1! Miss Brazen ordered loudly as she drank a potion that gave her gray feathery wings.

Meanwhile, her squadmates rushed to their hover vehicles and started off the engine.

Then, they forced the vehicle to hover to its peak height as fast as possible.

Then, they placed them on auto-driving mode and sent them away to avoid getting destroyed during their battle.

As for them They took flight potions as well and grouped up with their leader, Miss Brazen.

Meanwhile, The Rejected Squad also grouped up in the air after sending their vehicles away.

No one thought about running away since they knew that the void creatures were much faster than those armored vehicles.

Rumble! Rumble!

Here they come! Miss Brazen shouted at Captain Feather, Let\'s separate them!


Before Captain Feather could approve, their camp was blasted into pieces after three humongous elite void creatures had burst from beneath it!

One of them resembled a giant purplish eagle with a single leg and no beacon.

Another one appeared to be a creepish monster made out of different beastial parts, making it impossible to identify it.

The last one was the most frightening one as it resembled a human with two heads and four arms!

Yet the scariest part was the army made out of tens of low-born void creatures following behind them akin to baby chicks chasing after mother hen!

Spliiit!! Miss Brazen yelled as she flew to the west.

Her squadmates followed after her in a tight formation.

Meanwhile, Captain Feather and his squad flew in the other direction.

This forced the three gigantic elite void creatures to split up from the pack forcefully and chase after the nearest squad to them.

F**ck! Miss Brazen cursed hatefully after she glanced behind her and saw that two elite void creatures were after her tail.

Naturally, most low-borns remained close to their bosses, making her squad be focused by the biggest portion of the pack.

On the other hand, Captain Feather couldn\'t be any happier to see that only one elite and a few low-borns were after his squad.

\'Haha, it\'s must due to the numbers!\' He reasoned while laughing in excitement.

His squad had only five remaining mercenaries after four of them ended up perishing in the past two weeks.

Meanwhile, The Sinners still didn\'t lose a single member in this expedition.

\'Boys, prepare for the descent!\' Captain Feather ordered with a thrilled expression.

A single elite void creature with a few low-borns was a freebie and he wasn\'t planning on letting them go!

Unfortunately for him, neither did Felix...

Whoosh Whoosh!!

Out of nowhere, two massive dark purplish energy blasts emerged from behind the pack and penetrated all the low-born creatures like they were made out of tofu!

Yet, it didn\'t stop there as it reached out to the back of the Chimera-looking void creature and sunk deep within its body.

It has been marked. Felix smiled coldly as he stood on top of his vehicle that was positioned at least three kilometers away!

What he had just used was one of his two active void abilities.

It was called Void Seekers!

It allowed Felix to fire off two void energy blasts that could deconstruct anything it touches based on the density of its energy.

If the target was void-based entities, it would target them like a homing missile.

The scariest part, Felix was able to empower the blasts as much as he wanted by simply providing more void energy.

After adding compressor cannons to the mix, the fired void seekers were able to target void creatures that were kilometers away and even blow them apart!

Still, they were not strong enough to deal with the elite void creature.

But, Felix didn\'t seem too bothered by it.

He simply beamed one of the black chests sent by Lord Khaos and touched it with his void energy, covering it entirely.

He placed it on the vehicle\'s roof and requested from the Queen to put his nanobots clothes inside his spatial card.

When he was fully nude, Felix closed his eyes shut and snapped his finger.

The moment he did so, his body started to flicker like a candle about to go off...Then, there was no then!

He completely disappeared out of existence!

A split second later...His nude body emerged within the elite void creature, unbeknownst to Captain Feather and his squadmates!

\'Asna, it\'s your turn.\' At ease, Felix placed his hands behind his back while floating inside the dense void energy.

Because of his immunity, it didn\'t affect him in the slightest.

Since his physical defenses were beyond abnormal, the pressure didn\'t harm him as well.

Instead, he felt like was floating on warm shallow waters, making him smile widely in enjoyment.

Meanwhile, the chimera-like void creature stopped chasing the Rejected squad after sensing that Felix was inside its body!

Since Felix was alive, the elite void creature opened its mouth widely and munched on its formless body, trying to eat him!

Alas, nothing much changed but its form getting twisted slightly.

After all, its entire body was made out of the same density of void energy.

So, it could not harm itself even if it wanted.

\'Making me work even during my break.\'

Meanwhile, Asna grumbled to herself while absorbing the void energy that was in contact with Felix\'s pores.

Since he had a 100% void affinity rating, the energy absorbed was entering through his pores akin to a flood!

After sensing so, the chimera-like void creature started to squirm and toss around in the sky, wanting to get rid of the tumor that was eating through it.

Too bad, Felix was like a leaf that went with the wind flow.

No matter what it did, he remained stuck within it firmly.

The hell is going on up there Captain Feather exclaimed in bewilderment as he watched the nightmarish void creature getting smaller and smaller while squirming around.

His squadmates didn\'t know to respond as they were just as confused as him.

If they weren\'t too focused on descending to the ground and preparing for a counter-attack, they would have spotted the void seekers and realized that someone had caused this.

\'Queen, record this please!\' Captain Feather requested immediately after regaining his wits.

He knew that such a weird piece of information would sell for a lot.

After all, he was watching an elite void creature shrinking from a behemoth size to merely an elephant size on its own!

Is it committing suicide or what

Can they even do that

Let\'s get close and find out. Captain Feather ordered while flapping his wings rapidly.

He didn\'t feel threatened anymore due to the minimized size of the elite void creature.

\'Time to bounce.\'

The moment Felix sensed that foreign energies were approaching with his passive dimensional senses, he didn\'t hesitate to snap his finger again.

Just like before, he flicked for a split second before disappearing out of existence.

The moment that happened, the elite void creature stopped squirming around and turned immediately towards Captain Feather and his squad.

Then, it rushed in their direction as fast as possible, scaring the crap out of them!



Thankfully, they had experienced enough ambushes to not freeze totally and counter-attack in a timely manner.

Since the elite void creature size had been reduced to merely a few meters, the salvo of abilities thrown at it was more than enough to delete from the face of the planet.

Honestly, can someone tell me what the hell is going on Captain Feather could only stare at his squadmates speechlessly, not able to comprehend the current development.

From being chased by one pack made out of a massive elite void creature and eight low-born void creatures to ending up killing a tiny little one.

The only one able to answer his question was chilling within the giant humanoid elite void creature that was chasing after The Sinners squad!!

The distance between those two  elite void creatures should be at least ten kilometers by now!

Felix literally blinked there!

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