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Boom Boom...!

While the aircraft besides her began their counter-attack by firing off laser beams at the spaceship, blowing off some parts, Malak took advantage of the cover and accelerated even more!

It didn\'t take her even a single second to be on top of the spaceship!

Naturally, her presence was too near to be ignored, making the space operator use the weapons on the roof and try to extinguish her!

Unfortunately for him, Malak had jumped off the aircraft before he could fire them!

Whoosh Whoosh!

Two mesmerizing blue flaming wings emerged from her back, allowing her to take control of her descent.

The instant she did so, Malak connected both of her palms together and shouted, Star\'s Fury!

Long blue javelins swiftly emerged from her wings and began raining down on the roof, causing explosions and shaking to be heard and felt within the spaceship!

KILL HER BEFORE SHE DESTROYS THE WEAPONS! Livid, Captain Roger yelled as he watched the ongoing battle from a hologram.


Alas, his shouting did nothing to change the situation as Malak\'s mobility made it almost impossible to hit her! Especially, when she was focusing mostly on destroying the weapons first!

By the time she was done, she flapped her wings twice and landed elegantly on the roof, appearing like a goddess proclaiming her ownership of this spaceship!

Leader Malak sure is a badass.

Couldn\'t agree more.

Khodri and the rest kept commenting while sitting in the cockpit, feeling somewhat useless by just watching.

However, when they saw how three aircraft got blown up just now, they removed those unwelcoming thoughts in their minds.

Meanwhile, Malak had already melted the alloy and got inside the spaceship.

Alarm noises kept echoing everywhere, informing the pirates of her intrusion.

However, no one dared to be a hero and go fight her after seeing what she did to their weapons.

Instead, they all tried to rush towards the survival capsules that should propel them outside of the spaceship and land on the desert safely.

It wasn\'t hard to understand their decision as none of them was even a proper 5th stage bloodliner!


Captain Roger cursed out an order with bloodshot eyes after seeing tens of his crewmates running for their lives with horrified expressions.

His orders resounded in their spaceship alright, but no one paid any attention to them in this life and death situation.

Since no one was wearing an AP bracelet, they weren\'t bound by a contract to dutifully listen to Captain Roger\'s suicidal orders!


Where do you think you\'re going

Malak suddenly showed herself on top of the running bunch, freezing them in their places.

Unlike stereotypes, They were wearing clean and tight spacesuits with helmets, making them appear just like any other spaceship crew.

Please don\'t kill me! I have kids and a family to provide for! I am doing this only for their survival! A pirate suddenly dropped on his knees and began sobbing loudly beside his crewmates.

He seemed as sincere as a loan shark who\'s trying to rip you off.

Surprisingly, his crewmates didn\'t look at him in disdain or revolt but actually joined his party!

I am willing to join your spaceship and be your janitor! Just don\'t kill me please!

I can sign a slave contract no matter its terms!

Please forgive me, the wicked captain kidnapped me and turned me into a pirate against my own will!

One sob story after another, one begger after another.

Malak didn\'t doubt for a second that if she brought herself near them, they would hug her thighs and never let go.

As always, pieces of trash like you never fail to amaze me with your acts. Malak sneered hatefully, When things go your way, you become kings of the universe, the controllers of life and death.

But the moment you feel slight danger, you turn into docile cats ready to jump ships.

Disgusted, Malak spat on them from above while manifesting a blue fireball.

Upon noticing that she wasn\'t planning on sparing any one of them, the pirates didn\'t hesitate to activate all of their offensive ranged abilities and use them on her!


Alas, one mere wing flap, turned all of those abilities into particles, showing them the gigantic gap in strength between them.

Most of them refused to accept their fate and turned around, planning to retreat under their crewmates\' cover. 

Whoosh Whoosh!...

Anyone who took a single step forward had been turned into ashes instantly by smaller blue fireballs.

\'Why are they so powerful with their smaller size!\'

\'Sob, we are so dead.\'

The pirates fell on their knees in despair after realizing that neither fighting nor escaping made any difference.

As for the internal spaceship\'s weapons Malak had gotten rid of them before she even spoke to them.

They weren\'t even one-tenth as good as their external weapons.

After Malak saw that the fireball had reached 5 meters in size, she gave the pirates one last cold look before leaving through the same path she took.

Obviously, she left the blue fireball slowly falling down towards the pirates.

The pirates stopped sobbing at once and glanced at each other in shock and a bit of hope in their eyes.

Without a single ounce of hesitation, they all stood up and started spriting desperately towards the survival capsules.

The moment they reached the area where they were held, delighted cried resounded loudly as the pirates began jumping inside of them akin to monkeys.

Alas, before they could get too comfortable and thankful to god for surviving, the blue fireball had touched the floor of the spaceship.

