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After finding out that he couldn\'t check on the energy, Felix ignored the boxes for now and started searching in his spatial inventory for the bloodline bottle.

There you are.

Felix had found it in a jiffy and beamed it on his hand.

It was a medium-sized common glass bottle that looked like an empty bottle for a soft drink.

It was filled to the brim with a purplish gooey substance.

This is more than enough for me to reach 120% in my integration. Felix was quite speechless by the amount he received.

For the first time ever, he wasn\'t required to go hunt for primogenitors\' essence in beasts\' bloodlines!

A process that he dreaded immensely due to how bothersome, wasteful, and time-consuming it was.

Although he knew that Lord Khaos was going to give him enough to reach the peak in his integration, he truly didn\'t expect that it would be this much!

Thank you, elder. Felix showed his appreciation by bowing slightly to the bottle.

Then, he beamed it inside the spatial card.

Before he reach 100% in his void affinity, it was impossible to integrate with a primogenitor\'s bloodline.

\'Each time I use a new primogenitor\'s bloodline, I am supposed to receive a major boost to all of my stats.\' Felix pondered, \'Since the enhancement is limited due to my own body, It\'s better if I entered the 3rd stage of replacement after reaching the 4th mark.\'

Felix recognized that this was the best move to make currently.

Since the void potion was still being delayed, it\'s better to enhance his strength as much as possible before the replacement process...At least, his physical strength.

The worst that could happen was spending a month or two in hibernation to quicken the absorption process.

Elders, you think it\'s the right thing to do Felix inquired.

Indeed, those opportunities don\'t come too often. Jörmungandr agreed.

Same, It\'s alright to skip training for two months if it\'s something like this. Thor supported.

You do you. Lady Sphinx waved her hand indifferently as she focused on her book.

Upon receiving their confirmation, Felix beamed many containers, each holding into a high-graded natural treasure.

You bastard, why didn\'t you ask for my opinion Asna fumed.

It\'s not like you will answer truthfully. Felix answered mockingly.

You... Asna was left tongue-tied at his response.

She knew that he was right as the moment he would ask her, she would be too embarrassed to stop him from going into hibernation.

See Felix smiled bitterly. 

This was the reason why their relationship almost never took off.

Asna was still not comfortable with being open to Felix.

She was probably not comfortable with being open to anyone.

Felix couldn\'t really do much about it since it was her issue to solve.

He already had hundred of matters on his plate to take care of.

Felix ignored the awkward silence in his mind and started doing the maths to figure out the quantity required to make the final push to the 4th mark.

In the past months, he spent each day devouring B and C graded natural treasures so he could remain awake and increase his strength gradually.

By now, he was merely missing 25% more or less to reach the peak of the 3rd mark.

\'So, I will need 10 more A graded natural treasures.\' Felix sighed, \'My stock is running empty already and I have yet to reach even 5th mark.\'

Since each A-graded treasure cost tens of billions of coins if it was auctioned, Felix was thoroughly powering himself by throwing money down the sewer.

Too bad for him, this was the price a human like him needed to pay to touch the toes of the giants.

Soon, Felix stopped moping about the expenses and went to his VR Pod.

\'Queen, turn on the highest cloaking level of the spaceship and keep it on standby.\'

\'As you command.\'

Upon hearing so, Felix began shoving the natural treasures one by one down his throat akin to a beast.

He didn\'t bother to even chew them since their taste was horrendous.


After he ate them all, Felix immediately began feeling dizzy and heavy.

Knowing that he could enter hibernation at any moment, Felix quickly laid inside the VR Pod and got comfortable.

\'See you in a couple of mont...\'

Before he could even finish his sentence, Felix\'s brain had been forced to shut down by the devourer\'s heart.

Right now, every ounce of energy was used for the sole purpose of absorbing natural treasures.

This was the reason why being in hibernation was much better than taking slow daily intake.

Though, the fact that he waste months doing nothing but sleeping still was a disadvantage that Felix disliked greatly.


Four months later...

Felix could be seen sitting in a lotus position on the cold floor of his bedroom.

