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Arguing about it won\'t solve anything, let\'s give kiddo the freedom to choose. Thor proposed, knowing that Jörmungandr was as stubborn as he was.

Fine by me. Jörmungandr sneered, I know little Felix will choose to focus my element.

When Felix realized that the hot potato was passed in his hands, he could only stare dumbly at the wall, not knowing how to respond.

He knew that no matter what he picked, he was bound to upset the other one.

He truly wanted to avoid being placed in such situations.

Alas, what\'s done is done.

The ball was in his court and he needed to get creative in his response to mitigate any hard feelings.

Cough, elders, I am quite grateful for your concerns.

I have understood your points completely and reached my conclusion. Felix spoke with a firm tone, hoping it would make a difference.

I will head to elder Jörmungandr\'s galaxy if I managed to obtain the Void Primogenitor\'s bloodline and permission after I finish my exams. Felix continued on quickly, However, if we didn\'t get them after the exams, I will head to Elder Thor\'s galaxy.

This was truly the best option that would please everyone involved.

After all, the moment Felix finishes the exams, he needs to go increase one of his affinities no matter what.

Using the Void Primogenitor as the true decider completely removed him from the equation, making it hard for any of them to feel upset by his choice.

As expected, both of them agreed to the proposal while cursing each other for being a butt-in.

Aren\'t you a crafty little one. Lady Sphinx chuckled at Felix and said, I hope you use some of it in your upcoming exams.

You have time to prepare until the end of the holiday.

After the holiday! Felix\'s eyes widened in horror, That\'s barely 15 days of preparation! It\'s impossible!

Lady Sphinx shrugged her shoulders carelessly, You have the tools to make it possible.

It\'s not my problem if you failed to do so.

Tools What tools! Felix\'s eyes brightened up, knowing that Lady Sphinx wouldn\'t bother to lie to him.

Figure it yourself. Lady Sphinx waved her hand at him, shooing him away.

Seeing her enter the zone with a couple of materials in her hands, Felix knew that it was time for him to take a hike.

He would rather upset both Jörmungandr and Thor than bother Lady Sphinx during her work.

After all, she was the only one who had no issue giving him a physical beating!


After Felix returned to his room in the castle, the first thing he did was take a shower to get rid of the lingering smell from that green liquid.

While he was showering, he decided to unblock his communication outlets.

Just like hell broke loose, his AP bracelet began to manifest tens of holograms around him, showing all the missed calls, messages, emails...etc!

In total, there were tens of thousands of them!

Geeez, it\'s not like I died or something. Felix\'s eyelids twitched after being reminded that he really did die for a few seconds.

Queen, filter the ones asking about my wellbeing or such.

Just leave the important ones. Felix requested as he cleaned his armpits.

Just like that, more than 80% of those messages and emails were removed.

Felix already knew that he would be receiving a lot of them especially when he went offline for months without giving anyone a reminder.

When he missed the exams, he believed that his grandfather, Olivia, Emma, his teammates, and his fans would all assume the worst.

I should probably give a heads-up to my gramps at least before going in another hibernation.  Felix considered to himself while writing back to his Grandpa, letting him know that he was doing well and also asking him about the development of his pizzeria restaurant chain.

After he clicked send, he wrote one for the little cutie Olivia, his agent Emma, his business manager, and lastly Fatty Bodidi.

The rest

He either ignored them or sent them a unified message.

He had no time to address each one personally, so it was better to be just himself...A dick.

After he finished, Felix decided to get into the critical emails sent to his Organization Leader Persona.

All of those emails were sent by the big boys in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Ahem, so the Anti-Royalty Alliance has yet to give up on making me meet their real leaders. Felix rubbed his chin thoughtfully, Now, that I have enough strength to be considered as a strong Origin Realm Bloodliner, I shouldn\'t be afraid of them.

Though, the scary thing about them isn\'t their strength but the armies in their arsenal and their intuition that could sniff me out as a fraud even in the UVR.

So, I should still keep a respectful facade for now.

Felix had no intentions of pissing off his Organization\'s allies, especially when he still had needs for them.

After reading Chief Maganda\'s email, he could hear the displeased tone in his writing.

Who could blame him Felix had been ignoring those emails for over a couple of months now.

