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Felix peeked at her and couldn\'t help but feel his heart start racing yet again.

This time, he didn\'t do anything to stop it...He let his emotions out, knowing that Asna would believe that he was reacting this way due to the ride.

Felix knew that he shouldn\'t be feeling like this for Asna since it could ruin their relationship forever, but he couldn\'t help it.

He had already fallen and the only thing he could do now was play it safe.

At least, until he was certain of her emotions directed at him.

He understood that Asna was quite fickle in her behavior and emotions.

\'Oh no! Not again!\' 

Felix\'s thoughts were broken by Asna\'s panicky voice.

When he looked in front of him, he realized that the wagon had already reached the peak and it was about to descend one more time.



I wanna gooo home!

While Asna was joining the others in their screams with her eyes closed shut, Felix placed his hands behind his head in a relaxed manner as he thought to himself, \'The worst that can happen is embarrassing myself.\'


A few minutes later...

The wagon finally returned to to the original platform.

The people in the queue cheered in excitement while the ones in the wagon either escaped with shaky legs or remained seated with eyes closed shut.

\'Queen, kick them off please.\' The operator requested with a bored tone.

Everyone had been sent below the platform.

Even Felix and Asna.

It was done like this to avoid people trying to play again after they just finished while the others still wait below for their turn.

Wanna do it again Felix teased as he supported Asna from her waist while she tries to catch her breath.

Prick! Asna gave him a middle finger with a tearful look.

It was an exciting experience but she would rather lock herself back in Felix\'s mind than attempt it again!

Alright, alright, no need for the finger, there are kids here. Felix lowered her finger and suggested, How about we eat something You look like you can\'t handle another game.

I want fried Red Mingle wings dipped in hot sauce! Asna\'s eyes brightened up at him mentioning food.

She was quite excited to experience UVR\'s cuisine fully.

For a foodie like her, it was one of her first targets.

She used to mimic the food in Felix\'s memories but since Felix wasn\'t really that interested in cuisine, his memories didn\'t have too many unique choices for her.


In a few minutes, Felix and Asna reached an open restaurant that was packed with families.

Not a single table was available for them.

Let\'s get a take-out and eat it in the garden. Felix suggested while eyeing a giant holographic menu.

Okay. Asna nodded her head and pointed her finger at the dish she wanted on the menu.

Felix picked the same plate as hers and added two cans of root beer.

Then, he paid for it with a click of a button and went to get his food from the front desk.

After he picked the two plates, he handed one to Asna and walked together in direction of a wide-open garden that was also an open zoo!

Felix and Asna sat below a giant pink sakura-like tree and placed the plates on their thighs.

Then, they unsealed the wrapper and started eating in enjoyment while watching all kinds of unique and gentle animals walking by them.

There was no bickering, no talking, no cursing, just chilling and eating together in silence.

After a short while, they finished their food and went for a walk next to the lake.

They could see marine lifeforms swimming peacefully below and even silhouettes of mermaids dancing at the bottom.

Do you want to experience the Ferris wheel or haunted house or something Felix inquired casually.

Uhmmm, I am done with hardcore games, so let\'s just try the Ferris wheel and then leave. Asna answered.

Let\'s get going then.

Felix beamed his hover platform and jumped on it.

Then, he lifted Asna up and said, Hold tight.

Since Asna already rode it once with him, she wasn\'t as embarrassed as the first time.

After a short while, they reached the Ferris wheel\'s entrance.

They were lucky to find it still loading passengers in carts.

Each cart was big enough to hold four.

Still, if the person riding it first wanted to have it all to himself, he could totally do so.

Felix and Asna walked towards the operator and showed him their VIP ticket.

P..pleas..e...go...ahead. The operator started stuttering after coming face to face with Asna.

He didn\'t even bother to check her VIP ticket or inform her of the rules.

Thank you handsome. Asna smiled at him and stepped forward in the cart.

The moment the people in the queue saw her smile, their begrudging looks went away almost instantaneously.

Unnoticed by others, Felix joined Asna inside the cart with a peeved look, Such an unfair society.

If it was another VIP individual, he would have been booed to death by the ones in the queue.

Cluck! Cluck!

The cart\'s door got closed automatically as the Wheel started moving slowly forward, giving space for the next cart to get filled up.

What do you wanna do next after the wheel Felix stretched his limbs as he suggested, Swimming pool Beach Visiting Exploration ruins Play Fake Supremacy Games Or something else

I don\'t know...There is so much to do I am starting to get overwhelmed. Asna said.

No need to rush. Felix yawned as he gazed from the window, We will do everything eventually.

Okay! Asna felt a bit happy at him mentioning doing those activities together instead of leaving her to do them alone.

As they waited for the wheel to start rotating, the news and pictures of Asna had already spread to multiple galaxies and even landed in the hands of some high echelons individuals.

No matter if one was a broke peasant with a mountain of debt on his back or a king owning tens of solar systems, all of them had one final reaction.

Complete obsession over Asna, making them want her to be theirs so bad, they were willing to do anything!

Since Felix had been spotted with her, everyone believed that she was accompanying him in the real world.

So, they added new bounties to find him again!

Felix didn\'t give a ** about those bounties since he already had thousands of them.

As for the women Most of them expressed intense jealously over Asna\'s beauty.

Yet, the majority tried to copy Asna\'s appearance for their own benefits in the UVR.

Unfortunately, the moment they tried doing so, the Queen shocked them with, \'The owner of this appearance is not allowing anyone to copy it.\'

Unlike Felix who monetized his appearance by allowing anyone to copy it as long as they pay for it, Asna outright denied it!

In her eyes, no amount of money could make her share her appearance with anyone!

Felix had no intention of persuading her differently since it was her own decision to make.

Oh, by the way, we need to get you a bank account. Felix mentioned.

Asna shook her head as she replied, No need, Big sis already gave me one of hers.

I see.

Felix didn\'t bother asking her about money after hearing so.

He knew that Lady Sphinx must have taken care of it just like she did with Thor and Jörmungandr.


After waiting fifteen minutes, the Ferris wheel had been finally refilled with new passengers and started rotating in a slow manner.

Since its height had reached up to one kilometer, the view from above was truly mystical.

Asna and Felix didn\'t speak to each other at all as they kept reeling in the breathtaking sunset from within the clouds.

Felix glanced at Asna and saw that she was fully engrossed in looking outside of the window.

When he looked down, he noticed that her right hand was placed on the seat next to him.

\'Now or never.\'

Felix wasn\'t known for being hesitant.

So, he took advantage of the atmosphere and placed his hand above hers.

He didn\'t hold her hand or anything, he just kept it placed on hers.

Asna flinched when she felt his warm palm but she didn\'t turn around or pull back her hand back.

She simply kept her head facing the window without saying anything.

When Felix looked at her blushed face reflected on the window, he couldn\'t help but smile faintly and hold her hand.

Asna tensed up for a little bit but soon, she relaxed her shoulders and connected her fingers with his hand.

No one spoke, no one thought of anything...Yet, both of them understood completely what each other wanted from the other.

Still, neither Felix nor Asna voiced it out loud.

They just stayed holding hands like that without even facing each other...Even for a playboy like Felix, a moment like this almost never happened to him before since he never fell truly in love with a girl.

So, he didn\'t make any other advancement on Asna and just played it slow like this.

It\'s not like Asna was going anywhere....

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