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Weeks went by and Asna\'s virus was still getting out of hand in the network.

Her random appearances with Felix in restaurants, waterparks, beaches, or just walking hand in hand in public parks were being taken extremely seriously by anyone interested in her.

Hell, she already had tens of fan clubs that were packed with billions of fans!

Since those interested in her were for the sake of her unparalleled beauty, they came from all industries!

This pushed her clubs to raise way higher than every actor, actress, and SG player!

When compared to Felix\'s Fanclub, the numbers had already surpassed him!

Due to the lack of information about her and her secretive persona, some of those clubs had been turned into cult-like groups, where they legit worship her as a goddess.

On the other hand, Felix\'s reputation had reached a new low due to him being seen holding hands with Asna from time to time.

Everyone who was obsessed with Asna wanted nothing else but to rip Felix into pieces.

Whenever they imagine Felix doing something dirty to Asna, they feel like their hearts were getting stamped brutally.

In their eyes, if they couldn\'t have her then no one should!

Hence, Felix had been getting cursed a lot lately in the network due to Asna.

Those curses or snarky remarks were coming from commoners, SG players, and even authoritative figures!

Unfortunately for them, Felix\'s face was thick enough to handle every hateful remark thrown at him.

In fact, the more hate he received, the happier he got since they just keep emphasizing his relationship with Asna.

Speaking about their relationship, It was progressing slower than a snail pace...Weeks went by already and they had yet to do anything besides holding hands.

In fact, they were just bickering more often now.

It seemed like there was some sort of emotional barrier that was hard to break for them.

Lady Sphinx, Thor, and Jörmungandr didn\'t try to help them out since they wanted them to figure out on their own.


Right at this moment, Felix was going hard on his training...

He wanted to master electromagnetism as fast as possible so he could be ready to learn psychic shield.

It was an ability that assisted Thor in resisting mental attacks.

Though, it was quite difficult to learn due to its high requirement on electromagnetism control.

Meanwhile, Asna was hanging around in Lady Sphinx\'s house, spending most of those days sunbathing near the pool.

Aren\'t you planning on working or something Didn\'t you get thousands of offers in films and such It can be fun. Lady Sphinx said while lying beside Asna in front of her massive pool.

I am too lazy. Asna yawned and started stretching like a cat on her seat.

She was wearing a beautiful white one-piece that highlighted her curves.

If Felix was around, his mouth would be watering already.

Won\'t you be bored wasting your days like this Lady Sphinx wondered.

Maybe later, but now Asna wore her sunglasses as she smiled happily, I just want to relax like this.

\'Help! He is going to kill me!\'

\'You brat! How dare you raise your voice at me!\'


Upon hearing Felix\'s cry of help, Asna didn\'t hesitate to disconnect their minds.

It happened way too often in those days, she was accustomed to it.

Meanwhile, Felix could be seen being chased by Thor with a hammer on top of a snowy mountain.

He was terrified for his life since he had just snapped at Thor reflexively after getting punished for the hundredth time for failing to make a titan out of metal like the transformers.

You little ** failed hundred times and still dare to raise your voice! Thor cursed as he threw his hammer at Felix akin to a homing missile.

It\'s just impossible right now! Felix cried out loud with an aggrieved expression as he blocked the hammer with electrical arcs.

I told you many times to let him learn at his own pace. Jörmungandr fired shots at Thor, Maybe that\'s why he like training with me more.

No wonder his poison manipulation is falling behind. Thor snickered as he teleported in front of Felix and caught him by his neck.

Since Thor was three meters tall, Felix appeared like a baby chick held in his palm.

Felix stopped resisting at once, knowing that he couldn\'t do anything inside Thor\'s room.

He was a god in it after all.

I will give you one more chance, if you failed, the punishment period will double! Thor warned as he teleported with Felix back into the snowy peak.

The moment Felix was thrown to the ground, he started shivering at the thought of his punishment getting doubled.

Who could blame him

The punishment was getting showered under thunderclouds with weakened lightning resistance instead of his immunity!

The pain wasn\'t a joke!

\'You got this! You already failed hundred times, just don\'t repeat the same mistakes.\' Felix pumped himself with some encouraging words.

Still, his biggest motivation was avoiding the punishment at all costs.

Begin! Thor yelled as he manifested hundreds of metallic parts.

Some of them were as tall as a tree and some of them were as tiny as a nail.

Felix had to make a precise humanoid robot out of those parts in less than fifteen minutes without relying on his supersonic mode!

