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A couple of weeks later...

The Dark Deviant Spaceship had finally entered the Milky Way Galaxy through a VIP wormhole, connected with the Mariana Empire.

Although the spaceship was in the Mariana Empire, it kept its journey towards the Guardian Empire.

The Queen AI had no intention of changing its course without Felix\'s approval.

In this regard, nothing much changed.

Felix was still sleeping soundly in his VR Pod.

The instant a full day went by without him regaining consciousness, the Queen activated the protocol that Felix had set before drinking the potion.

Although he was clearly physically and mentally sound, he had yet to show any signs of waking up.

Naturally, this started to get in Asna\'s head since she expected that he would wake up only in a few days.

He truly received a massive mental shock. Lady Sphinx murmured as she played with her cat\'s mustache.

She also didn\'t anticipate this long duration.

She predicted that he would be up in a week or so at best.

What should we do What if he doesn\'t wake up

Anxious, Asna started pacing around the table while brainstorming on methods to wake him up.

Believe it or not, she had yet to log in to the UVR in the past weeks! 

In her mind, the experience would be lifeless when Felix was still in a coma.

She could never enjoy her time in the UVR in such a situation.

I think he needs some sort of a push to wake up. Thor suggested.

All of them nodded their heads in agreement.

They had given him all of the time in the world to wake up on his own.

It was obvious that he wasn\'t able to do so.

They had already tried talking to him but it didn\'t work.

Leave it to me. Lady Sphinx closed her book and placed it on the table.

Then, she closed her eyes and started to apply spiritual pressure on Felix\'s soul.

She kept increasing the pressure slowly until tiny fissures began to appear on the soul barrier.

Just as she wanted to add a bit more pressure, Asna blocked her, Let\'s use another method.

She couldn\'t handle seeing Felix\'s soul cracking again.

Okay. Lady Sphinx pulled back her pressure.

She also didn\'t want to damage Felix\'s soul barrier again.

She simply wanted his instincts to force him to wake up due to the danger involved.

Your idea is correct, but the execution isn\'t. Jörmungandr said calmly, You lacked the most important element.

Murderous intent. Thor answered for him.

Indeed. Lady Sphinx agreed.

Unfortunately, she lacked murderous intent since all the people who died in her hands were for the sake of knowledge.

In her eyes, she wasn\'t a murderer, killer, or genocidal...She was simply a seeker of knowledge and truth.

On the other hand, Thor and Jörmungandr had honed their murderous intent to the point it could kill someone by its sheer pressure!

Let me try. Jörmungandr requested while standing up.

He affixed his attire as he took a deep breath with his eyes closed shut.

He was recalling Fenrir and his battles with the Darkin Faction members, trying his best to summon his murderous intent.

The moment he thought of Fenrir\'s current situation and the Darkin Faction members who forced him into it, his serpent-like eyes were snapped wide open!

Asna couldn\'t help but gulp in fear at the new horrifying appearance of Jörmungandr!

\'That\'s it, the true appearance of the Ragnarok Bringer!\'

Thor\'s senses tingled in excitement as he watched Jörmungandr\'s robe flutter without any wind around!

They were moving by the aura of his murderous intent!

The kind and gentle Jörmungandr was nowhere to be seen! In his place, only a murderous cold predator remained behind!

This was the true suppressed nature of The World Serpent!

Felix, you either wake up now or remain in slumber for eternity! Jörmungandr threatened with a suppressed tone while aiming his murderous intent at Felix.

Almost instantaneously, Felix\'s drowsy instincts started tingling like there was no tomorrow!

Felix\'s blood pressure started to climb through the roof while his heart started pumping high dosages of adrenaline!

The heart monitor started peeping rapidly while showing that Felix\'s heartbeats had reached 160 and still climbing!

WAKE UP NOW YOU LITTLE BRAT! Jörmungandr shouted furiously as he banged the table with his fist.

Just like electricity traveling his body, the shockwave of Jörmungandr\'s shout sent goosebumps throughout Felix\'s limbs as well as chills down his spine!