He was currently meditating to prepare himself for the replacement of his bloodline.

He woke up from his hibernation months ago and had already drunk the void potion and increased his affinity to 100%.

All it took was a single chest to achieve so! This spoke highly of the quality of the void energy sent by Lord Khaos.

It wasn\'t the purest level of energy but it was getting there.

With Asna\'s help, Felix was fed directly with the purified void energy for a month or so until he reached a 100% affinity rating.

As for the gained strength from hitting the 4th mark

Felix could be now considered as strong as a peak origin realm bloodliner when it came to pure physical strength!

He had merely reached the 4th mark and he was already at the peak of humanity when it came to physical strength!

In the devourer system, there were thirty marks in total!

What\'s even scarier, Felix was just about to receive his 4th bloodline enhancement and he still got at least four more to go.

After spending ten more minutes meditating, Felix let out a long silent exhale from his nose and opened his eyes slowly.

Nothing was reflected on his pupil but absolute void.

He was finally ready for the 3rd stage of replacement!

Let us begin.

elix beamed Lord Khaos\'s bloodline bottle and placed it next to him.

Then, he beamed the rest of the integration materials and equipment.

How much are you going for Asna asked.

For some reason, I am confident in integrating with 13% successfully. Felix replied while drawing that amount in his needle from the bottle.

13% Are you really sure Asna asked with a worried tone.

In his previous replacement, Felix had integrated with 11%.

That was already too high since he was dealing with primogenitors\' bloodlines.

I don\'t really know but I just feel like I can take it. Felix joked, Maybe getting my ass fried by lightning bolts every day enhanced my confidence in taking pain.

This is not the time to joke around! Asna berated, If you failed this, you die! So just play it safe and at least integrate with 12%.

Felix shook his head in rejection.

He knew that it was smarter to play it safe but he felt like only those who risk it truly get mutations.

He really wanted to receive a mutation from Lord Khaos.

He didn\'t know what it was going to be but Felix was certain that it would assist him greatly in dealing with void creatures.

Just as Asna wanted to change his mind, Lady Sphinx intervened, Leave him be.

Don\'t mess with his mental state right now with unnecessary concerns.

It will just affect him poorly.


Upon hearing so, Asna could only bite her lips nervously and watch Felix bring the needle right in front of his human heart.

He already asked Lady Sphinx if it was possible to inject the bloodline with his devourer\'s heart and she rejected it.

She explained that in normal situations, his human heart was the one responsible for regulating his bloodstream even though his devourer\'s heart was currently his main.

Devourer\'s heart worked only during emergencies and when Felix ate a natural treasure.

After taking another deep breath, Felix injected everything at once and followed it by drinking other potions for integration.

The tenants in his mind all focused on Felix, who was waiting patiently for the pain to kick off.

A minute later...Felix\'s heart thumped loudly once before an unimaginable agony kicked in all at once, assaulting his entire being!


Since Felix wasn\'t biting on the leather belt, he screamed at the top of his voice, not caring about anyone hearing him in his spaceship!

Both of his hearts kept booming thunderously as Lord Khaos\'s genes kept invading every cell in his body!

Since the pain was coming from every part of his body, Felix had absolutely no clue if he received a mutation or lost Thor\'s mutation.

At this point, he didn\'t bother to think about them as the only thing he wanted was for the pain to go away already.

Yet, no matter how tough it got or how much bloodshot his eyes appeared, Felix had prevailed through the entire duration, lasting full 15 minutes without requiring anyone\'s assistance! 

Though, he still ended up passing out after the entire replacement process had finished.

Just like his 2nd replacement, Felix\'s entire body was left lying on a puddle of sweat and blood, making it impossible to see what were the mutations that he received.

This time, Felix had laid on this bloody pool for merely a few minutes before the Queen used the symbiote skin of the spaceship to pick him up.

Then, she placed him inside a medical pod that Felix had prepared for himself.

She closed the glass door and left him bath in it to treat his **ty condition and also clean himself up.

The moment the blood had been cleared from his body and hair, Asna and the rest couldn\'t help but stare at his forehead in intrigue....

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