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The parents weren\'t able to say anything, as she left them stranded in the middle of the argument like this.

Actually, even if she stayed, they didn\'t have any solid counter-argument to add on.

Especially, when Felix whipped out his phone and started playing in a game like he never entered the UVR with their children.

In the end, they didn\'t want to embarrass themselves any further.

So they just let it go and stopped mentioning this issue anymore.

After all, it wasn\'t like their kids were dead or anything.

Abraham decided to intervene at this point to change the subject, by asking Felix with a hint of disbelief in his tone, Did she say the truth You managed to handle 50% without issues

It was nothing much, to be honest. He lifted his head from the phone and smiled, I believe that my cousins can handle it as well if they got exposed to that pain.

Some of them might only need three times while some will need more.

But in the end, I trust in their tolerance to help them pass through it successfully.

You just need to give them a chance.

Am I right guys He spread his hands with a sincere smile, as he looked at his cousins.

In the eyes of the elders and seniors, he really resembled an angle who had his cousins well being set as a priority.

However, the juniors only saw the devil in that form, trying to drag them to hell with him.

But, they could do nothing about it and just get dragged with a smile on their faces.

He is right! We want to change the plan as well, and start training the same way as he does.

He is no better than us, if he could do it, we can achieve it as well.

We just need a little bit more time than him that\'s all. A short red-haired cousin trembled, each time a boastful sentence came out of his stiff lips.

In the end, he couldn\'t handle saying more and passed the ball to his cousins.

Right guys

The rest had no one to save them from this ** hole that Felix threw them in.

They understood that only by accepting his flattery would they save face for their parents.

Thus, the poor lads could only support their cousin with fake bravado.

Indeed, 5% was nothing, I didn\'t even faint.

Even though I passed out, I firmly believe that I will not faint next time during 50%.

Honestly, I was planning to ask for a 50% upgrade as well.

But I thought it was too high profile. Nonchalant, a young man said with his head lowered, too engrossed in cleaning his glasses with his T-shirt.

Fuck, why don\'t you say that while lifting your head James.

I dare you.

Imagine fainting at 5%, yet daring to say such bull**.

You really love slapping your parent\'s faces don\'t you James

Enough insulting him guys.

He passed out over 30 times during the past four hours in my group. Sarah whirled her finger at her temple and said, So I believe that really messed up his head.

Damn 30 times in four hours He must have broken some world record with that! Meanwhile, I only fainted 15 times.

At least you passed out 15 times. A cousin sighed in dejection, I only fainted 4 times before managing to handle the pain.

Me only 3 times...

I believe if I had time, I could have reached 9.

... Noah

The elders and the parents all turned speechless after hearing them humble brag about the number of times they fainted.

They expected them to live up to Felix\'s challenge and accept the same method he used.

But why the hell did it turn into a competition between them over the amount of fainting!

\'Have they finally realized that competing with Felix is meaningless and it\'s better to just contend with each other I think they need another confidence boost.\'

Worried about this messed up sight, Abraham pondered with narrowed eyes at the family\'s future leaders, laughing and flattering each other\'s fainting number like morons.

Suddenly he saw them lifting the arrogant James and throwing him in the air while chanting his name out loud.

What the ** rascals! He slapped the podium with his palm and scolded, You still dare to celebrate after your trashy performance! You really are getting bolder by the day.

Elder, someone made an online search and found out that James truly broke the world record of fainting in a short amount. Kenny who stood silently throughout the entire farce made his entrance with a polite smile.

So they wanted to celebrate this achievement.

Midair, James removed his glasses and lowered his head to clean them.

Elder, you told us that we need to find something unique that sets us apart from the rest. He smirked arrogantly, Well I found my talent in this life, and that is being the best at fainting worldwide.

Heh, I can already see myself making tours around the world, showcasing everyone my gift.

This is my path in my life, and I am glad I found it this early.

The juniors couldn\'t help but put him on the floor and distance themselves from him after hearing his retarded dream.

They truly began to believe that he had a screw loose after fainting that many times continuously.

Unbothered by the dumbstruck and worried gazes everyone was giving him, James wore his glasses back on and left the floor with that confident smirk still planted on his face.

He was truly not bull**ing them!

Meanwhile, Felix had absolutely no idea what was happening around him.

Since the moment he answered Abraham, he wore his air pods and focused on playing his league match under the curses of his teammates for going AFK.

Furious elders, embarrassed parents, humble bragging juniors, Felix playing on his phone, and finally James who walked out of the floor arrogantly to pursue his dream.

This gathering could not get any weirder.

So the elders just excused everyone and ended the assembly early, on this uncanny note.


Indifferent, Felix threw his broken phone in the garbage bin immediately after entering his room.

The toxicity of League\'s community was truly one of the deadliest poisons in the universe.

Without further ado, he went to the bathroom first, planning to take a quick shower.

So he could make a phone call to the wormhole express after.