Then...Nothing left from that spaceship besides a blue spherical explosion that shone brightly akin to a gorgeous sapphire!


The deafening noise of the explosion followed by a massive shockwave took an extra half a second before they resonate in the blue sky.

The shockwave was powerful enough, the closest aircraft to the explosion had its wings bent backwards then ruptured from their position!

The rest handled it better.

Damn, she sure hates pirates to the bone to wipe the entire spaceship from existence.

Felix\'s eyelids twitched at the sight, feeling a little bitter that Malak didn\'t consider taking the spaceship under their control.

Although it appeared like crap and had zero chance of entering any civilized planet, Felix knew that it would be useful for backup in space.

But, he didn\'t scold her or even told her to stop her extra aggression.

He simply let her vent the burning anger resulted from the humiliation caused when she got caught by the pirates.

\'Hopefully, she wouldn\'t be so stiff when she vents.\' Felix wished while watching her fly towards an aircraft with an indifferent expression.

It was clear that she was ready for round two!

Meanwhile, Erik had done a fine job as well by taking down his own target.

The way he did it was by simply slicing it down from the middle with a humongous wind blade that stretched for over 70 meters at a minimum!

This was his second active primogenitor\'s ability, *Cosmic Blade*!

The sight was even more high profiled than Malak\'s, making everyone doubt their eyes for a second.

Alas, the perfectly sliced parts falling into the desert made it almost impossible to question their minds.

While Felix\'s squad took a bit more calmly since they knew that mythical bloodlines were the real **, Captain Roger and the other pirates felt like their hearts were about to leap out of their chests.

A, a, a 70 meters, win, wind blade...He, he must be an Origin Realm Bloodliner. Scared of his wits, Captain Roger spoke while his teeth kept cluttering continuously.

Upon hearing so, Liam and Miss Kylie felt like they were going to piss their pants in fright.

They were barely at the 5th stage of replacement, yet their captain mentions that they were currently again an Origin Bloodliner

It was an achievement that Liam didn\'t turn this spaceship into the direction of space and wheezed away from the planet.

Is he their captain Captain Roger started to take deep breaths while massaging his chest to think things through since they started to make no sense to him.

He could understand that Malak\'s fireball explosion had managed to reach the engine and explode it as well, causing the spaceship to end up in little pieces.

But, slicing a bona fide spaceship That ** was possible to only Origin Bloodliners!

However, he couldn\'t figure out why would an Origin Bloodliner be here, and second was he always on the spaceship or not

\'Origin Bloodliner rarely takes on expeditions unless the ruins are extremely dangerous and worthwhile.

That garden made it crystal clear that the ruins were stacked with treasures that would move even Origin Bloodliners.

So, it\'s not out of the ordinary for him to be here. Captain Roger reasoned with an ugly expression.

If he knew that he was screwing around with an Origin Bloodliner, he wouldn\'t have even entered the planet!

\'It\'s not my fault, he\'s the one who used his slave to negotiate with me instead of simply exposing identity.\'

\'Why did he do that He must have been in the spaceship the entire time while his squad down below.\' Captain Roger argued, \'Unless, he was worried about exposing the ruins or his identity to his enemies.

So, he decided to play it safe.\'

\'This actually explains why the negotiation broke out.\' Captain Roger arched his eyebrows with a hint of worry, \'His squad must have got wiped out down below, making him pissed at getting nothing.

So, he decided to start a fight with us to vent....F*ck me, I can\'t have such a powerful enemy behind my back!

Captain Roger didn\'t even take a second to think twice about his theory as he swiftly informed all of the remaining spaceships to retreat to space at once!

His order was met with resounding cheers and tears as the pirates wanted nothing more but to leave this ** hole after seeing Erik\'s *Cosmic Blade* in action.

\'Shit, will he ever let us go after we destroyed the ruins site\' Captain bit his nails nervously as he looked at the massive brownish cloud risen from their attacks.

He didn\'t doubt for a second that the ruins weren\'t accessible anymore after all of that destruction.

While Captain Roger was sinking deeper and deeper into his own misunderstanding, Felix and the rest were left in a state of bafflement and disbelief after seeing their sudden unplanned retreat.

There were more than 5 spaceships in the fleet yet they didn\'t care about staying to take revenge or at least make sure that the ruins were destroyed 

\'Where are they going! I haven\'t played enough!\' Erik cried loudly in disgruntlement as he chased after them to the exosphere, scaring the ** of the pirates!

That demon is still chasing us! Increase the speed! Captain Roger shouted one last time before his throat went completely hoarse.

Waaait! Just one more slice! One more! Erik kept screaming after them relentlessly, making Felix and the rest marvel at the sight of one aircraft shoeing away five large spaceships.

No one would believe this ** even if it got on tape!

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