That\'s not a nice thing to do for a so-called \'ally\'.

I might as well reply and tell them that I won\'t be available for the next year or so due to a sudden breakthrough in my research. Felix grinned shamelessly, This will get those old fogies off my back and also give them some good news to ease their minds.

I really should have tattooed shameless prick instead. Asna rolled her eyes at him.

Felix flinched after hearing the word tattoo but he didn\'t give Asna the satisfaction of seeing his reaction.

Hell, he didn\'t even glance at the newly written tattoo on his lower back after he was done with the experiment.

Out of sight out of mind!

So, Felix began telling the Queen what to write as his response while continuing to clean himself.

When he was done, he told her to send it to all five members of the Anti-Royalty Alliance.

Then, he contacted his business manager to check how things were going.

In less than five minutes, Felix had heard about all the newest projects, the old projects that succeed and the failed ones.

Because of his future knowledge, it was to be expected that only a few projects failed while the majority were a huge hit.

The revenue Felix was getting from those hits was already in the tens of billions!

All of this without him lifting a finger!

I am satisfied with our progress.

Keep up the hard work. Felix said with a pleased tone.

Will make sure of it. Mr.

Igris replied composedly.

Upon hearing his response, Felix hung up and began rinsing himself.

Then, he used a towel to dry up and exited the shower.

The moment he dressed up, he laid in his bedroom and logged in to the UVR.


Right now, my priority is to pass the exams.

Everything else could be done after. Felix said out loud while standing before potion concoction tables.

One had raw materials and the other had empty glassware equipment.

The other witches have a huge advantage of using all their time on practicing their potion concoction unlike me. Felix frowned his eyebrows, So If I wanted to stay competitive, I need to keep innovating new methods by using all the tools at my disposal.

Felix had no plans on using the normal method of practicing a single rank 2 potion until he masters it.

It was consuming too much time and he was already struggling to keep his schedule in check.

Hence, he needed to find another method not just to help him pass the exams but also to assist him in his potion-making journey.

After all, he wasn\'t learning potion-making for the sake of the academy or pleasing Lady Sphinx.

But, to help himself concoct rare potions without needing to beg or buy from anyone.

Elder mentioned that I can totally pass the exams if I utilized my tools. Felix pondered, Did she see a way for me to use my poison or lightning element to increase the success chance

I do have some theories that I can test out immediately.

Since the moment Felix used supersonic mode to eliminate the microorganisms, an entirely new world opened up for him.

This allowed him to think of many different ways, where his abilities could get handy.

Right now, he was testing out those methods.

But, he was met with only one failure after another.

Nothing he did helped him create a protective dome around a bigger portion of the mixture before the dark reaction came in and ruined everything.

Huh, the saved mixture is small enough to guarantee only a 5% chance of it turning into a potion after getting mixed with beneficial materials. Felix shook his head disappointedly, This is not enough to pass the exams unless I got super lucky.

Felix understood that his aim wasn\'t merely earning a place in the 3rd semester but to reach the top three in the 2nd semester.

Based on what he read, Lara and Kamil had concocted six rank 2 potions in merely two hours! Still, Lara secured rank 1 by using a much more difficult potion to make than Kamil\'s.

This entailed that concocting a lot of potions wasn\'t enough but actually concocting harder ones to get higher points!

This truly put Felix in a dilemma.

The dark reaction is the worst obstacle in concoction rank 2 potions.

If I took care of it somehow, I will be free to concoct any potion of my desire, unlike other witches who are forced to master only a couple of high-ranked potions in their lifetime. Felix tapped his finger on the table thoughtfully, But, how exactly can I do that

Seeing him struggle to think of a method made Lady Sphinx smile faintly to herself.

\'If he found out about his unique method and mastered it, he will honestly be unequaled in potion-making, surpassing even me in the future.\'

If anyone heard Lady Sphinx\'s mind-blowing claim, chaos would rise within the primogenitor\'s circle and the witches\' circle!

That\'s how much confidence Lady Sphinx had in Felix\'s talent in potion-making!

\'Hmm, if he did find it, I might as well make him my student.

The academy\'s courses will be merely wasting his time from that moment on..\' Lady Sphinx decided while smiling faintly.

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