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They knew that Pengfu and Felix shouldn\'t be underestimated but this was still way too fast!

Especially, when Bloodlust was known for his sub-immortality with his blood-based abilities and Murkseeker for his survivability with his water abilities!

Alas, the deafening silence in the maze made them understand that their battles were truly over.

I can\'t believe my eyes. 

In utter disbelief, Letomar commentated as he watched the aftermath of the battle on the big screen with the viewers.

All of them seemed like they had just seen a ghost with their stupefied expressions.

REPLAAAY!!!....F*ckk! I refuse to believe that they did that!...REPLAY IT!!!

Out of nowhere, the stadium exploded into shouts and yells, requesting a replay of the battle!

They didn\'t even need to ask.

Letomar swiftly replayed the final scene of the battle.


On the screen, Felix and Pengfu could be seen chasing after Bloodlust and Murkseeker while assaulting them with ranged abilities.

Those abilities only caused some inconvenience to Bloodlust and Murkseeker due to them focusing heavily on protecting themselves.

In their eyes, they just needed to stale for some time until their allies arrive and gang up on Felix and Pengfu.

Unfortunately, Felix and Pengfu knew that with each second wasted, their situation would get grimmer.

Hence, they decided to go all out on those two!

That\'s when the viewers were left speechless as Felix had turned himself into a ten meters giant while Pengfu transformed into his spherical fluffy form!

Then, under everyone\'s disbelieving looks, Felix lifted Pengfu in one hand and pitched him as hard as he could towards Bloodlust and Murkseeker!

When those two heard the weird noise behind them and took a peek, their brains got short-circulated at the horrifying image of a three meters giant ball, flying at them akin to a missile!


Alas, that momentary stiffness was enough for Bloodlust to get completely blown into smithereens after getting directly smashed by Pengfu!

Neither he nor his shields did slow Pengfu\'s speed by a little.

This resulted in Pengfu bouncing off the wall like a tennis ball and coming back at Murkseeker!

After seeing Bloodlust\'s tragic end, Murkseeker was too horrified to even try and defend himself against Pengfu!

Thankfully, he had a surrender coupon in his possession, making him activate it right before Pengfu collided with his Water shield!

Thud Thud Thud!!

Finding no target, Pengfu bounced a few times against the walls before releasing his limbs in the air and landing on his butt next to Felix.

Never again! I rarely rolled at such a high speed while colliding with objects. Pengfu complained as he massaged his temples to ease his dizziness.

I thought you will enjoy it. Felix chuckled as he dusted his palms while shrinking to his original size.

You don\'t know how hard it is for me to harden my flesh at the perfect moment while rolling at such a high speed. Pengfu kept complaining.

Good job, good job.

Felix didn\'t give him hard time or tease him anymore as he knew that he was right.

If Pengfu wasn\'t able to soften and toughen his body at his desire, he wouldn\'t have been able to bounce like that on walls.

It would have been impossible for Felix to hurl Pengfu with that kind of speed if he wasn\'t able to do that.

That\'s because Pandions\' bodies were always in a soft state like a marshmallow.

Their weight is reduced significantly while their flexibility gets enhanced remarkably.

When they want to harden their bodies, they simply turn on their energy core within them, allowing them to enhance their physical strength and weight to an abnormal level!

So, before colliding with a wall, it was a must to turn off their energy core lest they get badly injured due to the force.

Those two synergy is truly out of the world. Letomar\'s eyelids twitched after figuring out their unorthodox technique.

The viewers could only agree with speechless expressions, feeling like they had just seen the weirdest/strongest combo in the platinum rank.

It\'s truly hard to get bored when watching your champion. Siren chuckled while looking at three suspects.

Using a player as artillery, kekeke, my horizons are truly broadened. Cherufe added with a hearty laugh.

Too bad, it seems like the panda isn\'t planning on doing it again. Wendigo snickered, Let\'s see how long can he rely on his ally.

The moment Wendigo said so, the primogenitors were left speechless after seeing that Felix and Pengfu had separated after the replay ended!

What the hell

Letomar and the viewers were dumbfounded as well.

They just started to believe that Felix and Pengfu would remain as allies until the game ends after that shocking combo.

Yet, it was over just like that

Maybe they are still allies and they just decided to split Ah, never mind, they really did break their alliance.

Letomar corrected himself after asking the Queen about their alliance and finding out that it was truly over.

This confused most of the viewers since they believed that those two would have higher chances of survival if they remained together against the mega alliance.

However, the intelligent ones thought differently.

I understand that Pengfu wanted to break the alliance since the players were hunting after Felix due to possessing a nuke, but why did Felix agree to it

Queen Allura tilted her head in confusion as she watched the stream with Sage Dalilia in her royal bedroom.

Sigh, Queen you really can\'t be wasting time like this.

You missed one meeting already with the Dwarven ambassador...

Shshshs, how can I miss my little junior game Queen Allura shooed her away, Go handle my next meetings, I will join you when it\'s over.

Seeing that Queen Allura was in deep thought, Sage Dalilia\'s eyelids twitched as she glanced at Felix on the screen.

\'Even when he is not here, he is still a pain in the ass.\'

Sage Dalilia exited the room, leaving Queen Allura to think out loud, Why did you break it, little junior

This question confused the other quick-witted viewers as well.

They knew that an alliance couldn\'t be broken unless the majority had voted in favor.

This meant Pengfu was stuck with Felix until the end of the game since their alliance could break only when one of them had exited the maze.

Felix had literally freed Pengfu from the hassle of being targeted by the mega alliance.

What\'s worse, the viewers knew that Felix would act as the perfect distraction for Pengfu!

After all, they would be aiming at him specifically, giving Pengfu the chance to sneak back to the center if he got lucky!

Just like they thought, the mega alliance all moved at once to locate Felix after splitting into teams made out of two players.

Since fifteen players remained, this meant that Felix was currently being hunted by seven parties!

As for the last player He was left behind to protect the gate.

That player was actually WowefxNero!

They were standing next to the gate while spewing a flood of mud continuously from their palms and feet.

The mud kept spreading around the gate in a controlled circular motion.

It was clear that they planned on taking advantage of their situation to set up an earth domain for them!

\'Bro, are you sure we should be staying here instead of helping them\' Wowef complained, \'We even had to sign a term to block us from exiting the maze for five minutes after they kill him.\'

Naturally, the players would never leave WowefxNero near the gate without being certain that they wouldn\'t pull a fast one on them.

\'While you were wasting your time with your stupid catalogs, I was studying Landlord\'s previous games thoroughly.\' Nero narrowed his eyes dangerously, \'In all of them, Landlord almost never made a move without planning ten steps ahead.\'

\'He strategic mind and cunningness is too frightening.\' Nero warned Wowef, \'Against those players, you never know when and where did you become part of their plan.\'

\'Are you saying that everything that happens and is currently happening is part of a larger scheme\' Wowef raised his eyebrows in surprise.

\'I don\'t know for sure, that\'s why we need to think simple and keep our eyes on what truly matters.\' Nero smirked as he glanced at the gate behind him, \'In this game, no matter what he did, he will need to leave the maze first if he wanted to win.\'

Nero\'s decision was truly the smartest one to take.

That\'s because he was right...Felix was always ten steps ahead of everyone.

He didn\'t get rid of Pengfu for no reason...

\'They must be searching for me around the center by now.

it\'s time to kickstart the 3rd part of the plan.\'

Felix smirked faintly as he sprinted in the opposite direction of the center.

The viewers thought that he was just trying to run away blindly, but in reality, Felix had a destination to reach!

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