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\'You better make your move soon.\' Asna warned with a frown, \'The cube is flickering like it\'s about to disappear at any given moment.\'

Upon noticing that the reflected light on the palm was starting to dim, Felix realized that the cube would be gone after the light disappears as well.

If that happen, he would be required to wait another day so the light would perfectly align with the monolith again.

Felix knew that It was impossible to wait that long since Nicci and Jack were barely supporting the hole\'s walls with their abilities.

If he decided to let the hole collapse while the pyr

amid\'s peak was wide open, then the sand would be entering the hall like a sink swallowing water.

\'Shit, even worse, I can\'t have my squad leave the hall right now since they will interrupt the beam of light.\' Felix knitted his eyebrows at the thought.

He was planning on letting his squad leave first while having them take a wire with them so he could easily transmute himself into electricity and escape after picking the pitch-black cube.

Alas, as long as the cube\'s existence was linked to the reflected light, this plan would never work.

\'The only play I have is to make others drink flight potions and let them stand by the pyramid\'s peak.\' Felix pondered, \'But, I can\'t have all of them fly in the air at the same time since it\'s not known if this kingly guardian could also shoot laser beams or not.\'

When Felix watched the documentary, he didn\'t see the kingly guardian enter the action at all since the other guardians were more than enough to deal with those petty pirates.

Although he didn\'t see him make a move, Felix was still immensely wary of him.

Especially when the treasure of the hall was on his palm.

\'So the best current move is to make Pualani and Khodri remain close by the peak while Erik and the girls stay on the floor.\'

Felix picked this order because Malissa, Malak, and Erik were faster than the other two.

So, when ** hit the fan, they would have better chances of reaching the pyramid\'s peak than them.

Upon coming up with a plausible plan, Felix swiftly deactivated his supersonic mode and gave out those exact orders to the rest.

Move it!

Make sure not to interrupt the light!

Khodri and Pualani hastily drank flight-basted potions and took off in different directions.

When Felix saw that they had reached their positions, he gave Malak a serious look then he flew rapidly towards the kingly guardian\'s palm.

Everyone tensed up while watching him diving towards the center of the palm.

They didn\'t know what exactly he was doing since they couldn\'t see the cube, but they had no intentions of wasting time by remaining doubtful or confused.

Meanwhile, Felix was even tenser than them as the closer he got to the cube, the more his gut feeling screamed at him to back off.

This made him get nervous if it would be alright to own such an object.

Alas, Felix was in it too deep to let his emotions change his mind.

Hence, the instant he reached the palm, he didn\'t hesitate to voice out his request, \'Queen, please beam everything that is above this palm!\'

His AP bracelet instantly projected a blue light on the entire surface of the palm for a split second.

Then, immediately disappeared without creating any fanfare.

\'Did it work\' Felix wondered while surveying the palm below him.

He was doubtful because he didn\'t see any blue particles that should represent the existence of the cube.

\'Nope, it\'s still hovering in its place.\'

Luckily Asna saved him the trouble of asking the Queen.

\'I thought all objects in the universe could be put inside the spatial cards without much trouble.\'

Felix\'s confusion was understandable.

Spatial cards were tooted to have the ability to store anything in a solid, liquid, and gas form, as long as it was not alive.

For the process to fail, it made Felix reach only one conclusion.

\'Asna, is this cube alive\' Felix asked nervously.

\'I don\'t know.\' Asna squinted her eyes at the cube for a second, then shrugged her shoulders carelessly, \'It appears like a normal solid Rubik\'s cube but black in color...Nothing more, nothing less.\'

Just as Felix wanted to respond, Asna rushed him, \'Stop thinking too much and make a decision.

The cube is starting to turn hazy!\'

\'Damn it! Guide me to it!\'

Knowing that it wasn\'t time to hesitate, Felix made up his mind to pick up the cube directly!

Asna swiftly gave him directions to it since the palm surface was quite wide.

When Felix was close to the cube, he didn\'t require Asna\'s help anymore since it was surrendered with a wicked and evil aura.


