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Meanwhile, within Felix\'s consciousness space, a mega earthquake had started to ruin the place.

The soul barrier was getting cracked.

The consciousness lake was being agitated until waves began to form and splash anything in sight.

\'Destruction of consciousness space.

Huh, I really didn\'t think that the kid would end up dying so soon.

Sigh, the worst part, he was lucky that only half of his body got hit by the light pillar but unlucky at the same time to be his left side.\' Thor commentated with a wry smile while creating a jar of wine within the chaos.

He appeared like he already accepted the end of his new journey and was drinking one last time before it all ends.

\'Shut your trap! Felix will not die like this!\' Asna immediately snapped at him with reddened eyes.

She would be lying if she said that the sight of Felix\'s doomed corpse didn\'t make her fall into an abyss.

She could see that his condition was beyond saving without getting help.

But she still refused to accept it! 

\'It\'s only over if Lady Sphinx claimed to be over.\' Jörmungandr took a deep breath and glanced at Lady Sphinx with a pleading look.

Upon hearing so, Asna swiftly teleported to Lady Sphinx and beseeched, \'Big sis, please save him! I know you can do it.\'

Seeing the desperation and helplessness in Asna\'s eyes, Lady Sphinx couldn\'t help but smile faintly and pat her head.

You don\'t need to worry too much, the little thief will survive. Lady Sphinx placed a finger on Asna\'s right chest and said calmly, Soon, the devourer\'s heart in his body will take the role of his lost heart and start pumping blood.


Just like it was waiting for her to finish, the pitch-black devourer\'s heart thumped thunderously within Felix\'s body! 

The remaining blood began to cycle through Felix\'s body, revitalizing the organs and especially his brain.

With his serious injuries, the blood will keep seeping out of his body no matter what. Thor shook his head, knowing that Felix\'s condition wouldn\'t get better simply by having his secondary heart operate again.

Confirming his statement, the cracks on the soul barrier slowed down but didn\'t stop.

However, Lady Sphinx still remained composed like everything was going as expected.

Big sis...

Hearing Asna\'s helpless voice, Lady Sphinx mentioned calmly, It seems like you guys have already forgotten that Felix had a protocol installed to help him in those dire situations.

Immediately after saying so, the Queen\'s monotonous voice resounded loudly in the consciousness space, All conditions have been met to commence revival protocol.

The silent AP bracelet in Felix\'s right wrist began to light up within the sandpit.

In a short moment, the light disappeared but Felix\'s body had been placed within a silver pod that resembled VR Pods!

The revival pod! Asna\'s eyes brightened up in happiness after seeing this pod\'s emergence.

Memories of Felix\'s buying the pod resurfaced in her mind.

Her agitation and fear of losing Felix had made her completely forget about it and the protocol that Felix erected with the Queen.

The protocol entails that the moment Felix loses consciousness for more than 10 seconds while suffering heavy injuries, the revival pod should be used to treat him until he regains consciousness!

This revival plan was used by almost every person who treads on a dangerous path!

No wonder you knew that he would be fine as long as the devourer\'s heart revived him for a short while. Jörmungandr said with an appreciative tone, knowing that the Queen wouldn\'t have activated the protocol until 10 seconds passed by.

However, Felix\'s consciousness space was never going to hang for that long.

When it gets destroyed, the connection between Felix and the Queen would break, resulting in him completely losing a way to save himself!

The devourer-heart helped slow Felix\'s consciousness space destruction until the conditions had been finally met!

Right now, Felix\'s body could be seen getting submerged within a blue liquid after the sand had been suctioned outside of the pod.

Soon, an oxygen mask covered Felix\'s mouth and nose helping him start breathing properly.

Although his brain was receiving oxygen and blood, he had yet to regain consciousness.

Still, the sight of his consciousness space returning to its usual calmness was more than enough to pacify Asna\'s heart.

F*cking prick, making me worry always. Asna mumbled in annoyance as she took a seat beside Lady Sphinx, who seemed focused on Felix\'s hand.

When Jörmungandr and Thor saw that, they swiftly looked at Felix\'s hand and couldn\'t help but click their tongues.

He died and revived yet he still didn\'t let go of that cube.

Sure enough, the pitch-black cube was still clutched tightly by the nanobots of Felix\'s suit.

Fortunately, he was holding it with his right hand.

