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7 days later...

Class dismissed! Don\'t forget to do your homework, the exams are getting nearer and nearer! Teacher Djamila shouted behind the podium, hoping that her voice would reach them amidst their noisy chatter.

Say Felix, how about we hit the bar tonight Naima proposed while hugging a book.

Felix glanced at the time and rejected apologetically, Got stuff to do tonight as well.

Humph, you always have something to do. Naima pouted.

Maybe later. Not wanting to remain and deal with her tantrum again, Felix waved his hand at the girls and started breaking into light particles.

You running again, you prick! Annoyed, Naima punched the light particles under the giggle of her friends.

Felix didn\'t hear her as he was already inside his bedroom.

The first thing he did was ask the Queen, \'Are we close to the VIP wormhole\'

\'We will reach it in 5 minutes.\'

\'Good.\' Felix nodded his head and dialed Fatty Bodidi.

When the call got connected, he asked, Are you waiting near the wormhole as I said

Yes, I have been waiting for 4 hours already, when are you going to arrive! Fatty Bodidi replied impatiently.

I will be there in five minutes. Felix notified him and hung up.

Then, he called Malak to check on the squad and the ruins.

So far so good Sir Felix. Malak ensured, No one has approached the planet.


Keep your guards up, if someone is going to come, he should arrive in the next 8 days. Felix warned.

Will do. 

Felix said his goodbyes and hung up on her as well.

\'Hopefully, those pirates and Momo keep the coordinates to themselves.\' Felix wished softly, having no intentions of dealing with another nuisance.

In a short while, the Queen had informed Felix that they had gone through the wormhole successfully.

\'Please park 3000km away from the wormhole.\' Felix requested.

Since the spaceship wasn\'t going at the speed of light anymore, it took a minute to reach the destination.

The moment the spaceship had stopped, Felix logged out and sent the coordinates to Bodidi.

After waiting for a few seconds, a tear in space abruptly manifested in the bedroom, causing the air to get sucked right inside while the furniture starts shaking.

Only when Bodidi shiny blue scally head emerged from the hole did the room return to its natural state.

Bodidi pushed himself swiftly through the hole and began hovering in the middle of the room.

He was so thin, Felix had trouble believing that it was him! Previously, he appeared like a round fat worm but now He resembled a blue twig!

Bodidi He asked while examining him with a disbelieving look.

\'What\' Bodidi\'s antenna focused on Felix.

I told you to lose some weight not all of it. Felix rubbed his eyebrows and sighed, So you either get too fat or too thin There is no middle in your dictionary or what

\'Where is the money to feed myself, you prick!\' Bodidi snapped instantly.

You better ask yourself that question. Felix said while extending his hand, Gimme my stuff and let\'s go eat something in the cafeteria.

You make me feel bad for you.

The instant he heard so, Bodidi beamed a spatial card and swiftly handed it to Felix.

Then, he asked excitedly, Where is the cafeteria!

Follow me. Felix ordered the symbiote skin to clutch his feet and take him to the cafeteria.

Then, he installed the spatial card given to him and began checking on the natural treasures inside.

Upon noticing that everything was in its place, Felix nodded his head in satisfaction and wired 70 billion SC to Malak so she could split it with the squad.

He didn\'t want them to know that it was from him but from the Organization.

So, it was only normal to wire them the money after the Organization gets its hands on the treasures.

Then, he sent Bodidi\'s his own payment.

But, the moron didn\'t even notice the notification as he was focused only on the empty cafeteria before them.

Foood! Just like an excited child, Bodidi hovered swiftly towards a table then took a seat.

He pressed on the menu with his antenna and began ordering anything that caught his attention.

Felix let him indulge himself freely as he chose another table to sit in.

He didn\'t order anything to eat but he did beam all the natural treasures on the ground.

Then, he removed Bodidi\'s spatial card and installed his own.

After doing so, he beamed everything inside besides one sealed container.

He smiled widely and brought it to his lap.

Then, he opened it up and couldn\'t help but inhale deeply after his nose was assaulted with a bewitching aroma.

It was coming from a citric yellow flower that didn\'t have a stem.

It had only hair-like roots attached straight to the flower, appearing like a jellyfish.

