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This is the trash-panda you almost died for. Asna turned around and gave Felix one of the nastiest looks he had ever received from her.

The moment he saw it, Felix instinctively raised his guard before his face.

Just as he expected, Asna teleported in front of him and delivered a round kick at his face!

Felix was pushed back a few meters but he stood his ground.

However, before he could attempt to pacify Asna, he found himself held tightly from the back by her.

He instantly stiffened in his place as he could feel that her face was buried on his right shoulder.

What\'s worse, he even felt slight tremors that could only imply that she was crying softly.


Felix didn\'t know what to say or react to as this was all a new experience to him.

He always believed that Asna saw him as nothing more than the last hail mary to free herself.

That\'s why every time he risked himself and almost ended up dead, she never seemed too bothered about it in his eyes.

Hearing his thoughts, Asna punched him lightly in his back and sobbed, \'You idiot, there is a big difference between almost dying and actually dying.\'

\'I\'m sorry...I should have asked for your opinion.

I tend to risk my life thinking that I am affecting only myself.

That\'s a bit selfish from my side.\' Felix placed his hand on hers and promised, \'Next time, I will discuss it with you.

Especially, if stakes\' worth wasn\'t known.\'

Felix thought that Asna was behaving like this because she actually felt that she had no control over her death.

He was an asshole enough to keep leaving her out of decisions that could get her killed as well.

He kept tooting that they were partners but he almost never acted upon it in serious moments.

You good Sensing that Asna stopped trembling, Felix smiled gently, thinking that she was finally pacified by his promise.

I am good. Asna replied with a suppressed tone.

Hmm, then why are you tightening your grip Felix asked in confusion.

For this! 

Instead of replying, Asna shouted with a begrudged tone while lifting Felix in the air and showing him the real german suplex!


Ouch, she really suplexed him on her mansion\'s concrete. Thor showed a sympathetic expression as he eyed Felix\'s limp body lying on the ground.

He kinda deserved it. Lady Sphinx chuckled lightly, For a self-proclaimed playboy, he really is a bit retarded emotionally when it comes to Asna.

Can you blame him Jörmungandr defended Felix, Which mortal will dare to fantasize about getting together with the origin of laws herself Huh, even members of her own race wouldn\'t dare to.

Change the subject, she is coming back. Thor coughed and glanced away after seeing Asna\'s pissed expression.

The other two started minding their own business acting like they saw nothing.

Asna gave them a warning glance and sat beside them.

Then, she bossed with an irritable tone, Why is my glass empty You wanna go night-night as well you trash-panda

Eee! Eee!

The pour raccoon-like creature whimpered as he rushed over to her side and started pouring in the glass to the top.

He really invaded the wrong body.

Meanwhile, Felix had finally stood up on his feet while clutching his neck tightly.

You sadistic b*tch, what was that for! He complained painfully.

Humph! Asna crossed her arms and looked the other way, not wanting to talk to him.

Seeing her behave this way, Felix took a deep breath to calm himself and walked towards the table.

When he reached it, he sat beside Thor and greeted the primogenitors.

Glad to have you join us kiddo. Thor winked at Felix in a friendly manner.

Thank you for your help and care when I wasn\'t conscious. Felix showed his appreciation by bowing deeply to each of them.

Especially Lady Sphinx.

Didn\'t I tell you that I won\'t let you die in the ruins Lady Sphinx smiled faintly, How I can lose my precious test subject before our first experiment

Felix\'s eyelids twitched at the sound of that but he still kept his head lowered.


Soon, Felix raised an eyebrow after seeing the raccoon-like creature smelling his clothes cautiously.

Felix ignored him and asked Lady Sphinx, Elder, mind telling me what is this thing

Asna\'s words from before rung deeply in his mind but he refused to believe them.

He would rather get suplexed by Asna again then believe that all the trouble and sacrifices he had gone through in the hall were for this silly-looking trash panda!

Refusing to believe it won\'t change the truth.

This is Nimo, the spirit of the creature residing within the cubic egg. Lady Sphinx chuckled while lifting the raccoon-like creature and placing him on her thighs.

Nimo Egg Felix was left baffled by her information.

He tried to make sense of it but how could he when Nimo kept giving him a dimwit look

Knowing that it was too much to take, Lady Sphinx started her explanation in a concise and articulate manner, During the past two weeks, I have run multiple analytic experiments on Nimo.

Since I don\'t have his physical form to work with, I managed to find only some basic information.

Felix listened carefully.

First, his spirituality or consciousness prowess only below beings as primogenitors and unigins.

This is scary on its own since he is still actually inside the egg in his weakest form ever. Lady Sphinx said with a serious tone while rubbing Nimo\'s fur.

That strong! Felix was shocked.

He knew what it meant to have such a high level of spirituality since he always desired to have it as well!

Alas, he knew that was almost impossible since each race gets a specific level of spirituality based on its placement in the universal pyramid.

The fewer the numbers in each race the higher the spirituality they get born with.

That\'s why races like humans could be easily suppressed on a spiritual level by multiple races.

Yet, this creature was already close at peak of spirituality before even hatching from its egg!

Heh, life sure is fair. Felix showed an envious look at Nimo who was purring like a cat while being patted by Lady Sphinx.

With the opportunities in your arsenal, you shouldn\'t be complaining about fairness. Jörmungandr scolded him.

Cough, you are right. Felix suppressed his envy and quickly changed the subject, What else did you find

Lady Sphinx continued on, He is currently as dumb as a monkey.

He can be trained to pour drinks and such but that\'s his limit.

The only way for him to gain true intelligence is by hatching the egg to give him his own proper physical form.

Felix nodded his head in understanding.

Then, he questioned, If we managed to hatch the egg, this means his soul will leave this place.

Doesn\'t that mean you will lose your spiritual pressure on him

Felix was quite worried about getting instantly killed by Nimo after he hatch from the egg.

After all, his spiritual prowess far surpass him plus he was clearly being bullied by Asna, which would make him try to vent on him.

Controlling him after hatching the egg isn\'t that hard since we can simply make him sign a soul contract with you. Thor explained, The moment he emerge from the egg, he would consider you as his parent and wouldn\'t dare to question your requests.

As dumb as he is, don\'t you think that he would remember me from here Felix inquired.

His memories from here would be erased by us before the egg hatches. Jörmungandr informed of their plan.

I guess you have it all figured out when I was asleep. Felix said, smiling.

Upon hearing so, all of them sighed with a helpless look, making Felix feel slightly uneasy.

We keep talking about hatching it but in reality, we only have a single theory on how to do it. Lady Sphinx smiled wryly and said, You see, we found out that Nimo\'s egg is actually made out of the purest void energy in the universe.

So pure, this egg should have been born only in the core of the Void Realm.

Upon hearing those heavy terms, Felix knew that what was about to come wouldn\'t please him one bit.

So we believe that the only way to hatch it is by providing him with an immense amount of pure void energy constantly.

It\'s like the warmth of a broody hen, who sits on and incubates the eggs day and night until they hatch.

So, not any void energy but pure void energy. Felix lifted his head and stared at the ceiling with a faint teardrop at the corner of his eye.

Whenever Felix gets hit with something that requires a **load of capital and effort, he always feels tragic about it but still believes that he could get it done.

But with this Felix instantly lost all hope to hatch the egg.

He knew that the void element was graded as one of the rarest elements in the universe due to the shortage of its resources in the universe.

Shortage wasn\'t even the proper word to describe how scant it was in the universe.

That\'s because the only place to get some of it was inside the Void Realm!

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