Otherwise, it would have been either destroyed or sent to space by that light pillar.

Tsk, it better be something good.

It almost killed this greedy prick. Asna made a snarky remark but the look of relief in her eyes said otherwise.

Don\'t worry too much. Lady Sphinx said casually, Even if he couldn\'t use it, I would buy it with a price he wouldn\'t be able to refuse.

If Felix heard so, he would be giggling foolishly for the entire day.

Hmm What\'s going on

Suddenly, Asna exclaimed after spotting the remaining of the Nanosuit getting pulled back to shape up like a small ball.

Lady Sphinx raised her eyebrows at the sight and disclosed with a surprised tone, It seems like the Queen is attempting to remove anything that hinders or slow his recovery.

Just as she mentioned, Felix\'s nude body soon got pierced by multiple needles that were connected to small tubes.

This wouldn\'t have been possible with the Nanosuit protecting his skin.

In normal situations, this wouldn\'t have alerted the primogenitors and Asna.

However, seeing that the pitch-black cube was now floating beside Felix\'s unprotected hand made them on edge.

Isn\'t this a bit bad Thor commentated while scratching his beard, We don\'t know what it is but the evil aura it kept releasing is enough to let us conclude that nothing good will happen out of their direct contact.

The moment he finished speaking, the cube slowly inched closer to Felix\'s pinky, scaring the ** out of Asna.

Can\'t we do something to push it away from him! Asna suggested while biting her nails nervously.

We need to control his body to achieve so but you know what will happen if we did that. Thor said.

He would die the moment we do so even if his soul was perfectly intact. Jörmungandr sighed.

We can\'t order the Queen to help us since Felix hadn\'t given either of us permission. Lady Sphinx added.

So you telling me that we can only watch and pray that nothing wro...

Asna was forced to interrupt her tirade halfway after she saw that the pitch-black cube had finally made direct contact with Felix\'s fingers.

Silence covered the consciousness space as everyone held their breaths within and kept eyeing the cube with different emotions.

Some were showing a bit of anticipation and curiosity while some were giving off a worried look.

Meanwhile, the pitch-black cube kept floating by Felix\'s arm touching it here and there until it reached his ear.

Suddenly, the peaceful cube began to disintegrate into a black liquid and went through Felix\'s ear until nothing was left behind!

Before Asna and the primogenitors could react, a sudden deranged howl resounded thunderously in the consciousness space!

Soon after, pitch-black darkness began to invade the consciousness space from every direction, leaving Asna and the primogenitors trapped inside.

Roar! Howl!

Terrifying devilish-like howls kept emitting from within the dark waves.

When Asna and the others looked closely, they managed to spot two humongous bloodish red eyes gazing at them with a blood-curdling look that would make any commoner pass out from the mere sight of it.

Yet, neither Asna nor the primogenitors showed a hint of fear in their expression.

Instead, they all looked somewhat amused.

Thor even gave a pitiful look at the being within the darkness and ignored his existence entirely.

Bitch, you chose the wrong neighborhood to park in!

Asna placed her hands on her hips and showed one sadistic smile that made the being\'s diabolic gaze resemble a kitty trying to act mad.

Before the evil being could react, Asna and other primogenitors all released their suppressed spiritual pressure at the same time!

The darkness waves were frozen solid, the howls were silenced, and the horrifying red eyes of that being showed nothing but pure dread!

Be easy on him little Asna. Lady Sphinx spoke casually while summoning a new book, It seems like his soul is still in its infancy and without any rational thoughts.

Jörmungandr nodded his head, He is just following his instincts.

So, it\'s easier to control him with a bit of pressure.

I will show him some pressure alright. Asna cracked her fingers and instantly teleported within the dark wave.

In a split second, she emerged outside while holding in her hand a black-furred raccoon-like creature.

He appeared to be shivering constantly but still didn\'t muster the courage to remove Asna\'s hand from his neck.

If it wasn\'t for his scary bloodish eyes, his appearance could have been seen as \'cute\' before normal citizens.

When Lady Sphinx laid her eyes on him, she closed her book and said with a hint of intrigue, Who would have thought that the cube is actually an egg.

An Egg!

Everyone got shocked at her revelation since they saw how the cube had turned into liquid and invaded Felix\'s brain physically and consciousness space spiritually!

Don\'t even mention the cubic shape of the egg, how was it possible to do that before hatching!

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