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I am quite confident in my guess. Lady Sphinx informed, I have seen a similar kind of egg that was shaped like a crystal hexagon.

The egg was able to turn into a liquid, solid, and even gas state.

Then, invade lifeforms and hide within them until the day they hatch.

At least, that\'s what I\'m assuming.

Soon, she sighed, Unfortunately, I have seen it only by chance in memory of a subject.

So, I couldn\'t really discover its secrets.

All of my knowledge could be considered as speculation.

Eggs with the ability to change their physical state are indeed quite weird and never heard of. Thor commentated while analyzing the silly raccoon-like creature closely.

Though, why did this thing took the shape of trash-panda Asna said speechlessly while smacking the raccoon-like creature in the head, resulting in him whimpering silently.

Who knows Lady Sphinx shared, Maybe it copied the shape of a random animal inside Felix\'s memories if it managed to glance at it.

Or, it took that shape subconsciously from its own buried original memories.

Jörmungandr raised an eyebrow in surprise and said, You mean that the universe gave birth to it like Asna and the rest of the unigin race members

The revelation was quite shocking since the universe only made a move personally if something was threatening its balanced state.

So, if this creature was its own creation it only meant that he was created to fix or fill a hole to restore its balanced state.

That\'s a bit too farfetched for now since there are clearly other eggs that are somewhat similar. Thor guessed, Maybe, they are one of the newest races to appear in the matter universe.

This will explain our lack of information about them.

Asna and the rest nodded their heads in agreement.

His reasoning was quite logical compared to Lady Sphinx\'s theory.

Enough guessing for now, we will find out the truth after I start researching its origin. Lady Sphinx said with a predator-like glint as she looked at the raccoon-like creature.

Eee! Eee!

Sensing an unprecedented danger, the raccoon-like creature fought off against Asna\'s spiritual pressure by sheer will and started to flail around his tiny limbs, trying to escape her devilish grasp.

Alas, Asna wasn\'t patient enough to comfort him gently.

So Smack!

Stop playing around or I will keep smacking you until your scalp gets bent. Asna threatened with an irritated look.


The Racoon-like creature didn\'t understand one thing that she said but his instincts clearly told him to never offend Asna.

Now what Do we just leave him inside Felix\'s body Asna asked with a tingle of worry, This little ** is currently covering Felix\'s brain in a liquid state, isn\'t that dangerous

Just pressure him to turn into a tattoo or something and remain still on little Felix\'s skin. Lady Sphinx disclosed, Like this, we would still have his soul prisoned inside with us and won\'t create troubles for little Felix.

A tattoo hehe.

Asna\'s worried expression was nowhere to be seen after knowing that Felix wouldn\'t be harmed.

Instead, she was giving a mischievous smile while looking at Felix\'s peaceful face.

Seeing her sudden switch of emotions made the primogenitors give Felix a piteous look.

They knew that nothing good comes off that smile...


While the raccoon-like creature was being bullied by Asna to turn into a tattoo, Malak and the rest of the squad were currently carrying out a plan to locate Felix in a virtual meeting.

When the explosion occurred and the light beam emerged, Malak and the rest were forced to close their eyes, making them miss out on seeing what happened to Felix.

All of them thought at the start that he was a goner but since the slave contracts had yet to break, it only meant that Felix was still breathing somewhere.

As they thought, it didn\'t take them long before locating him by using their spaceship\'s lifeform scanning feature.

It picked up Felix\'s vitals hundreds of meters away from the pyramid!

They didn\'t know how he got that far and they didn\'t waste time thinking about it since his shown vitals were as faint as a candle\'s light!

Whoosh Whoosh!

Are we close! Erik inquired while trying to catch up to Malak\'s speed.

Malak ignored his question and kept forcing herself to speed up.

Her expression was that of guilt, shame, and worry.

\'I am so useless.

I can\'t believe that I had to leave everything to Sir Felix even though we were his subordinates.\' Malak thought spiritlessly.

Memories of the final battle against the guardians kept playing in her mind, making her feel more and more ashamed of her strength.

What pained her even more was the fact that Paulini and Khodri ended up dead and Felix severely injured while she was still perfectly fine.

\'If only I was stronger, I could have at least saved Paulini and Khodri.

If only we were stronger, Sir Felix wouldn\'t have needed to help us escape and saved himself first and foremost.\' Malak kept drowning in her sorrows and guilt until she finally reached the coordinates.

Without wasting time, she landed on the dune and instantly sensed Felix\'s whereabouts.

Erik blow the sand away. She requested from Erik after he landed beside her.