It was the last nail in the coffin as the moment Felix felt everything at once, he could not remain in asleep for even a second!

Don\'t eat me...I am not as delicious as Asna...Eat her... Felix murmured with muddled eyes, having absolutely no idea where he was and what was going on.

The only thing he remembered was a cosmic serpent opening its wide jaw while trying to devour him.

It turned out, Jörmungandr\'s murderous intent had manifested a nightmare in his mind, forcing him to wake up instinctively!

You prick, cursing me even in your sleep.

Although Asna sounded displeased, her true emotions were that of pure happiness and relief.

Asleep How long Tired, Felix rubbed his eyes as he yawned in a daze.

A month or so.

Upon hearing so, Felix started to recall what\'s transpired before going offline.

The moment he remembered that chilling agony, goosebumps coursed on his skin, making him snap back to reality instantly!

Asna! Your ass better be in UVR! He shivered, I am never doing this ** ever again!

It seems like he didn\'t recall that he received confirmation just before he pass out.

I have already connected my consciousness. Asna answered.

That\'s good to hear. Felix sighed in relief as he requested the Queen to stop the Spaceship somewhere.

After it was stopped, Felix exited the VR Pod and stretched his limbs while asking with a smile, Did you enjoy your time there

Ahm, it was good.

Asna got slightly embarrassed at his question.

She didn\'t want to tell him that she had yet to enter the UVR because of his coma.

So She did a classic Asna behavior, lie about it.

Just okay It seems like you haven\'t done much in it. Felix smiled as he walked towards the bathroom, Give me a moment, I will log in after a quick shower and I will take you for a date.

A date! Who wants to go on a date with you! Asna got jumpy all of a sudden, not realizing that Felix was just teasing her.

Felix chuckled at her reaction and entered the shower, not thinking too much of their usual bickering.


A few minutes later...

Felix could be seen standing in the living room of his Androxa house.

Where are you at Felix inquired.

He had already sent Asna an invitation link that would allow her to teleport straight to his house.

Naturally, it would cost a fortune in commoners standard, but Felix stopped minding the prices of such fees.

It was all about optimization of his time now.

Don\'t rush me. Asna barked annoyedly while trying out gorgeous outfits in her UVR\'s room.

It was the first time she was going to appear in public and she wanted it to be perfect.

After waiting almost fifteen minutes for her, Felix finally lost his patience and grumbled, I have already wasted a month in a coma because of you, get your ass right here now, or I will restart my training on electromagnetism.

Just a second! Asna mumbled in annoyance as she put on a red lipstick that matched her long wavy fiery crimson hair.

After she was done, she turned around while looking at her reflection in the mirror.

Not bad. Satisfied, she winked at herself with a loveable smile.


\'I AM COMING!\' Asna yelled back as she clicked on the link furiously, \'Don\'t you know you shouldn\'t rush a lady!\'

\'Be a lady firs...\' 

Before Felix could finish his sentence, he was forced to swallow the rest the instant Asna manifested in front of him in one of the most eye-catching dresses he had ever seen.

The black dress left her shoulders mostly uncovered and flew down into a simple cowl neckline.

It was a comfortable fit that helped remove some of the unwanted attention on her perk breasts but does so by still looking fine.

Her arms had been covered to just above her elbows.

The sleeves were a loose fit and, in a way, helped put focus on her soft milky white skin.

The dress\' waist was thin, but it was a loose fit.

A small, stylish belt was all that was needed as a perfect adornment.

Below the waist, the dress widens and had a trapeze style.

The dress reached all the way down, almost covering her feet, which were rested on elegant black barely there heels.

A perfect choice in combination with this dress.

To top it all off she was wearing a simple, but a fashionable necklace and small, stylish earrings.

With her light makeup and wavy layered crimson hair that shone with crystal luster, Asna\'s flawless beauty had been enhanced to the point Felix managed to murmur only a single comment.

A Living Goddess....

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