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Just as Wendigo wanted to speak, Manananggal's bracelet started vibrating.

'Uhmm That kid has landed against another champion in his first game' Manananggal raised an eyebrow in surprise and said, "Give me a second, it seems like my newest champion got his chance to shine before I even implemented a tiny piece of my consciousness in his mind."

The other primogenitors got closer to him and glanced casually at a hologram that was showing the participation list that his champion had sent it.

However, the moment they scrolled down and spotted Felix's name shining brightly, all of them were left at loss for words.

"Am I losing my vision or is destiny playing a game on us" Saurous said with a doubtful tone.

The other two also had the same reaction as they knew that it was difficult for champions to end up in the same game when the platform was packed with millions of games happening every damn day.

Yet, Manananggal's champion had actually landed against Jörmungandr's champion right when he had just appeared!

Such a farfetched coincidence could be only explained by fate messing with them!

"Aren't we lucky" Saurous showed them a slight grin and said, "We just received a perfect chance to absolutely humiliate Jörmungandr before everyone!"

Manananggal smiled cunningly and said, "Indeed, most interested primogenitors would be paying attention to this game due to their intrigue in that human and Jörmungandr's choice to share it with Lady Sphinx."

"So, if my lad didn't just kill his first champion but absolutely thrashed him before all, Jörmungandr would be a laughingstock in the assembly."

"Those pricks wouldn't stop ripping him for the fun of it just like they always do to other primogenitors who picked **ty champions." Saurous said, grinning.

Upon imagining that scene, they all showed an anticipated expression.

"Let me take care of this." Manananggal dialled the call on his phone and said calmly after the call was connected, "Kid, use the link and join me for a quick chat."

Then, he hung up the phone and eyed those two with a faint smirk, "Let's call that snake and show him his place in this new Era."

"Haha, we can't meet him with you but make sure to rip them off good!"

"You don't have to worry about that." Manananggal said with his hand supporting his chin, "I will make sure to place the highest possible stake until he would never dare approach the champions' games again!"


Ten days quickly passed by for Felix as he spent the majority of them practicing in the measurement center plus reading books and concocting potions for the upcoming exams.

The news of him participating in the promotion game had already gone viral ten days ago and most of the people interested in the SG games in the galaxy were anticipating it.

Especially the earthlings whose lives were getting better and better due to Felix demolishing the planetary games and obtaining billions of coins as capital to help the planet advance forward.

Currently, at least 10% of the earthlings had obtained their own AP bracelet and were exploring their chances in the UVR.

Meanwhile, the Anti Surveillance System and the Defensive grid were still in the middle of construction.

Thankfully, most non-natives were behaving properly due to the Anti-Alliances's deterrence and the Phantom Organization.

Right now, at the Earthling Headquarter, Olivia and the rest of the team members were chilling in front of a humongous hologram that was displaying a countdown, the details of the game, and lastly the participants.

"It's going to be brutal for Felix." George commentated while showing the horrifying states of some players, "They can all rank up as diamond players easily in the human SG branch."

"True." Kenny nodded his head and said calmly, "Felix shouldn't be even at peak 3rd stage of replacement currently."

"I honestly don't know if it was his own decision to participate or he got forced by the Organization." Sylvia shook her head, "Whatever it was, this game isn't going to end pretty for him."

"Heeey! How about you guys have a little bit of faith in brother Felix" Olivia gave them an annoyed look and said, "I am certain that brother Felix has a plan in mind...Certain!"

Alas, George and the rest couldn't muster having Olivia's optimism.

They had seen other Universal games and knew that their local games were merely a shallow pond compared to them.

99.9999% of human bloodliners are happy to swim in this pond and earn from it.

The rest who went outside They either never return or retire right after they survive their first game.

It was impossible to go back to playing in-branch games after getting promoted.

Hence, only those purely confident to climb up the ladder dare to attempt it.

Alas, most of them end up failing and those who succeed were stuck in platinum rank.

Only Four humans had made it to Diamond Rank in the UISG and were currently idolized as legendary figures.

