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In the Northern Sentinel cockpit, Malak\'s eyes widened after hearing Felix\'s message.

She quickly asked Samir, Do you see anything on the radar

Uhmm No Samir answered while glancing at the radar\'s empty screen.

Upon hearing so, Malak sent a telepathic message to Felix, \'Sir Felix, we can\'t spot you.

Are you still far away\'

\'I believe I am only a hundred kilometers away from the atmosphere.\' Felix replied.

Hundred kilometers Malak had a bit of difficulty believing it.

Especially when she could see that the radar was still picking nothing.

When the pirates arrived, the radar picked their existence from thousands of miles away.

That\'s how good the spaceship\'s surveillance system.

Alas, against the Dark Deviant surveillance system, it was still considered crap.

\'If you can\'t see locate me from such distance, it only means that we need to upgrade the Northern Sentinel\'s surveillance system as fast as possible.\' Felix said.

It was much better to discover one own\'s spaceship\'s weaknesses and try to fix them before the enemy take advantage of them.

At this moment, the Northern Sentinel had faced only pirates with their crappy spaceships.

But, when they end up facing bloodline clans and other strong backgrounds fleets, they would be placed in a bad spot.

\'I couldn\'t agree more.\' Malak supported.

\'Alright, I have turned off the anti-surveillance system, I believe you can see me now\' Felix inquired.

Malak looked at the radar and nodded her head after spotting a grey dot.

\'We do.\'

\'I will group up with you now, tell Samir not to fire at me.\' Felix informed while requesting the Queen to increase the speed towards them.

Unlike them, his radar picked them up the moment the spaceship stopped.

While the spaceship was on its way, Felix focused on his newfound strength.

He felt that he had improved somewhat drastically when compared to the daily doses he was taking.

Those C-grade natural treasures were helping him gain 50 BF on daily basis.

But after eating those three A-grade treasures, he felt like his strength had grown by at least 2500 BF!

This pushed him past the 20k BF mark!

\'I believe I still have 5000 BF more to cover to reach the limit of the 2nd mark.

Felix unclutched his fist and switched his vision to the front window that was showing him a gigantic silver cubic spaceship.

The size between the two was incomparable!

It was to be expected since Felix\'s spaceship was purchased at only 180 million unlike the billion and a half spent on the Northern Sentinel.

If it wasn\'t for Felix\'s modification on his own spaceship, adding the red plasma divine judgment weapon, and also coating it with symbiote skin, it would be just a common spaceship with a top-notch surveillance system.

\'Let\'s meet near the ruins site.\' Felix proposed while requesting the Queen to head downward.

Malak told Samir to do the same and both spaceships raced to the ruins.

When they penetrated the atmosphere and reached the lower air, Felix stopped his spaceship 30km above the ground and took out the scouting aircraft.

When he got out, he told the Queen to take his spaceship to the exosphere and leave it there hidden.

In his eyes, there was no need for both spaceships to remain on the ground.

Better keep his own in space so it would be able to scout for incoming fleets beforehand and even use the divine judgment to scare them off.

In a short while, Felix and the rest had met a hundred meters away from the site.

All of them were wearing spacesuits and helmets.

Thankfully, it was the evening sparing them from the hellish heat.

Boss, I hope you had a safe journey. Khodri said while bowing his head slightly in respect.

Jones and the rest did the same after feeling some pressure being released from Felix unbeknownst to him.

This was caused by his continuous increase in strength.

His pressure was actually nothing compared to dragons and other superior races who could make one have his face planted against the ground by just a single glance.

Enough formalities, let\'s head back to the Northern Sentinel and discuss our next move. Felix waved his hand in a carefree manner and walked in front of them.

Sometime later, they grouped in the conference room and this team the head seat belonged to Felix while Malak sat to his right.

I have noticed that the entire site had disappeared when I looked from my aircraft.

Good work on that one. Felix praised then asked, Did you spot any Tombscreamer leaves the premise

Thousands of them actually escaped.

Malak informed while showing him holographic pictures of those golden butterflies brightening the darkness of the night as they headed to an unknown direction like a flock.

They don\'t pose much danger to us even if they returned. Felix manifested a hologram of the ruins and pointed his finger at the elevator\'s marked position.

Then, he began explaining their plan.

In two hours, we will be entering through the elevator.

We will retrace our steps to the herbal garden and clean up everything that\'s left.

Then, we will aim straight to the 3rd treasury.

Since it\'s the last one, it must be stacked with treasures far better than the herbal garden, right boss Erik asked with an eager expression.

When Felix saw the looks of anticipation in everyone\'s faces, he decided to come clean right now lest he ends up killing them inside.

I don\'t know. Felix said truthfully.


Didn\'t the Organization tell you the 3rd treasury\'s Intel

One by one, they asked questions with agitated looks, knowing that going in without prior information was going to increase the difficulty by tenfolds when compared to the previous exploration.

The Organization\'s squad managed to get inside the treasury but they didn\'t find any treasures in it but just troubles.

Because of their low numbers, they decided to retreat with the profit from the herbal garden instead of risking it for unknown treasures. Felix mixed some lies with the truth and served it to them.

What he described was actually what happened to the pirates.

They already had few members and ended up losing a couple more in the 3rd treasury.

Thankfully, they had an exit in the treasury, helping them escape with at least the gathered natural treasures.

So, the 3rd treasury was truly a mystery to even Felix, and with the bit of knowledge that he had about it, he planned on seeking out the treasures it hid.

He was confident that there was something amazing inside due to the difficulty being the highest in the entire ruins.

Damn, we don\'t even have a slime to be our vanguard anymore. Khodri clicked his tongue in annoyance after being reminded of Momo.

Just take bots with you. Felix beamed a four-wheeled silver machine that had a camera on its head and said, It might get fooled by illusions but it will serve as the perfect trap activator.

Yes! Now that we have the boss with us, we won\'t be affected by illusions, which meant bots would do the trick. Jones said with an enlivened tone.

Bots rarely get used to scouting the ruins due to slimes being simply hundred times much better.

They do everything that bots were capable of.

Plus, the things that bots couldn\'t do.

But with the current ongoing situation going with slimes Anyone would take the obedient bots any day and anytime.

Go prepare yourselves. Felix clapped his hands twice and said, Let\'s this over with before someone comes and ruin the party for us again.

Everyone nodded their heads and spread out.

Some went to meditate, some went to play games, and some went to read.

Each had their own unique method of mental preparation and Felix left them to it.

Unlike them, he logged into the UVR and went to Jörmungandr\'s UVR room to spend those two hours, bathing in the poison swamp.

He never stopped doing this to increase his affinity with poison so he could actually use external poisonous abilities in his fights.

So far, the progress had been going too slow and Jörmungandr had explained to him that it wasn\'t just his talent alone affecting this but actually the virtual aspect of the affinity.

The Queen might have copied the poisonous particles to a terrifying degree but at the end of the day, it is still just a virtual copy.

\'If I want my affinity to increase noticeably, I need to build my own herbal garden, filled with nothing but A-grade poisonous natural treasures.\' Felix smiled bitterly, \'How am I supposed to do that when I eat those treasures for breakfast, lunch, and dinner\'

The worst part, he realized that he would be facing the same issue with the lightning element and the upcoming other elements.

He didn\'t dare to think about what he would need to do if he used a rare element, like space, time, void, destructions...etc, in his 3rd stage of replacement.

The resources needed to keep Felix moving up and up were simply enough to make an entire empire bankrupt!

Alas, this was the price needed for a human being to break the chains imposed on him by the universe and be seated with the greats at the peak of the pyramid.... 

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