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Irritated and somewhat amused, Felix chuckled at the sight of his cousins lying on the floor with a deadpan expression.

He clapped his hands twice to bring their attention to him.

Yet, the only thing that moved was their grey dead eyes, as they stared at him with a hint of blame and despise.

Felix didn\'t take their looks seriously and just dragged them by their legs or hands in the direction of the lounge, since they were lying on the pathway, blocking others from accessing the gates.

He kept going back and forth and each time he dragged two with him.

The spectators neither laughed nor mocked them, as they understood that the girls\' reaction was thoroughly justifiable after knowing the name of the movie they came out from.

They only nodded their head to pay respect for Felix\'s willing sacrifice and gave a look of condolence towards the fallen ladies.


In the resting lounge, Felix was talking to Olivia who recovered the quickest from the mental blow.

How did you find the worst movie in the history of mankind He asked with a chuckle.

You know I don\'t like saying bad stuff on other people\'s works. She frowned her eyebrows and said sternly, No matter how horrible their creation is, in my eyes, they still put a lot of effort into making it.

So don\'t expect me to answer you, since my only response will always be, not bad.

As expected from your bubbly personality. He smiled gently and patted her head, No wonder you were born with a plant element.

One of the kindest and supportive elements in the universe.

Olivia pouted and slapped his hand away from her head since he started to treat her like a child again.

Stop complimenting me, I won\'t take your side no matter what.

She crossed her arms and humphed, After all, you knowingly sent them off to get brain-damaged, when you could have informed them about the movie details.

How is this my fault I clearly told them to pick another one, but they refused. He added out loud so the girls would hear him as well, Moreover, Sarah said she didn\'t care about the quality of the movie, and all of you agreed with her before. He smiled innocently, So I simply respected your choice.

Olivia who was never good at arguing could only accept his excuse with a nod, while cursing him in her mind.

\'Shameless Felix, you can just say you wanted to prank us like always.\'

After seeing that she gave up on bickering, he changed the subject by informing his cousins to recover their mentality for the next hour until Sarah exit the movie.


Absent-minded, they gave an inaudible tone as a response, while focusing on deleting any memory of that filth from their minds.


One hour later...

Sarah got kicked out of the movie as well.

But, compared to others who felt their soul got devoured inside; she just skipped towards them with a happy expression.

That movie was too good.

How I wish I had prince charming saving me like that in real life. Her eyes sparkled with worship, as she folded her hands like a fangirl.

The people around her who had an auto-translation program activated in their Bracelet understood her, but couldn\'t process what she just said properly.

Their bodies froze, as they kept checking the gate she came out off, trying their best to believe that it was just a fantasy.

However, Sarah\'s scolding voice made them realize that she was not joking at all.

Why did you guys leave the movie Felix paid for the tickets, and it is really not polite to waste his money like this.

The moment she finished speaking, the entire area descended into a deafening silence.

Felix did not wait for others to break out of their daze, as he sneaked away from the area, to not associate himself with Sarah.

He wanted nothing to do with the upcoming public humiliation.

Miss I believe the one who paid won\'t mind trading those few coins over the safety of your friend\'s mental health.

Indeed, no one is abnormal as you miss, to like that abomination.

Stop trying to harm your friends, it is not cool.

Leave! We don\'t want your kind near our children!

The entire crowd instantly turned against her after knowing that she was part of that creepy fandom who loved to recommend those types of movies to naive people.

Yet, Sarah just looked at them with a finger pressed on her lips and titled head.

Her confused expression clearly showcased that she had zero clue what the hell they were saying.

A bonus of not learning the common language.

Felix did not wait for things to get ugly and ordered in his mind for the Queen to log them out.


Felix was the first to wake up.

Meanwhile, the ladies still had their eyes closed shut.

Without delaying for even a second, He bolted outside of the room, barefoot and still in his pajamas.

He knew that escape was a must if he wanted to avoid the upcoming headache of dealing with his cousins after this failed outing.


Inside the Cafeteria...

Felix was eating his lunch while thinking of the movies he was planning to invest in.

One of them was the upcoming >Human Melodiesyour purchase has been successful.

In 5 minutes a servant shall deliver the item to your room.


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