Yet, Felix had entered this race while he was merely in 2nd stage of replacement.

In their eyes, he was nuts!

Alas, nothing they could say could change the fact that the stream was going to start in ten minutes...

"Let's just pray that he survives it and make him rethink his decision to get promoted so soon." George said, making Felix's teammates nod their heads with worried expressions.

"Humph, doubters." Disgruntled, Olivia crossed her arms and focused on the screen that was now showing a short display of each player's career highlight in his previous branch games.

While she was waiting to see Felix's highlights, he was playing cards with the tenants in his mind, continuing the tradition.

However, a few minutes later, he was forced to leave his consciousness space and prepare to get teleported.

This time, Felix was wearing his branded clothes!

They were a set of ripped dark jeans, green army boots, and a long simple white t-shirt with his brand logo in its chest area.

The Logo appeared like this, LL which stands for LandLord.

Thankfully for him, the contract he signed with the three brands had included all types of games that he takes part in.

Hence, the contract that bound him had ended the moment he won the 4th planetary game.

This was truly unfortunate news for those three companies since having their brands getting advertised at such a universal level was a dream comes true.

After all, they paid a measly fee for such massive that could potentially bring them trillions of interested customers visiting their shops.

Now, Felix's clothing company was the one that was going to soak in all of this attention and turn it into a mountain of coins for Felix to utilize in his wasteful new cultivation system!

"5 minutes is left, might as well check the known bounties sites and see what I am going to deal with in the game." Felix murmured while taking a seat on the couch.

After a couple of clicks here and there, he managed to gain access to the biggest bounties websites in the universe that accept only SG-related bounties.

He typed in his SG ID in all of them and a split second later, hundreds of bounties emerged with his name on them!

"70 Billion SC to force to sign a slave contract in the game belonging to the payer I will be damned."

Felix didn't expect that someone was actually willing to pay that much for his eyes.

After all, there was measly a tiny chance that Felix's eyes might work on others if extracted properly.

"Those bounties wouldn't cause much trouble for me in this game but in the upcoming ones, I might actually suffer if most players put their focus on me instead of the championship." Felix said while closing the sites.

There was no point in reading about the rest when the biggest bounty outshone all of them.

He understood that 70 billion was a big sum that would move most players.

If the primogenitors' contract signed didn't forbid placing bounties on opponent champions, Felix would have thought that it was the Blood Primogenitor's doing.

'Just because we have a strict contract, it didn't mean that we don't have the capability to go over it.' Jörmungandr shook his head and clarified, 'The contract is there to only make it impossible to hold out a bet.

As for other matters our pride is the one stopping us from pulling dirty tricks like sending subordinates to assassinate champions or placing bounties and making it difficult.'

Felix thought about it for a second and realized that the primogenitors' contract indeed didn't have too much power over them.

That's because they were signing in to the UVR by using only a tiny piece of their consciousness.

Hence, their separated main consciousness could easily do as it pleases without having the Queen's supervision on them.

In fact, he believed that even the bets weren't really enforced by the contract itself since the main consciousness could easily break out of its terms by destroying the tiny piece of consciousness and creating another.

However, doing so would make it impossible to rejoin the games again since it was written within the terms that doing that would ban the primogenitors from taking part.

In addition, the moment the bet gets made by two primogenitors, they needed to both have the contract signed.

Only then would the details of their bet get registered by the Queen in her database.

So, if one of them decided to hold out, the rest of the primogenitors would be informed and deal with it by the rules.

"If the price wasn't this low, I would have considered it being the doing of Manananggal." Jörmungandr said with a repelled tone, "I can totally see that disgraceful scum going for such tricks to secure the win against me at all costs."

'Damn, I will probably get beaten to death if I don't win against the Blood Merchant.' Felix thought while sweating slightly from his forehead.

He didn't know what bets were placed or how the meeting went with Lady Sphinx, Jörmungandr, and Manananggal.

But, he could see that Jörmungandr's hatred didn't lessen one bit!


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