After enjoying the smell for a few seconds, Felix closed his eyes shut and gulped down the flower in one go, not bothering to even chew it.

The smell might be good but it didn\'t mean that the state would be heavenly as well.

\'A grade treasures are sure in a different league.\' Felix smiled while patting his stomach in satisfaction, appearing as he had just eaten a full chicken.

\'Elder, how much should I eat if I want to enter just a seven days slumber\' Felix inquired.

This was the reason why he had Bodidi get him the treasures halfway instead of simply waiting until he groups up with the squad and picks them up.

Any chance to increase his strength shouldn\'t be postponed lest he ends up regretting it.

I believe three But just to be safe, consume another two. Lady Sphinx advised.

Felix thanked Lady Sphinx and beamed two more A-grade natural treasures.

Before his face were two treasures worth at least 30 billion in auctions.

Yet, Felix simply shoved them inside his mouth and gulped them with a sour expression.

the taste was five times sourer than lemons!

Felix swiftly beamed a water bottle and drunk only a few sips.

Then, he cleaned his mouth with his sleeve and went to Bodidi who had just gotten served by dozen bot waiters.

Felix\'s eyelids twitched upon seeing the tens of dishes getting placed on the table one by one.

Though, he didn\'t comment on it and simply asked, Did you ask around about the inter-galactical exam or prepare for it yet

\'I have asked around and gathered some Intel about it.\' Bodidi spoke telepathically while opening his thin mouth widely, exposing a black hole.

Then, he literally sucked everything on the table within it! The forks, plates, food, drinks! Nothing remained on the table!

The bots waiters, who were still placing dishes, were frozen in their places, not knowing what had just happened and what do next.

\'Motherf*cker, no wonder he is getting fat! Felix facepalmed at the sight and felt too tired to bother with Bodidi\'s eating habits at this moment.

So, he acted like he saw nothing and asked, What did you learn

\'First, the exam happens always on the 1st of each month.

Second, only delivery worms who had been in the field for at least a year can participate in it.

And lastly, only 1% passes the exam.\'

1% It\'s even harder than I expected. Felix frowned his eyebrows.

\'1% would have been doable if the participants aren\'t mostly a bunch of repeaters who take the exams every month.\'

Ooof, that\'s tough. Felix lost a bit of faith in Bodidi the moment he heard so.

It was already difficult for Bodidi to pass the exam with his learning disability.

Now, he needed to contest against repeaters Felix didn\'t have a single doubt that Bodidi would be failing at least in the next 12 exams.

Just do your best to prepare for them.

As I said, it didn\'t matter if you passed now or in five years, our deal would still be on the table. Felix ensured him.

\'Don\'t worry boss! I\'m already studying and practicing for it!\' Bodidi said with a confident tone.

Good, I will be leaving now.

Don\'t empty my entire stock or I will beat you up.Felix warned before standing up.

Then, he stepped on the moving elevator and went towards his room.

When he reached it, he got in the VR pod and slept on it without bothering to log in to the UVR.

The Pod was even comfier than a bed.


Nine days later...

Asna and the rest were all seated at a round table inside the consciousness space, playing Uno cards to pass time.

Is anyone going to wake him up Thor asked while staring at his cards.

Sphinx should do it, her predictions are always wrong. Jörmungandr said while placing a card in the middle.

My prediction was correct. Lady Sphinx defended herself as usual, It\'s not my problem if that little thief doesn\'t want to wake up on his own.

Well, the natural treasures\' energy has already been absorbed.

So, he should wake up at any moment now. Asna shared her own piece.

Just as Jörmungandr wanted to reply, they heard the Queen\'s voice resound in Felix\'s mind, \'Sir Felix, we are about to arrive at the Shurima planet.\'

Sure enough, the little golden planet could be seen from the cockpit window of the spaceship after its speed had been reduced to supersonic.

Felix was the one naming it as such due to the only thing being within it were the ruins.

\'We arrived\' Felix yawned while opening up his muddled eyes, feeling like he had a nasty hangover.

Felix beamed two rejuvenation potions and drunk them.

After feeling refreshed, he remained in his place until the Queen informed him that the spaceship had stopped a hundred kilometers away from the planet.

The first thing that Felix did was send a message to Malak, \'I have arrived, can you detect my spaceship\'

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