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I want to obtain your lifelong free delivery contract. Felix grin widened, as he laid out an ultimatum that shattered Fatty\'s wishes of Felix going easy on him.

Give me a **ing way out, you heartless devil! He broke out of his silence with a deafening roar.

How dare you ask for my contract that can be used for my protection!

Stop acting as I abused you.

My request is quite fair if you think about it. Felix cleared his ear nonchalant and clarified, Since if I reported you to your supervisor you will definitely lose your job.

hence, the contract that you are protecting now will be taken as well.

So in my opinion you only have one option, and that is to accept my deal and keep your job.

At least your wife won\'t starve. He suggested, smiling.

If fatty had eyes, he would have already started sobbing over being exploited in this inhuman manner.

He was just a simple honest working worm, what did he do to deserve this heartless treatment

Too bad, no one was here to rescue him from Felix\'s clutches, thus the only thing he could do was curse to vent some of his aggrievedness.

You are the real wormpire! You blood-sucking monster.

I curse you to die at your awakening.

I will never deal with your race anymore.

Felix\'s thick skin blocked all of his curses easily.

You can curse me for eternity, I don\'t give a crap. He stood up from his chair and extended his palm under the worm mouth.

The only thing you need to do now is to stop wasting my time and give me the contract to sign.

Fatty mumbled a few extra curses under his breath, then opened his mouth unwillingly, showing a set of razor-sharp teeth and a black hole that kept whirling in his throat continuously.

Without warning, he spat an AP bracelet with some drops of acidic saliva on it.

Felix swiftly retracted his palm, dodging those drops reflexively.


Livid at this messed up the attempt to harm him, Felix smacked the fatty right in his shiny head.

He knew that fatty did it on purpose, as an act of revenge.

After all, the black hole in his throat led to a clean oversized dimension inside his body, where all of his shipments were being stocked.

There was absolutely no way for the items inside to get tainted in any way or form.

Otherwise, the worm race wouldn\'t have become the best, in this delivery industry.

You little prick, you better ask the Queen to show me the contract asap!

Felix cleaned fatty\'s AP bracelet from those drops and put it on the chair.

Then unexpectedly, he went to pull the curtains of every window in his room.

Closed them off you demon!! My skin is cracking!! Fatty wailed in anguish after getting exposed to a heavy dose of sunlight.

He wasn\'t lying though, as his smooth moist scales were showing signs of getting dry up.


Felix merely crossed his arms next to the window and observed him getting tortured like this.

His personality might appear shameless and playful in front of his close relatives and friends.

But deep inside, he was as psycho as Asna.

Otherwise, he wouldn\'t have dared to blow his soul up before.

Something only insane individuals would attempt to do.

Queen, please present him my lifelong free delivery contract to sign. Unwilling, Fatty cried out loud.

\'Sir Bodidi, I can clearly see that you are being blackmailed.

Should I activate the protection protocol and inform your emergency contact\' Queen AI suggested with good intentions.

However, Bodidi refused the protocol and rushed her.

\'No, just do as I say fast! If a word gets out of what happened here, my life is going to be over.

So just go ahead a give him the damned contract to sign.\'

\'As you wish sir bodidi.\'

Suddenly an aqua holographic contract hovered above the chair.

Felix smiled and closed off the window\'s curtains.

That wasn\'t so bad right he smiled warmly, as he approached the sulky worm.

Choke on my spit!

Unperturbed, Felix ignored him and focused on the conditions and terms of the contract, reading them with his eyes.

A few moments later, he grinned gleefully, as he spotted the two conditions he heard about in his previous life.

//Term 4.5: The Delivery must reach within a minimum period of three days, and always takes priority.

Term 6.3: All items delivered will be free of charge, no matter the weight or the amount.

(This condition doesn\'t include paying for Empire-wide/Universal-wide customs taxes.)//

No wonder he fought tooth and nail to force the fatty to give him this contract.

Just those two terms alone were enough to make his life much easier, don\'t even mention the rest of the terms.

Delighted, his grin kept getting wider and wider, as he continued to scroll down the page.

Suddenly, his grin stiffened after he noticed a condition he never heard about before.

The signatory must provide absolute safety to the contract provider from hunters\' aggression.

Failing to a bid by this term will result in paying a fine of 20 billion SC. His loud voice kept getting softer and softer, each time he read a word.

By the time he reached the whopping 20 billion fine, his voice resembled a mosquito buzzing sound.

Silence abruptly engulfed the room, as Felix was lost for words at the mere sight of such a dastardly condition.

Only now, did he realize that his information on the lifelong contract was utter garbage.

He couldn\'t believe that he actually wasted coins to buy false Intel like this.

In his previous life, he was interested in getting contracted by a deliveryworm after becoming a 3rd stage bloodliner.

So he wouldn\'t bother about paying constantly the heavy shipment prices.

However, the Intel about the conditions of the contract was heavily protected by the wormhole company.

Thus, Felix had to buy it in the UVR from Intel gatherers.

However, the f*cker who sold it to him explicitly said that the only downside about the contract was the need for Party B to help Party A to get more clients for their delivery job.

