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Announcement: Greeting everyone! I\'m happy to be back on the platform.

For those who have questions about my disappearance, please read the \'Author Letter in the Auxiliary Volume or Note Below!


The other three guardians weren\'t any less fierce than the axe guardian. 

One of them had a female body and was slightly shorter than the rest but she had ten daggers holstered around her waist.

Those oversized daggers appeared like they were meant to be thrown and not for close-up battles.

Coming from the left and right sides were the other two guardians.

One of them had a massive shield while the other had a halberd.

Thud Thud!

Felix stopped looking at the others and focused on the axe guardian who smashed both of his axes together barbarically.

Then, he charged towards Felix fiercely! 

The shield guardian and the halberd guardian supported him from the sides appearing like they were using a formation.

Meanwhile, the dagger female guardian kept her distance and pulled a dagger out.

Felix stole a quick glance at Malissa and realized that his theory of the peak opening up automatically was wrong.

This meant that Malisa would be taking a long time to open it up, which would leave the team exposed to a dangerous situation!

Hence, he decided to go all out and minimize the number of guardians instead of just wasting time so he could support his team.


The moment the axes guardian appeared before Felix, he swung both of his axes from the corners, making it almost impossible to dodge them due to their massive size and the pressure they kept emitting in their path!

Yet, Felix didn\'t even flinch.

He simply swung his arm at the approaching halberd guardian and used the tether-like lightning to connect with his weapon.

Before the guardian could realize what happened, Felix pulled himself rapidly towards the halberd, managing to dodge the axes while at the same time preparing his counter-attack!


His other arm turned into a lighting torch as he aimed the newly beamed silver nail straight at the head of the halberd guardian. 

Without wasting a split second, Felix fired it off, causing the guardian\'s head to jerk backward...But that was it!

The guardian was merely slowed down a little while getting a new black patch on his forehead! 

Their skin was frighteningly tough to crack and Felix realized mid-air that his petty elemental attacks wouldn\'t cut it out in this fight!

Instead of wasting his time and energy on them, Felix snapped both of his fingers in mid-air and morphed himself into a 7 meters giant, buffing his physical strength to a monstrous level!

A giant against a giant!

That\'s how things were supposed to be!


Felix smashed his hardened fist at the exact spot where his attack failed before!

This time, the guardian didn\'t jerk slightly but ended up having his entire head blasted to thousands of grey rocks of various shapes and sizes! 

Felix\'s strength was already good enough to put up a decent fight against those puppet guardians but with size manipulation added to the mix

The end result was this headless remain of the guardian, taking one slow step at a time without having a balance of his body.


In the end, it fell sideways, sending a strong tremor on the ground, causing Erik and the rest to steal a glance at the source.

Upon seeing the headless guardian and the giant Felix standing on its chest proudly, they couldn\'t help but feel awed and a bit terrified.

Here they are, trying their best to survive the onslaughter of their targets while Felix had managed to take one down in less than 30 seconds!

Although he made seem easy, they still had absolutely no intentions of switching to the offence as they had used their abilities at the start and failed to leave a scratch on those guardians.

\'Haha, the boss will probably end up killing all the guardians here if we don\'t do something about them first.\' Erik\'s laughter resounded in the squad\'s intercom.

He didn\'t seem too pressured by the two guardians he was facing as he kept using his wind-based abilities to swivel around their strikes.

\'Shit! I am hoping he will do it!\'

Khodri quickly refocused back on the guardian that was attempting to bat him with a dreadful gigantic club!

Thankfully, he managed to narrowly dodge the club by sprinting rapidly outside of the contact zone on four limbs.

He was morphed fully as a large-sized dog, providing him with the necessary mobility to keep himself untouched throughout his battle, unlike Pualani who was in a bear form.

He was having a tough time evading his target\'s strikes due to his lack of mobility.

Hell, he almost ended up getting killed by the very first assault on him due to him not expecting a giant guardian to deliver a quick strike.

As for Malak

She was doing her job remarkably as she was relaying on her blue flaming wings to play with her targets.

Meanwhile, Felix was pulling herself away from the attacks by using his electric pull ability.

He had already shrunk himself since he believed that he would have much better control like this than being in his giant form.

At least, until he manages to find another perfect chance to counterattack.

\'Malissa update!\' He asked while continuing to jump from a guardian to another akin to a monkey.

\'I am still trying!\' Malissa replied with an anxious tone while touching the surface of the stones, believing that the key might be on them.

\'Do you see anything on those stones!\' Felix asked as he narrowly dodged a three-meter grey dagger thrown at him while mid-air.

\'No!\' Malissa answered, \'The peak\'s stones are as smooth as the ones beside them.\'

\'I believe an illusion has been cast to hide the key as we saw before.\' She informed while continuing to press on the stones.

\'I believe so as well.\' Felix reinforced while sneaking a peek at the stones beside Malissa.

\'Asna, tell me what you se...\'


Before Felix could finish his request, he swallowed it and swiftly threw his arm to the axes guardian, helping himself get pulled away from another flying gigantic dagger!

However, this time it seemed like the axes guardian was anticipating his manoeuvre as he swung his axe from above at Felix\'s tiny body!

The pressure the strike emitted was enough for the air to split apart!

Felix knew it would end up badly for him if this attack landed on him!

Hence, he instantly deactivated his lightning arc connected with the guardian and created two more!

But this time he actually aimed his arms at the ground, causing him to get dragged down below like someone had jerked him from his ankle!

Yet, this only helped him extended the distance between him and the axe, not avoid it!

So when his feet touched the ground, Felix rolled once then placed his hands on the floor and took advantage of the momentum to propel himself away!


The axe smashed the ground behind him, causing tremors and a cloud of dust to be sent away!

\'NOW!\' Instead of rejoicing his successful evade, Felix immediately turned around and used his electric pull to link himself with the axe\'s head!

Due to the cloud of dust, the guardian didn\'t realize that Felix was linked with his axe when he tried to lift it!

Because the axe was being pulled up towards the guardian\'s shoulder, Felix kept dangling by his lighting arc like he was holding into a rope! 

When the axe finally emerged from the smoke, Felix snapped his finger with a cold expression, turning his body into a giant within a split second!

By the time the guardian realized that he was in a crappy situation, Felix\'s tightened fist was already on its way to greet him.

A split second later....Boooom!

His fate was no different than the previous guardian as his head had been blown out into tiny fragments, getting propelled everywhere like bullets!

\'Good ** boss!\' Erik exclaimed in excitement the instant he heard the explosion and saw what transpired.

The rest of the squad who were capable of speaking also sent their delighted complements.

Felix didn\'t bother replying to any of them as the moment he landed on the ground, he dashed towards the shield carrying guardian who was somewhat useless in this fight due to Felix\'s lack of offensive attempts on him.

Felix ignored the female guardian with the daggers for now due to her being far away.

\'Malissa, go help out Pualani.\' Felix ordered calmly, \'I will be dealing with the pyramid peak when I get rid of those two.\'

The moment he realized that illusion might be included, he decided to let Asna take a look at it.

But, he didn\'t want to do so if it meant leaving his guardians roaming freely in the hall.

His team was already struggling and he knew that one or two of them would get killed if his guardians decided to give up on him.

\'On it!\'

Melissa didn\'t question his order as she swiftly flapped her wings towards Pualani, who had already lost control of his fight and was currently barely surviving the strikes!

If he didn\'t receive support any sooner, he would be the first victim in this expedition! 

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