Felix\'s heart skipped a beat after getting in contact with this aura.

Even though he was wearing a helmet and was fed oxygen from a tube, Felix began to feel like he was getting suffocated while his heart was clutched tightly by a strong grip.

This was the first time he experienced something like this and he didn\'t know how to react at all.

\'Woah, that\'s one hella of an evil aura.\' Thor raised his eyebrows in surprise at the sensation that Felix was experiencing.

\'It\'s not as heavy and overbearing as the Paragon of Sins but the fact that it is coming from a small cube is quite concerning.\' Jörmungandr hardened his expression as he ordered, \'Felix, leave this thing behind at once!\'

Before Felix could react to Jörmungandr\'s warning, Lady Sphinx objected with a brightened look, \'Don\'t listen to this scaredy-cat.

As long as you have me, nothing will happen to you both physically and mentally if I decided to give you a hand.

So, bury those emotions deep and take it with you!\'

\'Sphinx! Your curiosity would get him killed!\' Jörmungandr glared at Lady Sphinx and said, \'You know that anything related to the Paragon of Sins is not a matter to joke about!\'

\'How could this cube be related to that being, who never bothers to leave his void realm\' Lady Sphinx retorted, \'Your fear will cause little Felix to lose a potential opportunity to grow stronger quickly!\'

The moment Felix realized that this cube might help him grow stronger, he gritted his teeth and fought off his instinct to escape!

Then, he flew right through the vile aura while requesting the Queen to transform the nanobots of his suit into an arm!

No matter how desperate Felix was, He never acts recklessly.

Touching this unknown cube with his hand was beyond foolish.

\'He caught it!\'

The moment Asna and the rest saw that the cube was tightly held by the nanobots, they stopped talking at once and eyed Felix closely, each with a different expression.

While Asna and Jörmungandr\'s exhibited signs of worry, Lady Sphinx and Thor appeared to be merely curious about the results of such direct contact.

\'It feels quite solid...It\'s highly unlikely that it\'s alive.\'

Meanwhile, Felix\'s anxiety was about to blow his heart apart, as he was quite scared that the cube might pull a fast one on him.

Fortunately, nothing out of the ordinary happened.

Rumble!! Rumble!!

Just as Felix wanted to sigh in relief, he was shocked to see that the giant palm below him started to crack.

Soon, the cracks on the palm had begun to rapidly spread into the kingly guardian humongous body!

What did the boss do for the guardian to start self-destruction Erik asked with widened eyes.

Malak and the rest were shocked and bewildered just as he was, making them unable to answer his question.

Fortunately, they weren\'t as naive as Erik to believe that the kingly guardian was actually destroying itself.

Sir Felix, this doesn\'t bode well for us.

We must leave at once! Malak requested permission while trying her best to keep herself calm under the rain of the rubbles.

Couldn\'t agree more. Felix ordered while flying away from the guardian\'s palm, Khodri, Pualani, leave now!


Finally we can leave this hellish place!

Those two immediately flew towards the pyramid\'s peak with relieved looks, as if they had just been given a royal pardon.

Since they were already pretty close to it, no one doubted for a second that they wouldn\'t make it out safely.

Alas, the moment Felix blinked his eyes, two blinding milky white beams appeared on his enlarged pupil.

The beams were glamourous and mesmerizing...

But neither Felix nor the rest of the squad had the luxury to appreciate them since the moment they appeared, both Khodri and Pualani had disappeared...literally.

Not a single visible particle was left behind to represent their existence.

Just like they presented themselves silently, those gorgeous white beams had disappeared silently as well.

The only thing they left behind was two giant burnt marks on the golden stones and a deadpan silent hall.

Felix, Malak, Malissa, and Erik, could only tremble on their spots while slowly turning their stiffened heads from the pyramid\'s peak to the source of those beams.

When they finally came in contact with the source, chills coursed their spine at the sight of the kingly guardian\'s eyes burning furiously with white flames while his mouth exhibited the most sinister smile they had ever seen in their lives....

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