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In addition, Origin Bloodliners had their own specialties and fighting style unique to only themselves.

Those AI dummies could try as much as possible to copy it but Felix would always find flaws in it and defeat them.

Right now, all I have confirmed is that I have enough physical strength to blow even Origin Bloodliners. Felix released his tightened fist as he spoke, But that\'s only if it landed on them.

Felix had already tested his other enhancement and found out that they weren\'t affected by his advancement to the 4th mark.

That\'s to be expected since the Devourer system was focused purely on physical strength.

This meant, the enhancements in his mental defenses, energy capacity, senses, and the rest, were good but not as amazing as his physical strength upgrade.

He could even say that he was still lacking in this regard when compared to the strongest Origin Bloodliners in the universe.

So, he wasn\'t the strongest human yet!

But, it won\'t be too far. Felix smirked, As long as I keep with my current pace, I will be at the strongest human in no time.


A few hours later, Felix was done adjusting to his new physical strength.

He could now control it properly in addition to knowing his limitations.

He had fought against WowefxNero AI again and found out that he was strong enough to inflict bruises on their skin but still not enough to crack their scales and shell.

Though, his physical defenses were improved drastically as well, giving him higher resistance to elemental abilities.

\'Now, let\'s check this mutation.\' Felix touched his forehead as he sat on the floor.

The only two capabilities he knew so far was that his eye could allow him to see through the void realm and enter it just like Lord Khaos\' subordinate.

But, he still had no idea how to do so.

The one who truly knows wasn\'t interested in joining the party in his mind at this moment.

Lord Khaos had told them that he would be leaving a wisp in Felix\'s mind to monitor him.

However, he never told them when exactly was he planning on doing so.

If he was currently hiding in Felix\'s body, Lady Sphinx would have spotted him almost immediately.

\'For now, let\'s see what I can work with.\'

Felix lowered the bandana on both of his eyes, freeing his void eye.

This made his hair fall off and cover the void eye a little bit.

But Felix didn\'t seem to care about it since a couple of hair strands couldn\'t block him from seeing the void realm.

The reason he pulled the bandana instead of removing it entirely was that he wanted to protect his other two eyes when he wouldn\'t be using them.

After all, he was looking into another dimension and really had no idea what\'s going on in the matter universe.

\'Queen, does the void realm mirror the matter universe even in the UVR\' Felix inquired.

\'Yes.\' Queen AI replied, \'But, no void creatures exist in the void realm of the UVR unless you wanted the area around you to have them.\'

\'I see.\'

Felix nodded his head in understanding.

He knew that Queen couldn\'t just make ** up whenever she liked.

Since she had no idea how the void realm looked like and where the void creatures exit, she made it with only the data she owned.

Her owned data was limited greatly since no one in the history of the universe had stepped in the void realm and returned in one piece.

Still, it was common knowledge that the void realm was as dark as a black hole.

So, Felix was still seeing nothing but pitch darkness.

But unlike last time, he wasn\'t scared at all because he knew that void creature would not pop out of anywhere.

\'Test number 1.\' 

Felix took a deep breath and requested, \'Queen, please place two low-born void creatures a couple of meters away from me.

Place one of them in the matter universe and the other in the void realm.\'

Queen AI did as she was told and created those two low-born void creatures.

Unlike Lord Khaos\' subordinate who appeared like a kid\'s doodle, anyone who saw those two void creatures would know that they were monsters from someone\'s nightmares!

One of them was a hulk that reached five meters in height.

Weirdly enough, he had four tiny small legs resembling dears\' legs.

Meanwhile, his torso was that of a stallion and his head was deformed and faceless.

The balance was all over the place.

What made him look like a creepy monster was the black mist oozing from his shoulders like a cape.

If one took a closer look, he would realize that his tiny feet weren\'t touching the ground at all.

He was levitating.

How could something made out of nothingness have physical properties

On the other hand, the other void creature was as tiny as a red sparrow.

Yet, he had no wings.

Instead, he was floating in the air like a small mass of black energy.

This was the true terror of void creatures.

They had no fixed shapes and could be as big as titan or as small an ant.

There were even humanoid versions of void creatures that had been spotted before in the infested areas.

All of them were just as equally dangerous.

Facing a giant void creature meant an easier target but would require much more energy to overwhelm it.

Yet, mercenaries actually preferred meeting them than tiny void creatures.

After all, they were almost invisible and could ambush them out of nowhere due to their formless bodies.

Those unique shapes and appearances had actually given birth to the theory that the void realm was hell!

Everyone who died with many sins on his shoulder would be reborn as a void creature in the void realm.

The ones who were good would be sent to the spiritual realm.

Naturally, those theories were for believers and didn\'t have solid evidence backing them up.

Still, quite a few races believed in them like the Pandion Race.

That\'s why Felix told Asna that he would rather be reborn as a void creature after blowing his soul than giving it to hers during their first meeting.

\'Interesting...\' Felix scratched his chin as he stared at both void creatures.

He could see them outlined with dark purple inside the pitch darkness of the void realm.

The only difference was that the smaller void creature was exhibiting less pressure than the big one in the matter universe.

\'It seems like my senses are still bound to the matter universe even though I am staring into the void.\' Felix had concluded from that slight difference.

This had also answered one of his other questions.

Though, Felix still had to make sure that he was certain.

\'Queen, please make both void creatures attack me one by one.\' Felix requested as he stood defenselessly in front of those monsters.

\'Are you ready\'


The moment the Queen heard his confirmation, she ordered the attack at Felix!

The first to make a move was the horse-like void creature as he charged at Felix through the air!

The scariest part, he made absolutely no noise as he approached Felix rapidly like he was traveling through a vacuum space!

\'Stay calm!\'

Felix had to fight off against his own instincts to stop himself from avoiding the collision.


Although the void creature was formless, his collision against Felix still made a noise like two physical objects smashed into each other!

The low-born void creature was bounced back from the shockwave while Felix merely took a single step back.

What the f*ck is this pain!!!

Yet, Felix was the one who was left in absolute agony as he dropped on his knees while clutching into his chest.

Stop the test and heal me! 

Felix bitched out almost immediately from continuing the test, not allowing the Queen to attack him with the other void creature.

After he got healed back to shape, he took a couple of deep breaths and stared at his own naked chest in horror.

Now you know what it feels to have every particle of your body get deconstructed from existence. Lady Sphinx chuckled.

He is lucky that his elemental resistance has been boosted greatly making his cells tougher to break apart by the void energy. Thor snickered, If he received the attack months ago, he would have been turned into nothingness almost immediately.

This was the power of the void element.

Fire burns, ice freezes, wind cuts...As for void energy It deconstructs matter and energy to the last particle until only pure nothingness was left behind.

No element or law could stand before it.

Even the toughest material in the universe like Strucrase was useless...

This was the reason why other primogenitors feared and respected Lord Khaos as an elder instead of a peer.

They simply could not stand a chance against him in battle when his element was an absolute counter to all their elements....

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