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Felix closed the hologram after finding out his classmates\' ranking and the nasty remarks targeting him.

So, Lara scored first and Kamil second while Naima barely passed it. Felix rubbed his chin with a thoughtful expression, Should I congratulate Naima Will she beat me up, thinking that I am ridiculing her Honestly, I doubt I could even pass it as well.

Felix would be lying if he said that he was confident in concocting two unique rank 2 potions.


he doubted that he could concoct even one after multiple attempts. 

While other witches in his class were practicing concocting rank 2 potions before the second semester even started, he was busy increasing his strength.

Don\'t make an excuse out of that. Lady Sphinx warned with an easy-going tone, If you can\'t score the desired mark, you won\'t escape punishment.

Felix\'s eyelids twitched at the sound of that but he didn\'t dare to retort back.

A deal is a deal.

So, he changed the subject to his increased strength.

My strength increased explosively again after hitting the 3rd mark.

Do you think I am ready now for the experiment

Since Felix was already halfway through the 2nd mark before going into another slumber, his strength had been increased by only 5000BF instead of 10,000BF.

Still, with what he had before, he was now sitting at 25,000k BF , making him get placed at the middle ranks of Origin Realm Bloodliners!

The best part, he still had plenty of natural treasures to absorb!

Still, all of this was a merely physical improvement that wasn\'t accompanied by mental improvement.

So, no matter how strong he kept increasing his body, as long as his mental strength remain unimproved, he would get instakilled by most players with mental affecting abilities. 

Yes, your body can handle it but your mental toughness depends on you. Lady Sphinx replied with a serious tone.

I will succeed no matter what.

It was finally the day of his experiment and Felix wasn\'t planning on disappointing anyone today.

His attitude would have struck a chord with anyone who heard him if it wasn\'t for that tattoo above his ass, appearing once in a while.

Felix completely ignored its existence, knowing that Asna would soon be bored by his indifference and remove it.

Unbeknownst to him, Asna didn\'t do it just for the fun of it but for a totally different reason.

\'Hehehe, I dare see you hit on girls in real life with that tattoo up your bum.\' Asna laughed silently in her mansion like a creepy stalker.


An hour later...

Felix had finally managed to sneak inside Lady Sphinx\'s castle without being spotted by the moles spying on him.

With lightning transmutation and Sage Dalilia\'s help, it was a piece of cake.

The moment he stepped inside, the maids escorted him to Lady Sphinx\'s lab immediately.

He wasn\'t even given the time to check in his room.

In a short while, Felix stepped inside the lab and closed the door behind him.

The first thing he saw was a big glass tube right in the middle of the lab.

It was filled with a bubbly green liquid, resembling acid.

Drink those.

Suddenly, Lady Sphinx appeared from the side and threw two bottles at Felix.

He caught them reflexively and started inspecting them.

Seeing their brown color and gooey-like state, he almost threw up in his mouth.

The taste will be heavenly for you don\'t worry. Lady Sphinx spoke while tweaking some things on the big glass cylinder, It is made mostly from poisonous materials.

Oh What\'s its purpose Felix wondered while opening the lids.

Weakening your poison affinity.

Just as Felix wanted to ask why, Lady Sphinx berated him, Stop wasting time, the liquid within pod will start losing its potency.

Upon hearing so, Felix didn\'t dare to dillydally anymore.

He quickly drank the potions and waited for further instructions.

As expected, she ordered him to get nude and jump inside the acid-like liquid.

Felix did as he was told with a calm expression.

When he submerged himself within the pod, he felt only warmness like he was tucked within two blankets amidst a winter storm.

After the lid was closed on him, an oxygen mask connected itself with his nostrils and mouth since he was completely submerged in the liquid.

Then, two long leather straps emerged from the bottom and two more from the top.

They clutched on his limbs tightly yet Felix didn\'t even budge.

\'Are those strong enough to keep me held down\' Felix asked.

\'Don\'t worry, even if you had the strength of an adult dragon, those straps are more than enough to keep you affixed in your place. Lady Sphinx replied.