Felix at that point easily believed in him, since he knew that the wormhole express company rewarded resources to their junior deliveryworms, based on the number of deliveries achieved in a year.

It was common knowledge in the UVR.

But in reality, he actually needed to provide 24/7 security for Bodidi, protecting him at all costs.

That was clearly an impossible task for him.

Hell, Felix wasn\'t confident that he could protect himself, don\'t even mention others.

What\'s the meaning of this 20 billion SC Felix frowned his eyebrows and said, I don\'t think your life is worth even a couple of millions.

This is what you get from asking something you can\'t afford, you poor pepper. Bodidi didn\'t hold back in his belittling at all, as he added, I never seen before a thick-skinned commoner like you who lusts over free delivers from my race.

Something we only do to strong and rich individuals, who could afford to protect us from hunters!

\'I see!\'

Felix nodded his head a few times in understanding, totally ignoring bodidi\'s belittling.

He quickly figured out the real reason why those contracts even existed in the first place, based on bodidi\'s words and the public knowledge he had.

The worm race was one of the best if not the best space elemental controllers in the universe.

They could create wormholes, freeze space, create dimensions, and even had a hand on creating the spatial card.

However, their strength was abysmal compared to other races.

Heck, even humans bloodliners could flatten them easily if they managed to capture them.

That created a race that had amazing utility abilities but trashy combat prowess.

This meant, they were juicy targets to hunters from all different races! Whether to be enslaved in secret and be used to privately open up wormholes or just harvest their body parts for potions and substance creations.

What was messed up about this, was the fact that hunters never targeted space worms seniors, as they knew that it was neigh impossible to capture them or even approach them.

Their space element control was no joke.

However, the same couldn\'t be said about the juniors like Fatty bodidi.

They were still learning how to harness the space element.

If it wasn\'t for so, Bodidi wouldn\'t have been stuck in his own spatial crack like a retard.

The hunters took advantage of their lackluster control and targeted only them, striking exactly during the delivery work hours.

As they knew that amateurs like them always left hefty trails behind after opening a wormhole.

They took advantage of those trails and laid ambushes on one side of the wormhole bridge, waiting patiently for their prey to arrive at their destination or return from it.

Their operation didn\'t have even a 5% success rate, but it was enough to kidnap or kill an amount that managed to raise warning flags on the space worm seniors\' heads, leaving them no choice but to implement this lifelong protection contract, that offered free shipments for eternity, as long as the signatory protected the safety of their junior.

The moment its implementation was announced, every individual who had absolute confidence in his reputation and strength rushed to sign it as fast as possible.

After all, to have a dedicated deliveryworm that served no one but them in the universe, was truly a birthday wish being fulfilled.

Just like that, the hunting was lowered to the bare minimum.

Which was quite understandable, as the majority of those hunters were simply commoners looking for instant richness.

However, if it meant offending an individual that had authority over their life and death.

The hunt wasn\'t worth it anymore.

On the other hand, there was Felix, a weakling who had neither strength nor reputation to scare off the hunters.

Thus, he knew that unless he found a way to salvage this situation, he could forget about obtaining the benefits of the contract.

Can we modify the contract as we please He lifted Bodidi\'s bracelet in his hand and brought the hologram close to his face, trying to find any loopholes to take advantage of.

Fatty sneered at his attempts and answered, Yes we can, but no matter what you say I will not lower the price tag.

He laughed wickedly, sounding like two sharp razors grinding on each other.

Hell, I hope you sign it.

So I can commit star suicide on your sun.

Just so you can drown in debt.

An unpleasant memory instantly resurfaced in Felix\'s mind after hearing the star suicide term.

He was traveling with his clanmates to an undiscovered galaxy for exploration, based on newly bought news from the UVR.

But unbeknownst to them, the wormhole that was supposed to take them to the new Galaxy ended up being a star suicide wormhole that was opened by a moron worm who was sick of his life!

While humans kicked the buckets by themselves, the space worm race opened up a path directly to a star, to burn themselves into crisp!

A truly glorifying and dramatic way to die.

In a normal situation, there should be no problem with this.

But sadly, the wormhole they opened would stay active until it either gets turned off by the owner, or the energy that sustains it runoff!!

This reckless selfish behavior by them caused multiple tragedies of galaxy explorers getting turned into ash after entering one of those wormholes, thinking that it was their path to treasures and new resources.

Unfortunately, Felix\'s crew fell into the same trap.

He could never forget the brightness and the hellish heat of the star that welcomed them with open arms at the other side of the wormhole.

A surprise that could make the toughest man on the universe piss his pants in fright.

If it wasn\'t for their spaceship\'s high-grade alloy, and captain inhuman reflexes by activating all of the ship\'s thrusters to travel away at the speed of light, they would have been roasted alive.

Furious at this bastard who reminded him of that traumatic experience, Felix started beating him ruthlessly.

Who are you trying to threaten you retard! You couldn\'t even open a hole that fits you to do your job properly.

Don\'t even mention opening one that can harm others.

Unexpectedly, Bodidi took Felix\'s punches with his hard scales like a champ, not even feeling a slight itch.

Yes, that\'s it, to the side, please.

