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Malak and the rest didn\'t know what to comment after hearing him say that.

The only thing they knew was that Felix wasn\'t going to change his mind no matter what they say.

Haha, this is the reason why I admire my boss the most! Erik laughed with a content expression while giving Felix double thumps up.

\'Such a boldness and courage to face the unknown, no wonder he has that many achievements in the Supremacy Games Platform.\' Khodri could only nod in agreement at what Erik had said.

Don\'t think I am doing this just to look courageous or something. Felix waved his hand dismissively after seeing the looks he was getting.

I\'m doing so because hiring a slime isn\'t an option anymore. Felix clarified, Every precaution that you said will be taken when you hire a new slime is not going to work if he decided to break the contract terms and get us killed at the expense of his instant death.

Upon seeing their confusion, Felix reminded them, Did you forget so fast how Momo told us about his race uprising

But, didn\'t he mean just slimes who had the same condition as him Malissa inquired.

Don\'t kid yourself guys, since he didn\'t mind sharing the news of his race uprising, it only meant that it was either almost impossible to stop it or he wanted us to share it so the expeditions squads would be hiring only vetted slimes.

I have a feeling that he wanted everyone to hire those vetted slimes and feel safe around them, knowing that it was impossible to betray them unless they wanted to die. Felix smiled coldly and questioned, What if the slimes had already accepted their fate to turn themselves into a terrorist bomber, who wouldn\'t hesitate to accept their execution if they managed to pull a fast one in their squads

Goosebumps coursed on everyone\'s skin at the sound of that.

They couldn\'t help but feel spooked at the image of their newly recruited slime, making them walk on a trap willingly for a slight chance of wiping them out.

Though, due to the Queen\'s existence, it would be difficult to keep such thoughts of betrayal hidden for long or move faster than the Queen\'s execution order.

So, this \'terrorist bombing\' plan wasn\'t that efficient when it comes to bringing the squads the most harm.

You guys don\'t get it. Malak said with a bitter smile, The squads dying or living doesn\'t matter that much.

It\'s the idea of hiring a time bomb that might get you killed or not.

Let\'s not forget that the moment the slime dies, most exploration crews would either be forced to retreat outside of the ruins or in the worst scenario, get trapped inside!

Indeed, if the slimes managed to keep sacrificing themselves to install this terror in the hearts of most explorations squads, no one would dare to hire them anymore. Felix sighed, It\'s a bloody method and will take years and years of sacrifices but eventually, everyone would be forced to find another method when the death tally of the exploration squads reaches  a new height.

If this is all true, then slimes truly had lost their ** and were out for blood. Khodri cleaned his sweaty forehead, feeling for the second time a hint of fear from slimes.

But this time, there was also a sense of respect and understanding.

He knew that if his race was placed in the same situation, they would rather go for such a bloody path than remain being seen as tools for eternity.

Should we notify everyone in the network and also release the recordings just in case Samir asked with a worried expression.

Why Felix gave him a weird look.

You know, so they wouldn\'t be blindsided like us and get killed in the ruins. Samir\'s tone kept getting lower and lower when he saw that Felix\'s expression remained unchanged.

You have a good heart Samir. Felix smiled faintly and asked, But, did you ever wonder why we never heard of such an uprising before

Hmm Samir got confused at his question.

Don\'t tell me that you honestly think that we are the first victims of this revolution or whatever those slimes call it. Felix laughed with a friendly expression.

We aren\'t Erik\'s eyes widened slightly in surprise.

Figured you will think the same. Felix facepalmed at Erik\'s question then gestured at Malak, Please teach them how the world works.

The rest of the squad laughed slightly and focused on Malak who began speaking, It\'s obvious that the slimes have probably been betraying their squads and masters for years now unbeknownst to anyone because no one wants to reveal the information.

Why so Erik inquired with an innocent tone.

Think you little dumb dumb. Malak hit him in the head with her knuckle like a big sister and explained, If they revealed the information, more squads would be wary of slimes.

They didn\'t want that because everyone thinks of other exploration squads as their competitors and rivals.

If one of them got wiped out, it\'s a victory to the rest because the ruins they died inside would still remain as a potential venture!

Ohhhh! Erik\'s mouth widened in shock at the revelation as he never expected that the ancient ruins industry would be this brutal and merciless.

An actual danger was threatening the entire industry yet no one wanted to reveal anything about it or work together to find a solution against it.

All of this to increase their chances to find out unexplored ruins!

If this kept going, doesn\'t it mean that the slimes are bound to win eventually. Samir couldn\'t contain his distress anymore.

Yep, and it\'s actually good for us as well. Felix grinned wickedly, I am able to see through illusions and also do most of the impossible scouting situations that only slimes could pull of.

So, while others would be struggling to find an alternative, we would be having a field trip in all our upcoming ruins explorations!

Everyone cheered with reddened cheeks in exhilaration, knowing that if Felix said that he could that then he could do it!

Since he didn\'t say how, they didn\'t feel comfortable asking him about it.

\'When were you able to see through illusions\' Asna snorted in annoyance, knowing that the bastard was planning to use her in the ruins.

\'Don\'t give me that tone, young lady.

I am doing this for you.\' Felix said with a serious tone, \'If we don\'t get those treasures, I wouldn\'t increase my strength, making it possible to fail the soul splitting process when I drink elder\'s potion in the upcoming months.\'

\'Big sis, is he telling the truth\' Asna narrowed her eyes at him, feeling like he was spewing bull** again.

Lady Sphinx didn\'t even bother to glance at Felix before denying his crap, No, it\'s called soul-splitting potion for a reason.

The pain would be centered on the soul, not the body.

\'Cough, I didn\'t know that.\' Felix tried to salvage the situation by playing dumb.

Alas, Asna wasn\'t that idiotic to keep believing his bull**.

\'Humph, if you still want my help in the ruins, you better bring me some movies and also take this bastard Thor out in the UVR and throw him in jail or something.

Just keep him away from me.\'

Asna cursed as she glanced at Thor who was giving her flirty winks from the window of his house that resembled an upside-down silver hammer.

\'I will see what I can do about your first request.\' Felix said, utterly ignoring her second request.

He would rather go commando in the ruins without Asna than hang out with that troublemaker again.

After saying so, Felix turned deaf ears to Asna\'s complaints about Thor\'s harassment and restarted the discussion about the ruins.

I want you guys to check on the ruins site situation.

If it looked like it was completely destroyed and buried under sand, then find a corner and hide deeply in it until I arrive two weeks later. Felix ordered.

If the site isn\'t destroyed Samir wondered.

Carry the pirates\' job and be careful about destroying the area above the tunnel or the elevator. Felix looked at them solemnly, We need to be through so if anyone came, they would leave after believing that the entrance had been destroyed.

Understood Sir!

The moment Felix heard their unified response, he gave them a slight head nod and broke into light particles, returning to the real world.

It was time to prepare for his grand escape under the noses of all his enemies!

He needed to make sure that his absence wouldn\'t be noticed since he would be returning again for the experiment!

So, it would be tough but Felix already had some ideas on how to pull it off!

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