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Naturally, Felix didn\'t know if it would work since he didn\'t double-check on his work at all.

But, he was still proud of his quick improvement over the past month.

From being able to measly connect nails with walls, Felix was now able to create a giant ten meters metallic robot all by himself!

Thor might be hard-handed in his training but it showed time and time again that it worked just fine to push Felix\'s limits and turn the impossible into possible.

Get your ass up and pilot this thing. Thor grinned as he kicked Felix\'s feet lightly, It better move properly or tonight you will be cooked under another lightning shower.

Upon hearing so, Felix quickly refilled his tank and bounced back up on his feet.

He rubbed his hands in nervousness while standing behind the robot.

Don\'t you dare fail me now.

Felix murmured as he entered the head of the robot from a door in the back.

Inside the head, there was only a chair and two metallic poles attached with it and the neck.

Felix sat on the chair and placed his hands on the poles.

Then, he took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

\'I need to connect all the limbs with myself.\'

Felix sent out a stream of discharges from his palm that went through the metallic pole and spread throughout the massive robotic body.

Each time he reached a limb, he separated an electrical string and attached it with the limb and on one of his fingers.

He did this with all of the other limbs and joints until all of his fingers were linked with them.

Thor was gentle enough not to make Felix work on the robot\'s fingers and toes as well.

\'Let\'s test their mobility first.\'

Felix started with the head as he controlled it to turn slightly to the left by raising his finger.

The electrical string attached to the head suddenly expanded into tens of electrical lines and forced the head to move as Felix directed.

Clank Clank!

The noise the head made was irritating alright but Felix didn\'t give a ** as he was pleased by it moving as he wanted!

After all, if his bolts were screwed wrong, the head wouldn\'t even be able to move!

Felix did the same test with all the other limbs and found out that none of them suffered from any issues!

\'Thank god.\' Felix sighed in relief.

Good, good, now try to stand up. Thor said with his arms crossed.

Alright gimme a sec.

Felix knew that it was going to be extremely difficult to achieve if he wasn\'t fully focused.

After all, he would need to control multiple joints at the same time to make it happen.

If he got confused for even a split second, he would end up giving the wrong orders.

After spending thirty seconds creating an outline of the movement required to stand up, Felix snapped his eyes open and began playing with his fingers like a pianist.

Clack Clack...

Every time he moved a finger, the correspondent joint get encased in tens of electrical thin wires before getting forced to move.

Thor pulled some distance and watched the giant robot use both of his hands to pull himself into a dog position.

Then, the robot placed one hand on his knee and the other used it to propel himself up! 

Just as the robot was going to fall on his back due to the sudden shift in balance, Felix used all he got to lift the other leg as well!


The ten meters robot was now standing on his feet with bent knees and a wide-open stance, to enhance his balance!

\'Let\'s go!\'

Inside the head, Felix was already sweating buckets with his fingers twitching all over.

Yet, he was still laughing excitedly as he never expected himself to actually pull it off!

After failing the hundredth time, one was bound to lose faith in his ability. 

Since every fail was accompanied by hellish punishment, it just made it worse for Felix to continue on this exercise.

To the point, he truly believed that it was impossible to pull it off.

Fortunately for him, Thor never gave up on his ability to do it.

Very good kiddo. Thor smiled with a pleased look as he teleported next to Felix inside the cockpit. 

He patted his shoulder and said, You can let go now.

Although it was really hard to keep this giant piece of metal remains standing on a windy peak of a mountain, Felix was reluctant to disconnect his electromagnetism.

Can I play with it a bit Felix requested.

Knock yourself out.

Our session will end soon anyway. Thor shrugged his shoulders and logged out of the UVR.

Hehehe, Queen remove the limitation on my energy and take us to a smooth surface. Felix requested while grinning in glee.

It was a dream of every man or boy to pilot a mech and f*ck some ** up. 

When Felix was sent to a normal white room, he didn\'t hesitate to ask for another mech AI to fight him.

Unfortunately, even without energy limitation, he got his ass handed to him.

After all, he was piloting a clunky piece of the junk while he was going against a real Mech!

Nevertheless, Felix was having fun utilizing nothing but his electromagnetism to operate his robot.

In real-life battles, Felix knew that creating a robotic mech to fight with was absolutely useless.

No one would wait until he finishes and if he was given the chance to create it, the enemies he was going to face could blow it up with a single ability.

He knew it, Thor knew it.

Still, he was forced to pass this exercise since the final product wasn\'t the reward but the techniques mastered during its creation.

Felix was now able to control his electromagnetism either delicately or forcefully.

He could do them at the same time if he wanted!

Mastering those techniques was the real reward!

In addition, having the ability to work on metallic objects like this could potentially help Felix in space if his spaceship ever got blown or something.

I believe he is ready now to learn your psychic shield. Jörmungandr mentioned while sitting next to Thor.

I will keep an eye on him in the upcoming month. Thor responded.

Thor knew that learning a psychic shield wasn\'t going to be an easy endeavor.

It might take Felix years before mastering it if he stayed consistent in his training.

That\'s because one single mistake in using the technique might end up blowing Felix\'s brain.

It was that risky!


Two months later...

\'Sir Felix, we have reached the territory of the capital city of the Guardian Empire.\' The Queen announced.

Phew, we are finally here. Felix wiped his sweaty forehead while holding into a solidified white poison arrow.

Master, can I end the training early today Felix requested from Jörmungandr.

Ahem. Jörmungandr made an acknowledging sound while playing chess with Thor.

Upon getting his confirmation, Felix logged out and requested the Queen to slow the spaceship\'s speed.

How many kilometers left for our destination Felix asked.

\'148,359 kilometers before arriving at the capital planet.\'

Felix thought about it for a second before responding, \'keep going at this pace.\'

Felix didn\'t want to enter the planet before his void bloodline arrives.

It was safer and easier to attempt entering the 3rd stage of replacement in his spaceship than in an unfamiliar environment.

Felix was told by Lady Sphinx that the bloodline would reach in the next upcoming days at best.

\'Queen, what will cost me to change my identity\' Felix inquired as he sat in his bedroom.

\'Changing identity is impossible unless you wish for it.

Based on your current owned wishes, you can only change it temporarily for two years if you combined two wishes.\' Queen replied.

\'I see.\' Felix nodded his head in understanding.

In the beginning, Felix planned only to change his identity during the trial of the Void Mercenary Guild.

However, after doing some research, he realized that the Void Guild\'s trials were held up only in the capital city of the Guardian Empire.

Felix knew that he couldn\'t enter the capital city without providing his identification.

If he did so, he would be exposed almost immediately to the higher up of the empire since he was a wanted man in secret.

Don\'t let his glorified reputation in the human race foul you.

The upper echelons still desired to capture him and extract all of his secrets.

\'Two years...Hmm, I think it will be enough to harvest the required void energy.\' Felix nodded his head as he requested, \'Queen, let me check the list of identities.\'

Almost immediately, Felix was presented with a list of randomized identities that were generated by her.

Felix clicked on one of them and started reading its details.

It had everything about the character.

age, school, address, job, financial situation...etc

There was even a picture accompanied with the list of information.

The moment Felix agreed to this identity, he would be this person for two years without worrying about getting discovered.

That\'s because the Queen didn\'t just generate those details randomly.

She manipulated the system to make this character real by putting all these data in its right places.

The identity was as legit as Felix\'s own!

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