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The moment Felix thought so, he saw that Blade Curser was about to touch another loot box.

Before, he focused on Saltz Master, which allowed him to secure a free box for himself.

'You have your shields up, huh.' Felix commentated after spotting three thick walls made out of clay emerge above Blade Curser.

Felix knew that he would require a buffed Thor's Ordnance to penetrate all of them and actually harm Blade Curser.

He didn't want to do it since he would be doing Saltz Master a great favor by removing the closest threat to him.

Blade Curser had secured the 2nd loot box. Kayn mentioned, It seems like Landlord is mainly targeting Saltz Master...Like seriously What's their deal Since the start, they have been gunning at each other.

Alas, no one knew the answer besides the primogenitors and their champions.

Felix didn't care about how others perceived him as he kept diving at his fastest speed, ignoring most loot boxes that require him to glide to them.

It wasn't like he was too rich to bother with them but because he understood that he would get assaulted the moment he tries to touch one of them by those four above him.

They were waiting patiently for an opportunity to strike him and Felix wasn't going to jeopardize the game for some loot boxes.

The last thing he needed right now was to slow himself even further.

Only Krialder ignored them and continued diving down, wanting to catch up to the top three.

This resulted in another split of packs...Four at the very front, two in the middle, and the majority were either at the back or off course hunting down for loot boxes.

Since they knew that it was going to be extremely difficult to survive the landing without a parachute, they were slowing themselves up to the limit allowed.

That's because they knew that the game would be concluded the moment one player touched the ground safely.

Hence, they would get teleported to safety while still in mid-air!

So, they kept gunning for loot boxes, fighting with others for them.

Wild's Breath was part of this group as he realized that his decision to not blaze through the mesosphere with Felix had screwed him big time.

But, he didn't regret it since he knew that he wouldn't come out of it in the same condition as that madman.

While he was hunting down loot boxes, Felix kept on ruining Saltz Master's attempt to grab one for himself while at the same time force Blade Curser to waste his energy by building such strong defenses for no reason at all.

This situation carried on like this until Felix had noticed tiny colored thingies from afar.


He instantly recognized them after he zoomed in even closer.

There were only six of them.

The rest must be still far below beside the ceiling of the Troposphere layer!

'I must get one and destroy Saltz Master's chances of getting his own!' Felix decided to go all out in this matter.

It was naturally impossible to destroy those unclaimed parachutes, which meant he either needs to attack him after he secures it or keeps hindering him like he was doing before.

Since hindering him appeared quite effective due to his element nature, Felix was going to keep doing it.

'It's time to use some decoys.' Saltz Master thought calmly after noticing the six parachutes as well.

He glanced at Felix, who clearly was in an offensive posture, and gave him a slight smirk.

Felix didn't notice it since his focus was on Krialder who had finally made his own move!

He saw him slap two talismans on his palms and watch them turn into jets of green flames that helped him increase his speed significantly!

Krialder sure is patient enough to hold into such a useful ability until he reaches the parachutes! Kayn praised near the mic while highlighting Krialder who was about to pass Felix!


Upon noticing Krialder reach the same height level as him, Felix didn't hesitate to aim his arm in his direction!


You can't harm me. Krialder smiled at Felix whose arm had already become packed with electrical charges.

He didn't seem worried by Felix's Thor's Ordnance.

'Damn it, he is wearing a lighting immunity shield and another one for electromagnetism.

He is countering both the metallic nail and the lightning force behind it. Felix cursed and brought down his arm after spotting a thin white layer on Krialder's skin.

It was merged with electromagnetism waves that were spreading outside of his body.

At the start he just sensed it but after using his truth vision, he was able to see them clearly.

After all, he was able to see through the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

He always knew that Krialder had a lightning affinity and was capable of etching all sorts of lightning-based abilities.

But he didn't expect that he would have even etched a defensive electromagnetism ability on a talisman as well!

It would allow him to propel any approaching metallic object away from his body! So the silver nail was going to be stopped!

It seemed like he always had them but decided to save them for crucial moments like those!

Good decision. Krialder gave Felix a casual smile and speed downward, going past him in a heartbeat.

When he reached 100m below him, Felix had noticed that he had another talisman glued on his back.

He didn't know how to read runes but there was someone in his head who was master linguistic.

'Asna, meaning!'

