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In front of Felix, there were hundreds of those randomized identities, giving him a headache on which one to pick.

After a gruesome 30 minutes of nitpicking each identity, Felix finally settled with this one:

//Name: Lancelot Kelly

Age: 31 - Born 12th of September

Social Class: Middle class

Education: Went to Mercy Public School

Address: Lot El Doha, NR 458, Imperial City, Wragos planet.

Criminal Record: N/A

Marital status: single

Job: Galaxies Explorer.

Financial status: Struggling slightly//

The reason he chose this identity was due to his job.

Being a galaxies explorer meant having a slight chance of getting something extraordinary.

That\'s because finding a new galaxy signified new opportunities and sometimes weird supernatural encounters.

This would help Felix throw the dogs off him during his void creatures hunt.

As for the appearance, Felix requested the Queen to leave it empty for now.

He knew that his appearance was going to change anyway after he integrate with the void primogenitor bloodline.


Five days later at 05:00 AM...

\'Little thief, wake up.\' Lady Sphinx informed the sleeping Felix, \'Lord Khaos subordinate have arrived and waiting for your permission.\'

\'What crappy timing.\' Felix rubbed his groggy eyes as he stood up from his bed in his pajamas.

He wore his sandals and went to the bathroom to splash some water on his face.

After being refreshed by the cold water, Felix got out and stood in the middle of his bedroom.

I am ready. Felix said.

Lady Sphinx gave permission to Lord Khaos\'s subordinate telepathically.

The moment she did so, the space in front of Felix began to twist and flicker like it was made out of candy.

Felix took a step back instinctively as he sensed a great danger in front of him. 

Before he could react, a four meters thin humanoid purple mass of energy appeared in that place.

He had no facial features besides a reversed eye in the center of his forehead.

His arms were long enough he was dragging them on the floor.

He truly appeared like a doodle made by a kid.

\'What the hell is this thing.\'

Weirded out, Felix sized up the being that was emitting so much pressure, the sheets and furniture kept moving around.

\'One of the pacified void creatures made by Lord Khaos.\' Lady Sphinx answered as she watched the void creature hand out a tiny spatial card to Felix.

\'Pacified you say\' Felix gulped a mouthful as he took the spatial card and retreated a few meters back.

His instincts refused to calm down, forcing him to keep his guard up.

Fortunately, there was nothing to worry about.

The moment he caught the spatial card, the weird-looking void creature disappeared as sudden as he appeared.

How the hell does he keep appearing and disappearing like this 

Although Felix\'s instinct calmed down, he still kept his distance from the void creature\'s place.

You can be at ease, he already went back to the void realm. Lady Sphinx replied.

Felix was honestly spooked to hear that.

He always thought those void creatures were required to go through void portals to enter the matter universe.

When Lady Sphinx told him that Lord Khaos\'s subordinate would be traveling through the void realm, he believed that he would exit from the nearest portal to his position then heads towards him.

Not swagger into his spaceship and go back to the void realm like it was nothing special!

Don\'t worry too much. Lady Sphinx informed, Only a few unique void creatures had such an ability like Void Succubus and Greedy Djins.

The majority still required to use portals.

Why is that Felix inquired.

Because to travel through both universes, the void creature is required to have The Void Eye. Lady Sphinx answered.

Void Eye Felix couldn\'t help but recall the peculiar reversed eye on that void creature\'s forehead.

He didn\'t think that it was the key to free dimensional travel.

Why is it hard for the rest of the void creatures to have it He asked.

Because only Lord Khaos and Paragon of Sins could help a void creature cultivate it. Lady Sphinx replied patiently, Since it is bothersome and consumes a lot of their energy, it\'s impossible for them to help thousands of void creatures own it.

That\'s the reason why only void creatures with smaller figures could possibly own it unlike symbiotes, glutinous cube...etc

Although Felix was relieved to hear that it was impossible for those cosmic beings to own it, he was still uncomfortable by the notion that void creatures were capable of ambushing him from anywhere.

After all, they were traveling the void realm that mirrored the matter universe.

As long as they have correct coordinates, they could show up next to his bed while he was asleep.