\'First, separate the limbs and the torso to the side.\' Felix aimed his palms at the biggest parts and lifted them up by using electromagnetism.

It made him appear like he was using lightning arcs to lift heavy objects.

Thud Thud!

After placing them down, Felix started separating the smaller parts on each side.

He paid special care to the bolts and nails since they could easily disappear under the snow.

If he forgot even one of them, Thor would give him crap about it.


The way he got them together was by making them attach themselves to a bigger metal part by using electromagnetism.

Then, he placed it near him and swiftly focused on the bigger parts.

\'Let\'s try the torso this time.\'

Felix took a deep breath and used all he got to lift the torso in the air with tens of electrical arcs.

Since it was heavy, he really had a hard time moving it quickly to his desired location.


Still, he preserved and made it happen without dropping it once.


Felix was quite delighted by his success since he almost always dropped it and gets forced to waste even more energy to lift it back up.

Because he was using only his energy tank, he truly couldn\'t afford to waste a little bit lest he ends up out before completing his task.

It already happened tens of times before.

After lying the torso down on its back, Felix lifted the left thigh and connected it with its place on the torso.

Then, he picked up thirty bolts exactly and started affixing the thigh with the torso without using anything besides his electromagnetism.

To control such small bolts, Felix needed to be extremely delicate unlike before.

Otherwise, the bolt would be fired off like a bullet if he gave it even a little bit more of his energy.

Well done! Carry on! You have 13 minutes left.

Thor complemented from above as he watched Felix clean his sweaty forehead after screwing all the bolts in their places.

\'13 minutes, I need to go even faster.\'

Felix understood that he still had other limbs and joints to deal with.

If he wanted to get this over within time, he needed to increase his efficiency without compromising his work!

So, he quickly repeated the same process with the other thigh and moved to the knee joints the moment he was done.

Instead of doing them one by one, Felix lifted both joins at the same time and attached them carefully with the thighs!

Not wasting time with celebration, Felix took a handful of bolts and started screwing three by three as fast as he could.

His eyes weren\'t focusing on anything but the tiny holes on the joints and the thighs!

The worst part, he wouldn\'t completely connect them together since the joints wouldn\'t allow the robot to walk.

Thor wanted a real transformer, not a toy.

So, Felix had to know exactly which holes he needed to skip while going at such speed!


11 minutes!

Since time was short, Felix didn\'t even check if he did them right or not after he was done.

He quickly lifted the legs and connected them with the knees one by one.

Naturally, the feet had joints as well, making it a requirement for him to get them perfectly!

9 minutes!

\'Faster, faster, faster, faster...\'

Felix\'s hands turned into ghosts as he worked on connecting the shoulders, arms, elbows, and hands.

He never glanced back to double-check on his work just to gain that extra second or two!

After he was done with both arms, Thor shouted that only three minutes remained.

By now, Felix was starting to feel exhaustion signs due to his elemental energy getting lower and lower. 

Asna, who always fill it back in, was sunbathing near the pool, uncaring about his sufferings.

\'Come on, last two parts!\'

Felix cracked his fingers and then aimed them at the giant robotic neck.

electrical snakes emerged from the tip of his fingers and pulled up the neck from the snow.


Instead of walking with it, Felix hurled near the near-completed robot.

Thor raised an eyebrow in displeasure but he didn\'t say anything.

He just watched Felix struggle to connect the neck with the torso and then move back towards the head.

\'I can\'t lift anything anymore!\' Felix stared exhaling out loud as he had just finished a ten kilometers marathon.

The giant head in front of him appeared like a mountain in his current state.

40 seconds!

Yet, the moment he heard Thor\'s voice, Felix mustered everything he had to push the head towards the neck!

Naturally, he utilized only electromagnetism to do so!

Due to its spherical shape, it made it much easier for Felix to reach the neck quickly.

10 seconds!

Felix pulled the remaining bolts from his pockets and attached each one on the tip of his finger! Then, he screwed them all at the same time by firing them into the tiny holes precisely!

The moment they got connected with the holes, Felix turned his fingers around and the bolts all started spinning into their rightful holes!

Time over!

Thor teleported instantly in front of Felix, stopping him from trying anything else.

He didn\'t even need to as the moment Felix heard his voice, he dropped face down into the snow like a dead dog.

He was left with only 1% in his elemental pool.

Enough to keep him awake but in a trance.

\'Finally...\' Felix smiled proudly.

After failing hundred times to finish the giant robot, he was ought to feel proud of such accomplishment.

Especially when he doubted himself about getting it done!

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