That\'s the spot, keep adding more pressure please, and use your legs if you need to.

Felix never once felt more urge to rush awakening and gain some strength, just to beat this fatty to plump.

Listen up you little **.

My patient has run out. Felix tapped on his bracelet and showed Bodidi his company\'s customer service number.

I will modify the contract from lifelong free deliverers to only twenty.

But in turn, the protection bull** must be removed.

If you don\'t agree, I will straightway complain to your company.

At least they will refund me my coins over your **ty delivery.

Bodidi knew that Felix was not messing around anymore.

So he tried his best to negotiate for a bit of leeway.

Twenty times is too much! He shook his head and offered, Make it ten and you have a deal.

Aggressive, Felix pressed dial on the number and said, I hate wasting time on negotiations.

So make it 17 times and that\'s it.

Don\'t even think of lowering it again.

F*ck! Fine, hang up already!

Felix truly gave him no option to further his negotiation after seeing that bracelet ringing.

Queen modify the contract please to those terms. He sighed reluctantly.

Queen did as requested efficiently.

A few seconds later the contract terms changed and Felix immediately used his UVR ID number to sign after checking that everything was loophole-free.

After doing so, his aggressiveness and bully personality withdrew back, allowing his playful personality to grace the stage.

Ayio, brother Fatty, you look uncomfortable in this position.

Let me help you out. He smiled warmly and grabbed Bodidi from his space receptors, trying to drag him inside.

However, just as he pulled, Fatty wailed out loud in pain.

Fuck, stop it!! I don\'t want to enter your demon lair anymore.

Just take your items and push me outside the crack.

He swiftly opened his mouth and spew out a small chip that resembled an earthling\'s phone memory card.

Felix let go of his receptors and picked it up.

Without delay he installed it on a small entrance in his AP Bracelet, then he displayed a hologram before him that showcased the icons of all of his purchased items.

Relieved that not a single item was missing.

He closed off the hologram and grinned cheerfully.

Glad to do business with you, brother fatty.

I will call you the next time I need your talents. He patted Bodidi\'s oversized belly and suggested sincerely, I advise you to cut some weight, or else you won\'t remain long in the company.

Fuck you! I am not your brother you devil.

just push me away.

I don\'t want to see your face ever again. He cursed him while wigging backward trying to exit himself.

Unfortunately, nothing much changed, as his body didn\'t budge even an inch.

Felix stared at this miserable sight and decided to give him a hand.

So, he pushed him with all of his strength.

Yet, his attempts turned out to be futile, as the fatty\'s weight was at least 8 times Felix\'s.

Can\'t you just close the bridge and cut yourself in half He tilted his head slightly and said, I believe you can easily recover your other half without an issue.

As a worm based being, Bodidi still enjoyed some basic evolutionary benefits, and one of them was the worm\'s uncanny rejuvenation speed.

Even on earth, worms could recover their bodies after being split in half.

Don\'t even mention the elite space worm race.

You bastard, if I wanted to do so, I would have done it without needing you to tell me. Bodidi snapped, as he waved his receptors around.

But I would rather get blackmailed by you than feel that pain again. He said, shivering.

He was clearly remembering an unpleasant memory.

As you wish, let me get some help first. Felix shrugged his shoulders and explained, I don\'t think I will be able to push you all by myself.

Turn off the lights before you go!!

Too bad, Felix hastily closed the door, leaving him all by himself dangled in the middle of the room like that.


Felix headed straight to Noah\'s door, planning to ask for help since he was the only one who could help him without too many questions asked.

He knocked two times on his door and waited patiently.

A few seconds later Noah opened the door and eyed Felix expressionlessly.

Felix took the cue and explained why he came.

I need a favor to ask.

Can you come to my room I will give you extra pain relief potion if you agreed.

Noah thought about it for a while, then nodded slightly.

He had nothing to lose anyway.


5 minutes later...

both of them were pushing Bodidi\'s body outside of the crack again.

This was already their 6th time, and each time they did so, he budged slightly backward.

Their arms were already turning sour.

Fortunately, this time their efforts were successfully rewarded by the joyful voice of bodidi\'s on the other side of the bridge.

So long losers!

Felix and Noah did not take it to heart, as one of them, was happy that this farce finally ended, and the other didn\'t care about anything, besides his little sister.

Thank you, brother Noah.

Here is your reward.

Felix tapped on the relief potion icon on his hologram and immediately the bottle materialized in his hand under an aqua blue shimmer.

He then handed it to Noah, who watched the process with a hint of surprise in his eyes.

But that was it, he neither asked nor stayed.

He simply took it, nodded his head in appreciation, and excused himself from the room without asking about the entire weird situation of the fatty worm.

Good luck on awakening, and if you needed anything just call me. Felix smiled after seeing him closing the door softly.

Noah was indeed the perfect handyman for those issues.

No questions, or bull**, just straight-out does what he was asked, and leave after being paid.

If it was Olivia she would probably have scolded Felix for blackmailing Bodidi.

Felix removed all of those useless thoughts from his mind and glanced at the epic tier 4 bloodline icon with a glimmer in his eyes.

It is time to awaken. He smirked and walked to his bedroom.


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