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Alas, Hell Crow didn\'t give him much time to think about it as he had created two basketball-sized fireballs and swung them at him abruptly!

Phew, Phew Boom!

Since the distance was still too far, Felix managed to easily evade them by jumping to the side and getting pulled back to the wall with his ability.

Upon seeing how easily he dodged them, Hell\'s Crow decided to lower his height until he was 25 meters away from Felix.

He didn\'t dare to step into the 20 meters range since he knew that Felix\'s lightning abilities would cross it in a heartbeat.

Whoosh Whoosh!...Boom Boom!

Too bad, the new range was still not optimal enough to deal with Felix due to his three-dimensional maneuvers!

He was able to pull himself to the ground then use the other hand to pull himself to another wall.

Hell, he even dodged a speeding fireball that was predicting his landing spot by simply freezing midair!

The way he did it was by using those tether-like arcs from both arms to pull himself in different directions at the same time!

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Fabulous movements by Landlord! He is truly bringing the most potential of his ability...Though, What does it do exactly Luna murmured the last part to herself.

She wanted to explain the details of the ability but she hadn\'t seen it before.

Upon seeing that the spectators were cheering loudly without care, she manifested a side hologram and typed in the search bar the known details of the ability.

This search bar wasn\'t the one public for everyone but an advanced one specified for MCs and other higher-ranked members in the SGAlliance.

Hence, the ability had been located within the data and Luna read it quickly.

Then, she waited until Felix had utilized it to dodge another fireball to inform the spectators passionately, As long as Landlord is near an object, he will continue to pull himself by using the tether-like electric arc!

That\'s because it can clings to objects through magnetic or electrostatic attraction and can be used to hoist one\'s self to destinations, or pull objects towards the user and turn them into shield or weapons!

She ended her commentary with one final piece of info, He is quite unlucky though, If the room wasn\'t completely bare, he could have the ability to wield objects and threw them at Hell\'s Crow!

Most of the spectators were too engrossed in the fight to bother listening to her commentary.

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Who could blame them

The entire apartment was under the bombardment of Hell\'s Crow due to Felix\'s unpredictable movements.

This resulted in explosions and lightning flashes occurring in every area, creating a mesmerizing but deadly scene!

However, after a couple of more bombs, Hell\'s Crow had stopped throwing any more.

He simply kept huffing while staring with an irked expression at Felix who was glued to the wall like a spider.

Upon noticing that he finally stopped, Felix cracked his neck while relaxing his tensed shoulders.

His eyes never left his target though.

\'Only 20 minutes are remaining in the night cycle.\' Felix thought calmly, \'He will definitely go full ham in the next round or the one after.

He knows that he can\'t let me survive since he would get 30% debuff to his entire strength.

That is going to be a deadly weakness in the next cycle.\'

As Felix expected, Hell\'s Crow was indeed under immense pressure currently.

He realized that Felix was a tough opponent who wouldn\'t get taken care of by such measly attacks.

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But he also understood that his other attacks consume a ** load of energy.

\'Get hold of yourself!\' Hell\'s Crow hardened his expression, \'If I don\'t get this over with as fast as possible, I would truly lose all hope to win the game.\'

\'30% in one ability, if he died, I will still have enough to struggle for the win.

If not...\' Hell\'s Crow eyed Felix coldly, \'There can\'t be another failure to get myself promoted.\'

When Felix zoomed on Hell Crow\'s face and saw that look, he knew that he meant business.

\'It\'s coming...\' Felix tensed his soles, ready to move at any given moment.

However, neither he nor did the spectators anticipate that Hell\'s Crow wasn\'t going to continue relying on his ranged attack.

They guessed so from the fact that Hell\'s Crow body was fully set on crimson fire while it continued to spread further without losing form!

Everyone could see that the form was resembling a behemoth flaming Crow with wings, talons, and feathers made of flames!

Crow\'s incarnation! Luna exclaimed in excitement, A complex technique to pull off as it requires to have high aptitude in internal manipulation so as external!

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Kill him Big bro!

