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Sure enough, Felix managed to finish the process successfully, helping him gain six portions of the catalyst while Lara and Kamil had finished only four.

The other witches weren't worth mentioning as they were taking things safe and slow to pass the exam first then focus on points.

After Felix was done with the catalysts for the potion of madness, he isolated them on the preparation table and started preparing again the materials for six more portions!

In less than a minute he was done and back on the glassware table.

Then, he restarted the same process all over again that took more than 10 minutes but helped him obtain six more catalyst portions!

Just when everyone thought that would be the end of it, Felix repeated the same process for the 3rd time, costing him another 10 minutes! 

This meant only 1 hour and a half were left in the exam and Felix was the only one without a successful potion to show!

Yet, he still didn't stop repeating the same process for another time!

This pushed the total tally to a whopping 24 catalysts for the potion of madness.

Meanwhile, there were only 1 hour and twenty minutes left on the clock!

No wonder he chose catalyst of that potion! He had gone mad! The commentator said in agitation, Sure he has 24 catalysts for 24 potions but does he have enough time to concoct all of them plus another 5 unique potions to pass the exam

The headmistress, Sage Dalilia, Queen Allura, and other senior witches who were watching the stream, shook their heads at Felix's plan.

They knew that he would most definitely fail the exam if he dared to concoct those 24 potions first then follow it with the other five unique potions.

He has bitten more than he could chew. Sage Dalilia said calmly seated next to Queen Allura in the throne's chamber.

Hmm, you told me that he was stuck at an 80% elimination rate. Queen Allura coiled a stalk around her finger and wondered, Do you think maybe he has solved that issue If he did, then his plan could potentially work.

Sage Dalilia shook her head firmly and said, You know that's impossible.

Even the best of us needed at least 2 years of constant work to improve our mental control to such a degree.

How long did this kid have our master's eyes Sage Dalilia said, In less than a year! Unless master decided to find a way to help him bridge that gap, I simply can't see any plausible way to get above 95% elimination rate.

It's highly doubtful that master will help him out. Queen Allura said, She might seem like she is spoiling him a tad too much due to his champion status but she wouldn't go that far.

Indeed, mental energy control is an important aspect that needed to be learned by one own's efforts to show the most results. Sage Dalilia agreed.

Just as Queen Allura wanted to comment, she was left startled by the sight of Felix mixing the main ingredient with the subsidiary ingredient just to leave them on a smooth plate and repeat the same process.

When he was done with the next mixture, he placed it on a plate that was connected with the first plate.

He kept doing this over and over again until a long line of plates had shaped up neatly on the table.

When the viewers counted, they discovered that the entire line was made out of 10 plates.

All of them were sealed inside a glass container so they wouldn't get contaminated.

Is he really going for a mass-producing method Queen Allura didn't know how to comment on Felix's decision.

She knew that he was a smart lad who wouldn't make a foolish decision like this.

Hence, she believed that he had something to rely on.

She just didn't know what it was.

Meanwhile, Sage Dalilia wasn't that open-minded as her.

She kept shaking her head in disapproval while watching him continue to set up mixtures one after the other until another line-shaped up behind the first one.

No one was surprised by this technique since it was known as the mass manufacturing technique.

It was utilized by almost all witches who were good enough to concoct rank 1 potions blindfolded.

This technique couldn't be utilized on all of the rank 1 potions since some of them couldn't have their mixtures remain in the open for even two minutes.

Otherwise, they would spoil and the concoction wouldn't be carried on. 

That's why Felix chose the potion of madness.

It was of the two potions on the list that could be mass-produced at once.

He didn't choose the other potion since its catalyst's creation was way harder than the potion of madness's catalyst.

When Felix was done, the viewers counted the number of plates and recognized that he had made the same amount of mixtures as the catalysts. 

The entire process took him an additional 10 minutes, making his chances to pass the exam seem even grimmer.

'I have only one hour and 10 minutes left.' Felix narrowed his eyes in focus at the plates and thought, 'It's time to begin the concoction!'

Immediately after thinking so, Felix let go of his mental control that was blocking off the lightning containers!


Out of nowhere, he turned into a lightning torch under the dumbfounded eyes of the viewers and the witches, who couldn't help but glance in his direction!

Thankfully, each student's station was blocked from the other to not sneak peeks.

So, they only saw the sudden emergence of bright light but not what actually caused it.

Since it was a test in the UVR, they didn't get blinded by the bright light or annoyed by the sizzling noise of the charges!

Why the hell did he activate his elemental ability! The commentator exclaimed in disbelief, Is he planning on making the witches lose focus to ruin their concoction

However, before the viewers could consider her opinion, their eyes were attracted to a screen that emerged above Felix's head.

A couple of witches had the same screen above them as well, showing the microscopic battle against the microorganisms in slow motion to entertain them.

Hence, when the viewers saw how blurred Felix's screen was, they didn't know what was going on anymore.

It can't be!

Hahaha, what a smart cute junior to think of such a method.

While Sage Dalilia exclaimed in shock, Queen Allura laughed with a fascinated look, appearing like she had recognized Felix's unique method of elimination.

'How is he killing them so fast! He is still faster for the slow-motion to show the microorganism's destruction!'

Meanwhile, teacher Sonna removed any thought she had about scolding Felix's use of lightning element after seeing such an abnormal image.

'Teacher Sonna please slow down the synchronized screen of Felix.'

Upon receiving a telepathic message from the headmistress, she broke out of her daze and immediately did as she was told.


She couldn't help but exclaim after finding out that x4 slow motion was still useless! Without a second delayed, she slowed the stream even further, reaching up to x8!

This, this, how is this possible The commentator who finally realized what was going on could only cover her mouth with hands while murmuring in incredulity.

The viewers shared the same reaction as her!

Even laymen like Olivia and George had managed to conclude that Felix had been obliterating microorganisms since the moment he released the lightning!

When they glanced at Felix, they saw that he was standing stiffly in his place while his reversed red-pupil was the only thing moving back and forth rapidly like a ping pong ball!

Without previous warning, the lightning was contained back inside Felix's body as he returned to normal yet again.

Then, he took a step forward and began quickly flipping the mixtures on a newer side one by one!

Since they appeared like a red ball of minced meat and were placed on a white plate, the viewers were given a false impression that Felix was flipping meat burgers!

In less than five seconds, Felix returned to his position and turned himself into a torch of lightning again.

Then, he took care of the newer side of each mixture, taking a total of 30 seconds to finish the process!


Just like it was all calculated, Felix's lightning had been fully consumed the moment he finished the elimination process.

However, only a satisfied grin was placed on his face as he knew that battle was half won!

He actually did it....97% elimination rate on 24 potions in less than a minute...I have never seen even a master potioneer do this before. Sage Dalilia murmured with a hint of disbelief while staring deeply at the corner of Felix's microorganism screen.

It was showing the entire universe a single number that was never considered possible to be associated with Felix this soon...97% elimination rate!

The bidders who ignored Felix and placed their fortunes on Lara, Kamil, and other witches, felt like their throat was getting drier by the second while their heartbeats kept accelerating in agitation.

They could feel an upcoming upset and they dreaded it dearly!!!


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