'Uhmm, it says, fire element, fire armor, temperature 500 K degrees, 1 minutes duration, automatic activation after sensing a foreign elemental presence in 5 meters radius.' Asna informed while doing her nails casually. 

'Automatic shield to protect him in case someone ambushed him with elemental abilities.' Felix narrowed his eyes at the talisman and thought, 'You are looking down on my poison manipulation as well.'

Felix understood that the fire armor was going to be extremely useful against mist/liquid-based elements since the heat the armor would be releasing was comparable to 200 C degrees.

Hence, they would evaporate before they touch Krialder's body!

Since only Felix, Waterloo, and Serenity were behind him now, he picked this talisman specifically for them.

After all, both of them were water Elementalists while Felix was a poison/lightning Elementalist.

Krialder had already taken care of Felix's lightning abilities by using that immunity talisman plus the electromagnetism talisman.

This left only poison which was known to have mist/liquid/solid form based on the level of the owner's manipulation.

Based on Felix's garbage demonstration on his elemental manipulation in the promotion game, it was fair to guess that he was still incapable of even turning poison into a liquid state.

Hell, Krialder was more worried about Waterloo and Serenity since they had the capability to solidify water, turning it into ice attacks!

Naturally, to create a single ability like that, would take ten times the effort than a pure Ice Elementalist.

Still, they could create such attacks and bypass his protective fire armor...But they didn't, and it was too late now to do it since he was already far away from them.

This left only Felix to worry about but Krialder wasn't feeling any of it!

In his eyes, he had done enough research to understand that it was impossible for Felix to advance from using poison in mist state to poison in a solid state!

So those two defensive talismans were more than enough to speed past him safely!

He was truly an intelligent man who had done his homework...But was it enough

'Let's see if any f*cker would dare to disdain my poison manipulation after this.' Felix smiled coldly as he snapped his finger, creating one pitch-black nail from his palm.

It wasn't just condensed, it was rock solid like it was made out of ice! 

This was Felix's current progress in poison condensation! He couldn't turn a bigger-sized ability into liquid instantly but one 5cm nail

He was already able to solidify it!


Because he didn't have any poison Elementalist as a teacher but THE Poison Primogenitor himself!

After months and months of the daily grind! This 5cm solid pitch-black nail was Felix's final result!

But Felix didn't create it to hurl it at Krialder.

Nonono...He knew that his throw would never make the solidified poison nail travel fast enough to touch Krialder's back before the fire shield takes care of it.

Instead, he brought the nail in front of his finger and used his mental energy to hold it right there.

His arm was still extended in direction of Krialder who was now 1km away from Felix.

White electrical charges exploded out of Felix's body as he enters the supersonic mode again.

Meanwhile, his arm had been engulfed in the same golden and blue lightning that was going back and forth, appearing like they were recharging his arm.

'Let's go with 80% this time.' Felix closed one eye while keeping the other narrowed at Krialder who seemed to be slowly turning his head towards Felix.

Felix believed that he must have sensed his killing intent.

It's too late...Jörmungandr's Ordnance, fire! Felix murmured to himself as he flicked the solidified pitch-black nail from its head!

Then The same golden beam emerged from his fingers and ended up reaching Krialder in less than a millisecond!

The shield of fire was useless in this case since the talisman was still in the process of activation while the beam had already struck Krialder's wide open back!

Immediately after Felix saw this, he turned off his supersonic mode and watched how his golden beam didn't manage to penetrate through Krialder's back.

But the force was strong enough, Krialder's body had been launched even further down!

Yet, not a single ounce of joy could be seen on Krialder's expression.

Only disbelief and confusion like he had just failed to solve an easy puzzle.


A moment later, the golden beam ended up losing its last bit of energy, disappearing at once.

Before Kayn, the players, and the viewers react to Felix's failed attack, they were left in absolute horror at the sight of Krialder's body breaking into dust from the center of his c.h.e.s.t.

Due to the raging wind, the dust had been taken away, not allowing anyone to see a tiny bullet-like hole in Krialder's back.

This was the beauty of poison...It didn't require a true destructive attack to end someone's life.

Just a single pitch-black nail made out of corruption inducement was enough to take down the Krialder, whose elemental abilities were comparable to Origin Realm Bloodliner.

Just one little nail had silenced the entire Milky Way Galaxy...


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