Shit! If only I had a higher purity, I could have pulled the same technique!

You got this Crow! Win it for the tribe!

The Crow halflings\' viewers, who weren\'t that gifted with the Phonix\'s bloodline, could only watch the giant flaming crow with a fascinated look mixed with hidden envy.

Just like humans, the primogenitors\' descendants could be split into the gifted and ungifted since their birth.

For humans, it was revolving around their affinity rating but for the primogenitors\' descendants, it depends on their bloodline\'s purity.

Whether they had a higher concentration of their Ancestral bloodline or not.

Only those with higher concentration could possess limited manipulation since their birth.

The others were somewhat like beasts, only inherit random abilities.

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That\'s why there were spectators and fans even within those races since not everyone was born equal.

Right now, they could only feast their eyes on their idol\'s astonishing ability to create such a breathtaking and horrifying attack!


The Flaming Crow flew in direction of Felix rapidly like a jet, causing sweat to form in his forehead due to the terrifying heat it kept releasing!

Felix didn\'t have a single thought to remain in his position as he hastily hoisted himself to the ground and sprinted in the opposite direction!

The room was indeed large but it wasn\'t big enough for Felix to sprint forever!

When Felix turned around and saw that the flaming crow was faster than him, he knew that his situation would be grim even if he relied on his electric pull to survive.

\'I guess I won\'t be able to win this without wasting more energy than I thought.\' Felix smiled wryly for a split second before changing his expression to a solemn one.

Due to the previous mistakes in his old games when he wasted too much energy and almost ended up killing himself, Felix had turned stingy in his energy consumption.

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Hence, he always thinks first if he could find a method that would take care of his fights without using his abilities that swallow most of his energy.

Alas, Hell\'s Crow wasn\'t a no-name player for him to achieve such a feat!

Whoosh Boom Boom!!

Sure enough, Hell\'s Crow knew what he was doing as he didn\'t just chase down Felix but actually started spewing large fireballs from the Crow\'s mouth at him!

This broke Felix\'s thoughts as he was forced to focus on evading those deadly strikes!

The Wall is too close! Luna exclaimed, Is he going to get cornered at last!

Before her voice could register in the viewers\' minds, Felix swung both of his electrifying arms at the ground in front of him.


The purplish arcs were released akin to serpents and attached themselves ten meters away from Felix!

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The viewers were left in shock after seeing that Felix had just launched himself towards the wall by utilizing those two arcs like a slingshot!!

The lighting arcs acted like the rubber while the ground acted like the handle!

With the pulling force resulting from both those arcs, Felix had ended up reaching the wall in a split second!

Without utilizing anything, Felix simply relied on his monstrous strength to bounce back from the wall and propel himself like a bullet towards the approaching behemoth flaming Crow!

\'What the hell\'

Hell\'s Crow managed to utter only this sentence before he was left in absolute horrification at the sight of Felix\'s body, growing to the same size as his crow\'s incarnation!!

Yet, this wasn\'t it as Felix snapped both of his fingers while murmuring softly, Electrical Field X16.

They say that time seems to slow down when we fear for our lives...

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At this instant, Hell\'s Crow enlarged pupil was showing him in slow motion how Felix\'s humongous body released tiny harmless sparks at the start before turning into a second white sun!

\'So bright...\'

Hell\'s Crow thought while looking straight into the illuminated sun that was bright enough it overshadowed his Crow\'s flames!

Unbeknownst to him...That was the last thought he was ever going to have in his life as the moment the time returned to its normal speed, he found himself blind, deaf, relaxed, and free.

There was no pain, no agony, no last instinctual surviving thoughts...Just completely free.

Meanwhile, neither the viewers nor Luna managed to see a thing of the interaction as the bright light had turned the screen completely white.

The only thing they managed to hear was a delayed loud irritating sizzling noise.


Before they could understand what the actual f*ck was going on, the whitened screen had returned to normal, exposing Felix\'s well-toned muscles while in his giant form...And nothing else.

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Just him standing above a wide pitch-black patch on the floor while glancing indifferently at a bunch of flying ashes...


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