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After the elevator opened up, the guard led Felix through another spacious hall that resembled a massive living room with all the couches and chairs placed over the place.

There were many restaurants around the place with small queues of soldiers and mercenaries.

\'This must be the cafeteria.\' Felix thought as he followed the guard towards the exit of the hall.

When they crossed it, they were met with many doors placed next to each other like hotel rooms.

At the end of the corridor, the guard stopped before a door and said, This is your room.

Please, feel free to ask the Queen if you have any further inquired about the base.

Will do, thank you. Felix nodded his head in appreciation and scanned his bracelet with the door.

A second later, the door opened up and the guard left Felix to his own devices after seeing so.


Felix closed the door behind him and checked his room with multiple visions, wanting to see if there was any kind of abnormality.

When he didn\'t find anything peculiar, he dropped his suspicion and sat on a fluffy bed.

The room didn\'t have a kitchen or living room.

Just a bedroom with a bathroom.

\'Although I just arrived, I need to start the hunt as fast as possible.\'

Felix didn\'t plan on chilling for the day and going hunting in the morning.

He had only two years of time to farm enough to hatch Nimo before his temporarily fake identity expire.

He had no idea how much that little feeder would require to hatch.

The only thing known was that his apatite keep increasing day by day.

\'I need to visit the store first and restock.\'

Felix opened a map for the base and requested the Queen to guide him to the mercenary store.

In the base, there was the army store and the mercenary store.

One accepted only void points and the other accepted only contribution points.

Though, the products sold were almost the same.

Since Felix had earned void points during the trial after hunting down five packs, he had enough to buy some necessities.


In a few minutes, Felix reached the store that was placed on the 7th lower ground floor.

The entire floor had only the mercenary shop and the army shop, making the atmosphere pretty intense as both sides kept throwing salty remarks at each other to pass time in the queue.

Another cutie has arrived.

Come closer! 

The moment Felix queued up, he was whistled at by a burly, tall woman with a short black hair from the army side.

She was looking at Felix like a wolf staring at a fresh steak.

Although Felix had modified his face, he was still extremely handsome due to his skin luster and flamboyant purplish hair.

Both the mercenaries and soldiers avoided having eye contact with the woman as they laughed silently at Felix\'s plight.

They knew that it wouldn\'t be good to antagonize her.

She was an infamous soldier, whose nickname was Hulky!

She got known for devouring a dozen of handsome men and women in the base and forcing a dozen more to transfer away.

Since her rank and strength were pretty higher than most individuals here, everyone who landed in her cross-eye could only do as she said or move to another base.

As for ratting on her to the supervisors or such That would be even more embarrassing than complying with her.

Bro, you better leave the base as fast as possible, or she will keep sexually harassing you the entire time. A bald youthful man with a big black piercing in his ears warned Felix after queuing behind him.

Cuutiee with the purple hair! I calling you! Why are you ignoring me

Felix glanced at her indifferently and saw that she was pouting.

With her manly visage, the image wasn\'t as pretty as she thought.

\'You have my blessing, cutie.\' Asna grinned in enjoyment at the sight of Felix getting harassed publicly.

Not wanting to keep everyone entertained, Felix responded indifferently while staring at her, Sorry, not my type.

The moment he said so, the stiffened chuckles here and there were quietened down almost immediately.

Both the soldiers and the mercenaries eyed Felix sympathetically, like they were staring at a fallen soldier.

Even the bald man took a few steps back, not wanting to be associated with Felix anymore.

Not your type The short-haired woman stopped pouting at once as her expression turned nasty.

She left the army\'s queue and walked towards Felix akin to a barbarian with her massive muscles bulging out of her uniform.

No one dared to block her path, making her reach Felix in a blink of an eye.

Felix had to lift his head to stare at her in the eyes as she was at least two meters and a half.

Say it again. She said with a suppressed tone as she approached her face to Felix\'s.

Felix ignored her and glanced at the queue in front of him.

After seeing that it wasn\'t moving at all since everyone was watching the ongoing situation, he let out a long sigh.