It turned out, the lady boss already contacted him earlier this morning, to inform him about the shipment arrival in her shop.

That meant, he finally could use the serial codes of the pain relief potions without a problem.

He was simply waiting for them, so he could make one delivery that includes everything he bought in the UVR all at once.


10 minutes later...

He sat on the couch, wearing only a bathroom rob on.

He was obviously impatient to not even dress up first, before making the call.

Fuck me, I don\'t remember their phone number.

Annoyed, he asked for the all-knowing Queen to give it to him.

Suddenly, a long list of phone numbers was displayed before him, each for a different race.

His eyebrows twitched, as he forgot to mention that he wanted the human branch one.

\'Sorry, can I have the one for humans\'

\'As you wish sir Felix.\'

The Queen left only one number on the long list and even highlighted it with green light, so he wouldn\'t miss it.

Felix smiled and thanked her.

Although, Felix could simply just order her around and she would obey since she was merely a basic version of the real Queen.

He still felt that it was unproper, as she was always nice to him, especially in his lowest during his previous life.

So, he always treated her like a real person and only made requests, not orders.

Ring ring ring...Clack

Hello, this is Wormhole express human branch.

How can I help you A warm enthusiastic female voice resonated in the room.

Hello, this is Felix Maxwell, from Planet Earth that exists on the borders of the Alexander\'s Kingdom.

I called your company to ask for a few items I purchased in the UVR to be delivered. Felix gave a professional straight to point response.

We are happy to do business with you, sir.

I just need your AP Bracelet ID number first to obtain your personal details. She paused and requested, Can I have your permission to do so

Of course, be my guest.

A few moments later, she informed him, Alright, we have your planet coordinates as well as your home address.

Do you want us to deliver your items to your current address or you want to change it

Leave it be.

I want my stuff to arrive here. he replied.

Good, now that we got that out of the way, I need to ask if you have the serial codes of the purchased products, or they are still in the sellers\' hands

Without answering, Felix swiped his finger left on the hologram and sent all of his items serial codes, from potions to stones.

Pleased by his cooperation, her voice got a bit warmer.

Finally we need to discuss the delivery method and their prices.

If you are not familiar with them, I can explain in detail each one benefits and their required payment.

No need, I want to choose the basic 7 days delivery plan. Felix didn\'t bother hearing her explanation of those VIP methods that he couldn\'t afford even with his current capital.

As you wish sir.

Based on the current number of items you provided us, the delivery price shall be 550.500 SC.

Do you give me permission to deduct it from your bank account

She requested with a tone lacking in the previous warmness.

it seemed that she wasn\'t pleased by his commoner choice.

Go ahead,

Composed, He gave her his permission.

Yet, his hand that was clutching his chest in pain, said otherwise.

\'Fucking blood-sucking wormpires, asking for half a million to deliver 30 items or less.\'


His bracelet vibrated slightly, entailing that the payment had been successfully transferred.

It was a great pleasure dealing business with you sir.

I hope you have a nice day, Good Bye. She instantly hanged up after getting the money, not waiting a single second to hear his response.

Felix wasn\'t mad even a bit at her disrespectful way of treating him.

He understood that every basic customer like him was treated like this by every company.

Whether in the UVR or the universe.

You only get shown respect when you slap them with your massive donger bank account.

He stood up from the couch and went to order lunch.

Yet his thoughts were on a completely different matter.

His mind was trying its best to find a way that could help him avoid his family after he awakens 7 days later.

He never planned to wait until the end of the month and do it with his cousins, as the faster he awakened the earlier he would reach greater purity in his integration and began his climbing journey on the SG individual ranking ladder.

If he went and did so, he must hide thoroughly, since it was quite impolite to awaken without informing the elders and his grandfather after all the care they showed him.

The way of hiding himself was what annoyed him the most.

He simply couldn\'t disappear for 23 or 24 days straight.

The elders weren\'t fools to not figure out that he was hiding from them.

\'Fuck it, I will show my best form during those 7 days, and pretend that I was sick after.

As long as I don\'t obtain a high profiled mutations, I should be safe.\'

Felix stopped bothering too much about it and just decided to go with the cheesiest trick in the book.

As his thoughts became clear, he remembered his free loading tenet.

Asna where did you go again I thought you had nothing to watch.

So why didn\'t I hear anything from you the entire day

A few minutes later, no response came through.

He repeatedly called yet still nothing.

This time he wasn\'t mad at her lackluster response, as he figured out pretty quick that she was probably asleep.

His guess was right, as Asna was really sleeping peacefully on a mist made bed, with dark eyes from mental exhaustion.

It was only a natural result after she spent 6 months binge watching movies and series without a pause.

No matter if her body needed sleep or not, the consciousness always needed a break from time to time.

Otherwise, she would turn insane.

Sleep was truly a gift one should treasure dearly, as some people couldn\'t even enjoy such a basic human need.


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