Void creatures are truly too scary. Felix smiled bitterly, feeling slightly worked up by the information.

Although he knew that it was an extremely low chance of being ambushed in that fashion, Felix still could not get rid of the possibility out of his mind.

Especially when he was going to be dealing with void creatures more often in this year.

Did you forget that you will be integrating with void bloodline soon Lady Sphinx smiled, There is a high chance of you unlocking a passive that will help you sense fluctuation around you.

Those fluctuations are the feedback of what\'s going on in the mirroring void realm.

So, if a void creature is standing nearby you in the void realm, you will sense him beforehand.

That\'s truly a relief. Felix\'s mind was at ease after hearing so.

Heh, let\'s just hope your **ty luck won\'t screw you over. Asna chuckled while getting a full body massage by Lady Sphinx\'s maids in her house.

Felix\'s eyelids twitched at the sound of that, feeling like it might happen for real since there was still a possibility of him not getting it.

Let\'s hope for the best. Felix took the spatial card from his bracelet and placed the one given to him by Lord Khaos.

Oh lord.

The instant he accessed the inventory, he was left absolutely gobsmacked by the items in it!

There were at least a hundred boxes in it all colored the same!

All of them had a symbol of void energy, letting Felix figure out their content immediately.

I don\'t know if he is being generous or just more interested in Nimo\'s hatching than us. Thor gave a hollow laugh.

I am willing to bet it\'s the latter. Jörmungandr said.

They had already noticed during their meeting that Lord Khaos was quite invested in matters related to the Paragon of Sins.

Since he sent them hundreds of boxes filled with void energy, it only meant that he wanted Nimo to hatch as fast as possible so he could grow quickly and replace the Paragon of Sins.

\'Heh heh, don\'t mind me taking some of your food Nimo.\' Felix grinned shamelessly as he beamed ten boxes and stacked them to the side.

Since it was almost impossible to get void energy online, Felix had no way to use void-based abilities even if he integrated with the Void bloodline.

In addition, he needed void energy to increase his affinity to 100% after he drinks the void potion that would awaken his affinity to the element.

Based on Lady Sphinx, the potion had already been made by her a month before and was on its journey to him.

It could arrive from three to ten days max.

Lord Khaos\'s gift was truly too timely even though it wasn\'t directed to him!

If it wasn\'t for it, Felix would have gone hunting void creatures normally like other mercenaries to gather as much void energy as possible and push his affinity to the peak.

When Nimo saw Felix looking at the chests with a greedy grin, he didn\'t know what he was up scheming.

But he still felt like he was being robbed, making him jump around in indignation.

Eee! Eee!

\'You better quieten down or I will come get you.\' Asna threatened while yawning lazily.


Immediately after hearing her devilish voice, Nimo jumped on Lady Sphinx\'s lap and curled up fearfully.

He truly got the short end of the stick to end up in the clutches of those two shameless and sadistic duo.

Let\'s see what grade of stones he sent. Felix rubbed his palms while trying to open one of the chests.

Are you stupid! Thor berated almost immediately.


The box is the container for the energy. Jörmungandr informed, The moment you open it, the energy will dissipate almost immediately.

Is it because of its nature

Felix pulled back his hands after figuring out what they meant.

Since he almost never interacted with void energy before, he forgot to consider that its energy wasn\'t like the others.

For water, fire, ice, wind, and most elements, their elemental energy gets absorbed through rocks, stones, or other physical objects.

Felix believed that he would find void rocks inside the chest instead of the energy itself.

Rare elements should never be treated the same as uncommon and common elements.

This container must be special for it to keep the energy within.

Felix examined the black chests thoroughly, knowing that elemental energy shouldn\'t be contained physical objects.

It could actually travel through them quite easily like microwaves and such.

Only void material can hold into void energy. Lady Sphinx answered his doubts.

As expected of Lord Khaos.

Felix admired, knowing that it was almost impossible for him to create solid material through his elements and actually make them remain permanent or self-sustaining.

The best he could do was create solidified tiny poison objects that could break quite easily.

He still had too much to learn to reach the level of primogenitors when it came to elemental manipulation.

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