Before the short-haired woman could react to his treatment, she found herself unable to utter a word or move a muscle.

She was completely frozen solid like an ice statue...Only her pupils and thoughts were able to move freely.

Felix placed his hands back in his hoodie pockets and walked towards the store\'s desk, skipping the queue bluntly.

Yet, the mercenaries neither blocked him nor cursed him for it.

Why Because they were frozen by his spiritual pressure just like Hulky!

What\'s up with them

Why is no one moving

What happened to Hulky

Meanwhile, the soldiers on the other side were left mostly confused by the current development.

They expected a fight to arise or Felix surrendering to the circumstances.

Instead, they were left to stare at the frozen line of mercenaries as Felix passed by them cooly.

Twenty compressors cannons, forty crystal cores, repair parts, a large hover vehicle, and half a kilogram of Life Negator.

Felix demanded from the store clerk after reaching the desk, not giving a ** that he was serving another mercenary before him.

The store clerk didn\'t know how to respond as he could only stare at Felix with a dumbfounded expression.

Don\'t make me wait for too long. Felix said calmly, but the clerk did pick up a tint of irritation in his voice.

Rig..ght aw.ay Sir.

The store clerk sprinted to the shelves, not bothering to glance at the stiffened mercenary next to Felix, who was sweating buckets from his forehead.

In a few moments, he returned and handed Felix a spatial card.

Felix took it and glanced at the inventory.

Upon seeing that everything was there besides the hover vehicle, he paid the amount requested.

Since he hunted the void packs all alone, the points rewarded belonged to just him, making him have more than enough to pay for his stock.

You...will find your vehicle in the garage. Nervous, the store clerk informed Felix while fiddling with his fingers.

Thanks. Felix smiled at him pleasantly and walked back towards the elevator.

The moment he entered it and turned his back on everyone, loud gasps resounded loudly on the floor.

Some mercenaries fell on their knees as they clutched into their chests in horror while some landed on their sweaty butts.

The hell was that!

Is that an ability I couldn\'t move or breathe!

I felt like I was going to suffocate! That bastard tried to kill us all or what!

The soldiers got even more bewildered at the current chaotic scene on the mercenaries\' side.

Everyone looked terrified and pissed off.

Only Hulky seemed out of it as she didn\'t rage like the others.

Instead, she kept murmuring to herself in disbelief, Spiritual pressure...It can\'t be right...Only Origin Realm bloodlines can use it.

Unlike the mercenaries, she had experienced spiritual level from her general after she stepped out of line in the past.

That hopeless feeling of not having the ability to move, talk, breath, or do anything was too horrifying to forget!

What she experienced at that time was still not as shocking as what happened right now.

Because she believed that spiritual pressure had a short range and couldn\'t be applied to many people at the same time.

Yet, Felix had just applied it on more than a hundred mercenaries, whose strength was above the 5th stage of replacement!

\'Who the hell was I about to offend\'

Scared **less, Hulky gulped a mouthful and returned to the soldiers\' side without uttering a single word against Felix like the other mercenaries.

Though, she made sure to send out the information to her general, hoping that he would back her up if Felix ever wanted to discipline her due to her actions.

He is done for! He broke the contract terms and used an ability.

Report him to the Queen!

Meanwhile, most mercenaries were too ashamed by what happened to them to think clearly.

They wanted nothing more but to get their revenge against Felix, making them report his actions to Queen AI.

Unfortunately, the only response they received was, \'Sir Lance has not used lethal weapon or abilities against you.

Please refrain from making false reports or you will be punished based on the contract terms.\'

One by one, the mercenaries fell into a deathly silence, not daring to believe in the Queen\'s reply.

No abilities used That\'s impossible! They all thought.

The smart ones didn\'t focus on this detail but actually Felix\'s mercenary name as they searched him on the guild\'s website.

The moment they saw his strength evaluation, they all felt chills course on their spine.

We were cursing an Origin Bloodliner....we are f*cking seeking death! They all shouted in terror.

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