Erik waved his hand gently and the dune peak began to get shaved off quickly.

In a short moment, the silver exterior of the revival pod was exposed, startling both of them.

The Revival Pod! Malak instantly recognized it as she had previous experience using it a few times during her explorations with her bloodline clan.

Swiftly, she got on her knees and cleaned the sand from the glass door.

When she and Erik saw the disastrous conditions of Felix\'s body, words refused to leave their throat.



Erik\'s eyes got slightly red and waterly as fell on his knees and hugged the glass.

Then, out of nowhere, he cried out loud, I have failed you boss! I deserve...


Before he could finish his crying, Malak kicked him away and quickly lifted the revival pod.

Seeing that she was struggling with the weight, Erik rushed to help her out.

After they held it from both sides, they flew towards the Northern Sentinel that had just arrived on top of them.

In a short while, Felix had been successfully escorted inside the spaceship and taken to the infirmary.

Everyone went there to check up on Felix\'s health besides Samir who was left to operate the spaceship and take them as far as possible from this planet.

After everything that happened, no one wanted to spend another second near those damned ruins...


Two weeks later...

Inside the infirmary, Felix could be seen sleeping above a nice bed while tucked inside white sheets.

Sitting beside him was Malak, who was concentrating on reading a virtual book.

She looked quite exhausted yet she refused to close her eyes for a short break.

Just as she wanted to change the page, she sensed a slight movement beside her.

she quickly focused on Felix and saw that his eyelids were quivering slightly.

Sir Felix! Sir Felix! Can you hear me Thrilled, she called out for Felix. 

Felix lifted his left hand slowly to wave at her and murmured with a muddled sleepy look, I won\'t be if you keep shouting near my ear.

He yawned casually and asked, Why am I in the infirmary

Before Malak could reply, a torrent of memories flooded Felix\'s mind, reminding him of the final battle in the ruins and its outcome.

You were hurt...

No need, I remember now. Felix silenced her with his palm and closed his eyes, focusing solely on his memories.

Upon reaching the point when his vision got blinded by the pillar light, Felix opened up his eyes and sighed deeply.

\'I must have been saved by the revival pod.

I am truly one lucky bastard.\'

\'Lucky my ass, you moron!\' Abruptly, Asna insulted Felix while gritting her teeth, \'If it wasn\'t for Big sis making your devourer\'s heart act as a primary heart in such emergencies, you would have kicked the bucket and killed me with you!\'

Felix was lost for words after hearing so.

Alas, Asna wasn\'t done from emptying her grievance on him, \'All of this just for what A f*cking useless trash-panda!\'

\'Trash-panda\' Huh.\' Felix was now confused.

Sir Felix are you okay Malak asked with a worried tone after seeing him acting weirdly.

Felix regained his wits and nodded his head at Malak, I am fine for now.

Thank you for looking after me.

I should be the one saying that. Malak quickly got on her feet and bowed deeply at Felix.

I sincerely apologize for not living up to your support.

You gave me so much yet you still had to do everything by yourself...I am ashamed.

Felix waved his hand carelessly and said, It was my own fault for taking you guys inside that hall that was clearly way above your strength level.


Enough, I don\'t want to hear another word about this. Felix gazed at the ceiling and said with a faint smile, I am just glad that we made out ali...

The moment Felix mentioned this, the scene of Paulini and Khodri\'s death played in his mind.

He couldn\'t help but swallow the rest of his sentence, feeling a bit guilty about their unfortunate death.

Felix knew that he had a share of the blame for their death.

But that didn\'t mean that he would feel awful about it for the rest of his life.

After all, he experienced the death of his squadmates way too many times in his previous life to get affected heavily by it.

Soon, Felix let out a long exhale and ordered composedly, Malak, I want you to hold a conference meeting in one hour.

Until then, don\'t let anyone enter the infirmary.

Malak nodded her head and excused herself after seeing that he wanted to be left alone.

The minute the door closed behind her, Felix dove inside his consciousness space, wanting to know what happened after he lost consciousness.

In a short moment, he opened his eyes inside his consciousness space that seemed to be recovering quite well.

The soul barrier was still cracked here and there but nothing serious to alarm Felix.

\'Here they are.\'

When Felix glanced over, he quickly spotted the bunch hanging together on a round table.

Just as he wanted to rush over, his eyes were widened in shock after catching a glimpse of a black-furred raccoon, wearing a female maid outfit and serving drinks to the bunch.

He seemed well trained and obedient as he kept pouring drinks for them without lifting his head.

What the hell is going on.. Felix mumbled speechlessly.

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