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After waiting half an hour inside the spaceship, the squad rejoined their activities after noticing that the sun was going to set in less than five minutes.

Clap Clap!

Remember your digging positions well so you won't mix up with each other. Malak advised one last time before opening up the spaceship's gate.

The first to move out were three medium-sized yellow digging machines that were controlled by AIs.

Then, followed the rest of the squad, leaving only Momo and the spaceship's crew behind.

I can't believe it's -30C now.

The daylight is hot as hell while the nighttime is as cold as mountain's peak. Khodri tapped on his helmet's glass, thinking that the temperature given might be false.

Too bad, everyone had the same temperature, making them realize that this planet would most definitely not serve as a good tourist attraction.

The environment was just too extreme for commoners who were looking to enjoy their time.

Honestly, Felix didn't care about it too much since it would take at least a year before the entertainment centers get built and promoted to everyone.

In addition, he needed to protect the planet from pirates attacks that would aim to rob those tourists.

It was just too much of a hassle for five billion or ten on yearly basis.

Enough chatting and start digging. Malak ordered while beaming a shovel and a hover platform.

The rest copied her and went to the exact coordinates.

Then, they spread into two groups and began digging through the dunes of sands that would make anyone hopeless just by the sheer amount of them.

Thankfully, those bloodliners all were at the end stages of the replacement realm, giving them a large boost to their physical strength and stamina.

Hence, they started eating through the two smallest dunes in the area while letting the three machines handle the center of the coordinates.

I feel like we are digging nothing. Erik complained while throwing the dug sand behind his back.

Immediately after he did so, a wave of sand filled the hole, making it appear brand new.

Just dig faster! Khodri clarified while shoveling five times in less than two seconds! Although this method seemed pretty exhausting, he was indeed making better progress than all of them.

Can't I just blow the dune away Erik informed, I have the perfect ability for it, but it will create a sandstorm.

Malak recalled Erik's two active abilities that he unlocked at 30% and thought, 'If he used Cosmic Vortex here, he will indeed get rid of at least 50% of the sand here.

But, the ability is too high profiled and the rest will figure out that it couldn't be from a legendary bloodline.'

Malak still didn't know Felix's opinion on the matter about them being primogenitors' bloodliners if it should be kept a secret or not.

Hence, she didn't want to use their primogenitors' abilities until she got direct approval.

'Sir Felix, is it alright to expose our mythical abilities' She inquired.

'The hell If you aren't going to use them why did I bother asking the Organization to give you those bloodlines' Felix asked back with a speechless look.

He was confused the entire time about Erik not popping out his active ability to help them out.

But, he didn't interfere or say anything since he was here just as a spectator and an Intel provider.

'I thought you wanted us to keep our identity a secret.' Malak coughed a bit embarrassed.

'I don't care about any of that.' Felix waved his hand dismissively at her, 'Just go wild with your abilities.

It will actually motivate the squad to work harder so they could prove themselves to the Organization.'

'This facilitates a lot of things.' Malak sighed in relief after taking care of such a misunderstanding.

Without further ado, she gave the go signal to Erik who didn't dare to use his ability without her approval.

Hehe, this will be so much fun. Erik rubbed his hands in excitement while sending a telepathic warning to everyone.

'Go back to the spaceship if you don't want to get caught!' 

When Malak emphasized the warning, everyone else picked up their shovels and hovered back to the spaceship, leaving the machines behind.

She knew that they were heavy enough to handle his ability.

After seeing that he was the only one left behind, Erik cracked his exposed fingers from his suit.

Just as his squad started to guess what he was doing while watching him from behind the windows, a sudden fierce gale had emerged, carrying with it a wave of sand.

Then, it was followed by another and another! They kept coming and going at the same time until Erik had been completely hidden by the sand clouds!

Before they could worry about him, Erik had emerged hundreds of meters above the messy terrain and shouted, Cosmic Vortex!

Whoosh Whoosh!!

The fierce gales from before had been all merged, creating a massive tornado that was connected to the cloudless sky!

It was so big and tall, the squad had the impression that the vortex had reached outer space!

Its size would send shivers down anyone's spines as it appeared even more fierce than a real natural hurricane!

What's in God's name is this ability!

Was Eric an Origin Realm bloodliner all along!

Don't tell me, it's from a mythical bloodline!

Everyone's jaws had been dropped to the ground by the ability's massive area of effect that shouldn't be possible to even peak 6th stage bloodliner!

They could only watch in awe as the sand kept getting picked up by the vortex while the dunes kept getting reduced in size!

After tens of seconds, Erik sent away the yellow sand vortex while following it from behind! It had done its job by picking as much sand as possible within the constraints of his elemental energy.

Erik's energy was being drained rapidly for such a massive tornado, making him feel the same pain as Felix.

Primogenitors' abilities sure were fierce but so as the resources needed to use them efficiently.

While the tornado was moving, it kept picking up more sand.

However, due to the tornado's abnormal height, the sand didn't manage to reach its peak.

This ended up splitting the tornado into a yellow half and a grey half!

Alas, before the squad could appreciate the sight, Erik had deactivated it after seeing that he was a hundred meters or so away from the ruins' coordinates.

Both the sand and the wind had been released in the opposite direction of ruins, creating a whole new set of dunes.

As for the ruins' coordinates It appeared almost bald compared to its surroundings!

'Good work Erik.' Malak complemented telepathically before ordering the squad, Wake your a.s.s up! We need to move before the wind makes Erik's efforts wasted.

The squad followed after her while still having astounded expressions.

All of them didn't hesitate to send a message to Erik, questioning him about his integration.

He came clean, letting them know that he was a mythical bloodliner and a member of the Organization.

Since he received approval, there was no need to half-ass the truth.

'He actually got it!' Jones gulped a mouthful and thought, 'I thought there is barely 1% chance of getting mythical bloodlines due to its expansiveness and rareness! But this changes everything! I have a chance as well!'

Jones thought process was shared by all the bloodlines in the squad.

They were clinging to a thin string of hope that Felix might help them out with getting a mythical bloodline of their own.

But they knew deep down, that wouldn't be possible since it was already common knowledge that Felix didn't have a high standing in the Organization.

In addition, why bother giving them a mythical bloodline that was being requested by all of the bloodliners in the galaxy at a price of 60 Billion

Seeing their eager expressions as they hovered rapidly towards the digging zone made Felix nod his head in satisfaction.

He didn't mind picking another bloodliner to turn into a primogenitor bloodliner if he showed a good attitude and an amazing combat sense. 

After all, his end goal was to create a legion of loyal primogenitor bloodliners who would have his back!

Keep digging! Malak ordered while supervising everyone, We need to try and find the ruins tonight or at least in the next day so the wind wouldn't ruin our efforts!

She didn't need to tell them so as they were already going at it as hard as possible.

Still, they weren't as efficient as the machines that were pulling tons of sands each time and tossing it away.

Just like this, a 10 meters hole began taking shape in the middle of the desert on this forsaken planet.

Hours went by and the sun was starting to shine but everyone was still hard at work even though they seemed dead a.s.s tired.

They wouldn't have made it this far of nonstop digging if it wasn't for the stamina recovery potions that were able to bring them to their tiptoe form each time.

However, the muscles might get recovered but the mentality wasn't that easily treatable.

Seeing that everyone starting exhibiting signs of mental exhaustion, Malak decided to stop for today and restart tomorrow night.

However, just as she was about to give the order, Khodri exclaimed out loud, I touched something hard!


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