\'That\'s good.\'

Seeing that he was getting comfortable inside, Lady Sphinx ordered, Summon your elemental inscriptions.

Felix nodded his head and swiftly thought about it.

Just like tiny purplish snakes, the inscriptions began to manifest entirely on his body, leaving only some small gaps.

Nimo, get inside his body now. Lady Sphinx continued lying downs orders.

Asna got a bit upset about seeing her tattoo getting removed, but she knew that it had to be done otherwise Nimo might affect the experiment badly.

If Felix wasn\'t too focused on keeping his mentality stable, he would have felt happy about it.

But, the only thing in his eyes now was passing the bestowal successfully.

You ready Lady Sphinx inquired.

Felix nodded lightly then close his eyes shut and dove into his consciousness.

There, he saw Thor standing tall with a dignified expression, completely opposite to his playful attitude from before.

Jörmungandr and Asna stood with stern frowns on Thor\'s sides.

No one was taking this bestowal lightly.

How could they Thor was about to give up on his lightning manipulation forever.

A gift that accompanied him for billions of years!

He wasn\'t just giving his elemental manipulation but the position it comes with it.

The Lightning Primogenitor!

Hence, Felix didn\'t hesitate to bow down before Thor silently, showing utmost gratitude for his gesture.

I have seen more than enough in the past months to judge your character and worthiness. Thor said composedly, All I have to say is that my brother didn\'t waste his gift on you.

I am honored. Felix replied crisply.

Though your elemental talent is too **ty, it can still be saved with efforts and tons of resources. Thor nodded his head lightly, I believe in you owning both.

After he was done speaking, Thor extended his finger at Felix\'s forehead and gently touched it.

Feeling the coldness of his finger, memories of the first bestowal invaded Felix\'s mind, reminding him of the hellish pain he went through.

It was like his unconsciousness was trying its best to change Felix\'s mind into going through with this ** again.

Alas, Felix was too stable mentality to be affected by those thoughts.

He merely eyed the grey inscriptions crawling from Thor\'s finger into his skin silently.

They appeared like they were trying their best to avoid getting engraved above the purplish inscriptions.

Alas, there wasn\'t enough space for that to happen, making it a futile attempt.

So, in the end, Felix\'s body got another set of inscriptions above the first one, turning him into a tattoo walking. 

After Thor pulled his finger, he looked straight into Felix\'s eyes and called calmly, Activate.

The moment that word resounded in Felix\'s ears, the greyish inscriptions lightened up on Felix\'s physical body!

Unsurprisingly, Felix\'s eyes bulged out of their sockets the moment those inscriptions began to heat up.

He instantly realized that the ritual was ten times more intense than the last time!

His flesh that was starting to show itself was obvious proof!

His skin literally got melted down yet Felix kept biting down hard on his lips, showing nothing but pure resolve and madness to overcome this agonizing torture! 

Meanwhile, Lady Sphinx could be seen noting down anything that piqued her interest.

But, since she had already done this experiment with Felix\'s perfect clone thousands of times, she already knew everything that was about to happen.

\'As expected, the inscriptions will not stop trying to dominate the other unless someone forcefully stopped them.\' Lady Sphinx sighed, \'Unfortunately, only the owner could do that and Felix is still too green in his elemental manipulation to reach that level.\'

\'If complete control is required to achieve coexistence, it is only possible after reaching the 3rd stage in elemental manipulation.\' Thor interjected.

Lady Sphinx nodded her head and said, \'Since Felix is still far from reaching that level.

That\'s why I created this special bath that will allow him to seal one of the inscriptions temporarily.\'

\'Hmm What\'s the point of having two if he sealed one\' Asna frowned her eyebrows.

Lady Sphinx smiled and answered, \'He will still be able to use internal-based abilities belonging to the sealed inscriptions element.\'

The moment they heard her response, they immediately knew that Felix was soon going to create a massive shockwave throughout the universe!

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